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Friendship isn't a big thing. It's a million little things. When our gang's dear friend Jon – a man perfect on paper – took his own life, his family and friends were left to pick up the pieces. Each of these friends is not living the version of life they thought they'd be living. And their friend's death forces them to take a look at the choices they've made and to solve the un more
...answerable mystery of a man they thought they knew.
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A Million Little Things NEWS


Paley Center Reveals First Slate of L.A. Events Without a Museum (Exclusive)

Even as the Paley Center vacates its Beverly Hills museum, the org is still planning a full slate of L.A.-based events in the first half of 2020. As Variety previously reported, the Paley Center will no longer have a physical location on the west coast, but instead will hold events at a variety of locations — including the Directors Guild of America and the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Following up on news that its digital archives will now be housed at the Beverly Hills Public Library, the Paley Center is se... more Comments

A Million Little Things Recap: Oh Baby, Are You the One?

In this week’s A Million Little Things, Rome and Regina meet the woman who wants to let them adopt her baby. You’d think that this development would be cause for celebration… if you’d never seen an episode of this show. Because of course there’s a twist — or, as showrunner DJ Nash likes to call it, a “flip” — that indicates that the Howards’ path to parenthood isn’t going to be as straightfor... more Comments

A Million Little Things Recast: Who in Delilah's Family Has a New Face?

It’s been so long since A Million Little Things checked in with Delilah’s father, Lenny, he seems like a whole new person. When Lenny shows up in Thursday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), he will no longer be played by Gerald McRaney. CSI vet Paul Gui... more Comments

A Million Little Things Recap: Maggie Finally Learns the Truth About Eric

Two events that desperately need to happen do happen in this week’s A Million Little Things, and both come as a gigantic relief. The first: Gary visits his mom, realizes that she’s not the monster he imagined (though she’s still kind of a garbage person), remembers that he’s been a Bitter Betty about everyone/everything lately and starts to make nice with Maggie. The second: Maggie finds out that Eric d... more Comments

A Million Little Things Recap: Get Yourself Together, Gary!

Gary means well in this week’s A Million Little Things. And he actually makes some good points. But does he have to be such an off-putting jerk about it? As a Magic 8-Ball would say, all signs point to yes, given how Mr. Mendez spends the hour yelling, fight-picking and punch-throwing until he winds up in the back of a police car. The worst part: His belligerence, born of a broken heart, may lead to more heartbreak for Rome and Regina. I’... more Comments

A Million Little Things Taps Marcia Gay Harden to Play Gary's Estranged Mom

Someone get A Million Little Things‘ Gary a rack, because he’s about to have a slew more mommy issues. Marcia Gay Harden (The Morning Show, Code Black) has been cast as Gary’s mother, TVLine has learned exclusively.  The Oscar winner will play Alice, whom viewers will recall left home a few months after Gary’s sev... more Comments

A Million Little Things Recap: Has Eric's Sneaky Secret Been Revealed?!

Eric, you music-shop-owning, aw-shucks-looking, smooth-chested bastard. As we learn in this week’s A Million Little Things, you have been lying to Maggie and her mom since the moment you met them. You never got her brother’s heart. In fact, it looks like you’ve never had any surgery of that sort, given how you have absolutely no scar whatsoever marring your torso (which we saw briefly when you took off your shirt at the e... more Comments

A Million Little Things' James Roday: Gary and Maggie's Breakup Is 'A Great Excuse to Make Bad Decisions'

A lot can happen in three months. Anger can fade. Hearts can heal. Reconciliations can occur. Or, if you’re A Million Little Things‘ Gary, in that time the painful end to a romantic relationship can turn into a deep spiral that makes you an angry, hurting, belligerent human being. The latter is the state in which we’ll find James Roday‘s char... more Comments

A Million Little Things' David Giuntoli, Allison Miller Tease Winter Premiere (and a Reveal of Eric's Cryptic Call)

A Million Little Things‘ winter premiere (ABC, Thursday at its new time slot of 10/9c) takes place three months after the events of the fall finale, but viewers won’t have to hold out anywhere near that long to find out what secret Eric is hiding from Maggie. “It’s not going to be too long of a wait,” Allison Miller tells TVLine. “You&... more Comments

A Million Little Things Kills [Spoiler]: Is This the Death We've Been Fearing?

Remember the death that A Million Little Things executive producer DJ Nash teased at the start of this season? It (probably) happens in this week’s episode. I hedge mainly because Nash is a wily creature — see also: Season 1’s Ashley situation — who may or may not kill off another character before Season 2 is over. I have no intel or anything; this is merely conjecture. But this week’s hour certainly... more Comments

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