A Million Little Things

Aired: Jan 30, 2020 , Thursday at 22:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: As Rome and Regina continue to move forward with the adoption process, they are thrown into helping Delilah with a troubled Sophie. Meanwhile, Gary confronts Eric about his past, and Eddie pursues a new career in music.
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We're the Howards

Parenthood is a thankless, neverending job. As we saw on A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 11, it's messy, complicated, and a guessing game. It doesn't come with a manual, and there aren't any right or wrong answers. The Howards would be great parents, and from the hookups to the arrests, to being rude and pushing his loved ones away, Gary is in dire need of some parenting. Delilah had the funnier moments of the hour as she attempted to get baby Charlie on a sleep... more



A Million Little Things Recap: Oh Baby, Are You the One?

In this week’s A Million Little Things, Rome and Regina meet the woman who wants to let them adopt her baby. You’d think that this development would be cause for celebration… if you’d never seen an episode of this show. Because of course there’s a twist — or, as showrunner DJ Nash likes to call it, a “flip” — that indicates that the Howards’ path to parenthood isn’t going to be as straightforward ... more

A Million Little Things Recast: Who in Delilah's Family Has a New Face?

It’s been so long since A Million Little Things checked in with Delilah’s father, Lenny, he seems like a whole new person. When Lenny shows up in Thursday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), he will no longer be played by Gerald McRaney. CSI vet Paul Guilfoyl... more

A Million Little Things Recap: Maggie Finally Learns the Truth About Eric

Two events that desperately need to happen do happen in this week’s A Million Little Things, and both come as a gigantic relief. The first: Gary visits his mom, realizes that she’s not the monster he imagined (though she’s still kind of a garbage person), remembers that he’s been a Bitter Betty about everyone/everything lately and starts to make nice with Maggie. The second: Maggie finds out that Eric doesn&... more


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