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The Oprah Winfrey Network announces a new series, America's Money Class With Suze Orman , created and hosted by Suze Orman, acclaimed financial advisor, motivational speaker and television personality, set to premiere fall 2011 on OWN. One home at a time, the primetime series is dedicated to addressing and moving beyond both the circumstantial and personal decisions that have c more
...reated difficult financial situations for so many people around the country by going into their lives to help them transform. "Suze Orman is the rock star of personal finance, and her straight-forward advice will help people that are in need of a financial wake-up call," said Lisa Erspamer, chief creative officer of OWN. "Nothing can teach you more about who you really are than your money," said Suze Orman. The series will feature Orman as she goes into the lives of families, couples and individuals around the country, sets attainable goals and tasks them with specific challenges to impart the ability to make responsible and well-informed decisions. The end goal is for the participants to let go of the past and move toward a more secure financial future.
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America's Money Class with Suze Orman: SEASON 1, EPISODE 6: Class 6: Ultimate Financial Lessons | TVBuzer

Aired: February 13,2012

Check into Class 6 to learn when to file for bankruptcy, how to prepare for a loved one's death and watch Suze surprise an Iraqi War hero.... more

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