Aired: Apr 05, 2010 , Monday at 21:00 on FOX


Episode Summary: President Taylor undergoes a game-changing setback; President Hassan makes a decision that shocks his loved ones; trusted confidantes become enemies of the state.
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'The Walking Dead' Actor Corey Hawkins Cast as Lead in '24: Legacy'

24: Legacy has found its new Jack Bauer, or at the least the character who is going to try to fill his fictional shoes. TVLine reports that Corey Hawkins has been cast as the lead of the reboot series. While it was known from the beginning the relative age and race of the new lead, little else was known. 24: Legacy has not only given us the face of their new star but his name and some additional plot details for the series. H... more

Who Should Play the New Jack Bauer on '24: Legacy'?

FOX is bringing back 24 with a new cast and a new story. The network has ordered a pilot for 24: Legacy, which will be a 12-episode series using the same real-time structure of FOX's recent installment, 24: Live Another Day. However, the new 24 won't feature Jack Bauer. The show will focus on a new character, a mil... more

How to Survive a Long 'Bones' Hiatus

Bones won't return on FOX until spring but that doesn't mean we can't make the most out of this long hiatus. Check out our tips on how to survive several months without Booth and Brennan. Have a Bones Marathon Fall in love with Booth an Brennan's love story all over again by re-watching episodes of past seasons and see what you missed the first time around. You can even invite your friends to watch a... more


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