A Million Little Things

Aired: Oct 31, 2019 , Thursday at 22:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: Gary's growing tension with Maggie comes to a head as she accidentally lets Colin out while she's on the phone with Eric. Meanwhile, Delilah does a podcast about suicide, which helps her open up to Andrew.
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Only AMLT would devote an entire hour to a group of friends dropping everything to find a missing dog.  You wouldn't think there was a lot of material to mine for such a quest, and yet A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 6 milked the heck out of it for all it was worth. It wasn't a bad thing; it was a classic A Million Little Things thing. The good news is the massive pooch formerly known as Colin is alive and safe, so there will be no rioting or profanity. It co... more



A Million Little Things' David Giuntoli, Allison Miller Tease Winter Premiere (and a Reveal of Eric's Cryptic Call)

A Million Little Things‘ winter premiere (ABC, Thursday at its new time slot of 10/9c) takes place three months after the events of the fall finale, but viewers won’t have to hold out anywhere near that long to find out what secret Eric is hiding from Maggie. “It’s not going to be too long of a wait,” Allison Miller tells TVLine. “You&rsquo... more

A Million Little Things Kills [Spoiler]: Is This the Death We've Been Fearing?

Remember the death that A Million Little Things executive producer DJ Nash teased at the start of this season? It (probably) happens in this week’s episode. I hedge mainly because Nash is a wily creature — see also: Season 1’s Ashley situation — who may or may not kill off another character before Season 2 is over. I have no intel or anything; this is merely conjecture. But this week’s hour certainly feat... more

A Million Little Things Recap: Pj's DNA Test Results Are In! Is Jon His Dad?

This week’s A Million Little Things marks Theo’s 10th birthday, but unfortunately, his mom and dad don’t give him the one gift he sorely needs and certainly deserves: an end to that ridiculous lie about Katherine’s Grand Canyon legal battle. Good god, kid, I know you’re heartbreakingly earnest and all, but catch a clue! While we’re on the topic of lies: Delilah is really not down with Katherine’s new fe... more


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