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American Gothic is a horror/drama/thriller series set in the heart of South Carolina in a small town called Trinity. In this town not everyone are as they seem and everyone seems to follow their leader, Sheriff Lucas Buck... who might not be as human as he seems. His son, Caleb Temple, was brought up by another family and was lead to believe that a man called Gage was his fathe more
...r. The local doctor, Matt Crower, gets curious when suddenly the Sheriff wants everything to do with Caleb. Then Caleb's cousin, Gail Emory, comes to town to protect Caleb in every way she can, but that is extremely difficult when she fall in love with Lucas. Then Caleb's school teacher, Miss Selena Coombs, becomes jealous. But also on Caleb's side is his dead sister, Merlyn. She is an angel prepared to do ANYTHING to keep Lucas away...
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American Gothic: SEASON 1, EPISODE 20: Strangler | TVBuzer

Aired: May 27,1998

Lucas calls on the ghost of the Boston Strangler to come to Merlyn. Lucas leaves town to attend a convention and Albert De Salva -aka The Boston Strangler- decides to do more than just try to kill Merlyn.... more

American Gothic LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer



Things are finally getting interesting on this show. Well, perhaps "interesting" is slightly too strong a word. At the very least, American Gothic Season 1 Episode 3 introduces several promising developments. Garrett's plot throughout this installment was easily the strongest of the bunch, and that ending twist opens up some potentially great story territory. On the flip side, Alison's was semi-interesting, but ultimately went in the cliched direction that I ... more


Potential serial killer Mitchell Hawthorne (and his corpse) are no longer. American Gothic Season 1 Episode 2 followed the Hawthorne family in the wake of their patriach's death, as they prepared for his funeral. More secrets came to light and more potential SBK suspects emerged. I've decided that Brady is the best (or at least most interesting) character, though he is honestly pretty stupid and a terrible cop. Perhaps working with the incredibly one-note bras... more



American Gothic: CBS Cancels 'BrainDead' and 'American Gothic' News | TVBuzer

CBS Cancels 'BrainDead' and 'American Gothic'

After just one summer season for both CBS dramas, the network has decided to pull the plug on BrainDead and American Gothic, says The Hollywood Reporter. Out of their only three dramas of the summer, just the James Wolk-led series Zoo remains. Find out all the details on the cancellations and what it means for the network's more

American Gothic: EP Corinne Brinkerhoff Previews the 'Compelling, Satisfying Story' of 'American Gothic' News | TVBuzer

EP Corinne Brinkerhoff Previews the 'Compelling, Satisfying Story' of 'American Gothic'

CBS is bringing "a compelling, satisfying story in 13 episodes" to television with American Gothic, as we learned from executive producer Corinne Brinkerhoff at a press junket. Continue on to see what the EP had to say about setting the series in Boston, being a showrunner, adding comedy to the darkness and more. [YouTube=P0_UdobzO50] Here are a few highlights from the interview with executive producer Corinne Brinkerhoff:   more

American Gothic: Sympathy for the Devil: 9 Memorable TV Satans News | TVBuzer

Sympathy for the Devil: 9 Memorable TV Satans

Greetings Halloween lovers, and welcome back to my series of October features revolving around the world of televised horror. About two weeks ago, I shined a spotlight on some of the cruelest, vicious, and most sadistic twist endings in anthology show history. It was one of my most well received pieces to date, and I once again got some promising suggestions for a possible second edition. Today, I count down my picks for the best devils in TV history. Whether they go by Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, the Prince of Darkness, or something else entirely, they all shar... more


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