9-1-1: Lone Star

Aired: May 03, 2021 , Monday at 21:00 on Fox

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Episode Summary: After being forced to take time off work to recover from his surgery, Owen finds himself immersed in the search for a serial arsonist. Meanwhile, T.K. and Carlos take their relationship to the next level and Marjan copes with the aftermath of losing someone on the job.
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  • Lone Star Season 2 Episode 11 Review

    Lone Star Season 2 Episode 11 Review

    A serial arson is on the loose!

    Owen is the one person who recognizes that there is a serial arsonist in Texas on9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Episode 11, and between the potential culprit knocking Owen out and the authorities eyeing Owen as a suspect, he's catching it.

    Where do we even begin?

    The good news is that Owen had his cancer surgery, and he does appear to be in peak health. The bad is that Owen doesn't know how not to be a firefighter.

    He can't handle a break for anything in the world. Now he's expected to be out of work for a month? The man has done this for 30 years, and his entire identity is fighting fires.

    He doesn't know what to do with himself in his free time. It's hardly a shock that he's taking alternative routes to finagle his way back into the job.

    Owen's listening to a scanner and showing up at the fire scene before the squad did -- it was too much. He didn't even realize how poorly that re...



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