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The Broadway play “American Son” is set to be adapted for Netflix. Kerry Washington, Steven Pasquale, Jeremy Jordan, and Eugene Lee will reprise their roles in the Netflix production. Kenny Leon returns to direct and produce, with Jeffrey Richards and Rebecca Gold serving as producers. Washington and Pilar Savone of Washington’s Simpson Street banner will produce. Washington made the announcement Monday on “The Tonight Show.” Hailing from playwright Christoph...]]>
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<![CDATA[What to watch tonight - Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019 - Conan Season Premiere, The Flash, The Gifted, Project Blue Book]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/What-to-watch-tonight-Tuesday-Jan-22-2019-Conan-Season-Premiere-The-Flash-The-Gifted-Project-Blue-Book-70312
What to watch on Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019 8:00pm 8:00pm, CW The Flash: Season 5, Episode 11 During a battle with Cicada, Nora is severely injured. Due to Cicada's dampening powers, Nora's speed healing isn't working, leaving Barry and Iris scared for their daughter's future. Upset about his injured child, The Flash is filled with rage and con...]]>
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<![CDATA[The Passage Recap: 'You Owe Me a Unicorn' (And Then Some, Kid)]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/The-Passage-Recap-You-Owe-Me-a-Unicorn-And-Then-Some-Kid-70308
Before we jump into what happened in The Passage‘s second outing, may I point out that Amy Bellafonte is perhaps the most self-possessed — and certainly the most forgiving — child on TV right now? Sure, she hadn’t had a great life before Agents Wolgast and Doyle lied to her, kidnapped her and then inadvertently tossed her into a shooting match. (OK, that last one was Wolgast alone.) But now she’s on the lam, subsisting on convenience store donuts and facing th...]]>
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<![CDATA['Dirty John' Finale Hits New Ratings Highs in Live+3]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/Dirty-John-Finale-Hits-New-Ratings-Highs-in-Live-3-70305
The Season 1 finale of “Dirty John” on Bravo continued the scripted show’s ratings hot streak in Live+3. The finale, which aired on Jan. 13, grew to 3.3 million viewers in delayed viewing with 1.3 million of those falling in the key adults 18-49 demographic. That is up 10% in total viewers and 15% in the key demo compared to the L+3 numbers for the previous week’s episode. The show finished its freshman run as a top 10 cable scripted series in adults 18-49 for all of 20...]]>
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<![CDATA[Good Doctor Casts Teen Witch Alum as Mom Faced With 'Agonizing Decision']]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/Good-Doctor-Casts-Teen-Witch-Alum-as-Mom-Faced-With-Agonizing-Decision-70303
The Good Doctor has cast Teen Witch alum Robyn Lively in an upcoming episode directed by series star Freddie Highmore, TVLine has learned exclusively. Set to air in February, the 15th episode of Season 2 focuses on Diane (Lively) and Nigel (Hell on Wheels‘ Peter Benson), the parents of a baby girl born with serious birth defects. Diane and Nigel are left to make an agonizing decision when informed that their newborn will require a delicate surgery. Lively’s guest stint co...]]>
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<![CDATA[TV Review: 'Russian Doll']]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/TV-Review-Russian-Doll-70304
This is a particularly tricky review to write, but not because the merits of “Russian Doll” are at all ambiguous. On the contrary, the show is so striking and smart that I made a note to include it on my favorite TV shows of 2019 immediately after blowing through the season — which is saying something, since that was back in December of 2018. But part of what makes the series so special is how it’s meticulously constructed, shedding layer after surprising layer until the...]]>
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<![CDATA[What to watch tonight - Monday, Jan 21, 2019 - Arrow, Manifest, The Good Doctor, Silent Witness]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/What-to-watch-tonight-Monday-Jan-21-2019-Arrow-Manifest-The-Good-Doctor-Silent-Witness-70301
What to watch on Monday, Jan 21, 2019 8:00pm 8:00pm, CW Arrow: Season 7, Episode 10 Oliver is ready to get back to work with the SCPD and to focus on his marriage with Felicity. However, when Dinah tasks Oliver with tracking the new Green Arrow things take a surprising turn. Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla must answer to ARGUS about Diaz. ...]]>
Mon, 21 Jan 2019 04:00:01 -0600
<![CDATA['True Detective' Review: Episode 3 Shows Why Relationships Matter More Than the Case]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/True-Detective-Review-Episode-3-Shows-Why-Relationships-Matter-More-Than-the-Case-70297
Hoo boy, a whole lot happened in “True Detective” this week! Turns out the Purcell kids didn’t go over to Ronnie’s house as many times as they say they did — so who were they seeing? The evidence in William’s recovered backpack points to an adult — who else would buy all those toys for him? How does the communion photo figure into all this, given Will’s body was left in a similar, praying pose after his death? And what about the dice, the bloody ro...]]>
Mon, 21 Jan 2019 08:00:13 -0600
<![CDATA['SNL': How John Mulaney Helped Pete Davidson Return After Suicide Scare]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/SNL-How-John-Mulaney-Helped-Pete-Davidson-Return-After-Suicide-Scare-70295
It wasn’t entirely surprising that Pete Davidson was on last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live,” even after posting disturbing messages suggesting he was suicidal last month, but it was surprising to see him flanked by former “SNL” writer John Mulaney. The two appeared as a duo on “Weekend Update,” where Davidson is a regular, to discuss everything from their shared appreciation of Clint Eastwood’s “The Mule” to the fact t...]]>
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<![CDATA[Gillian Anderson to Play Margaret Thatcher in Season 4 of 'The Crown' (Report)]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/Gillian-Anderson-to-Play-Margaret-Thatcher-in-Season-4-of-The-Crown-Report-70292
“The Crown” has found its Iron Lady. Gillian Anderson is said to have signed on to play British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in the fourth season of the much-praised Netflix drama series. Anderson’s casting was first reported by the Sunday Times. A Netflix rep declined to comment on the report. Anderson is the latest notable name to join “The Crown” in the role of an iconic real-life political figure, following John Lithgow’s turn as Winston Churchill. T...]]>
Mon, 21 Jan 2019 04:58:43 -0600
<![CDATA[American Gods Season 2 Trailer: For Old Gods and New, It's 'Time to Ride']]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/American-Gods-Season-2-Trailer-For-Old-Gods-and-New-It-s-Time-to-Ride-70288
[YouTube=-lnHyVg74aQ] We’re not entirely sure it’s Shadow who’s receiving multiple, dire warnings in the newly released American Gods Season 2 trailer, but if so, we suggest he heeds them — and quickly. Because when Laura says “He is dangerous. I need you to believe that” and Mad Sweeney cautions “There’s always a cost with him. You just haven’t paid it yet,” who else could they be talking about other than the (literally) bigger ...]]>
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<![CDATA[What to watch tonight - Sunday, Jan 20, 2019 - High Maintenance Season Premiere, SMILF Season Premiere, Crashing (2017) Season Premiere, Outlander]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/What-to-watch-tonight-Sunday-Jan-20-2019-High-Maintenance-Season-Premiere-SMILF-Season-Premiere-Crashing-2017-Season-Premiere-Outlander-70283
What to watch on Sunday, Jan 20, 2019 8:00pm 8:00pm, starz Outlander: Season 4, Episode 12 Brianna confronts a violent figure from her past in an attempt to cope with her trauma. Roger befriends a fellow captive and endeavors to escape the Mohawk Village. Fergus and Marsali plan a dangerous mission. ...]]>
Sun, 20 Jan 2019 04:00:01 -0600
<![CDATA['Dirty John' Finale Hits Highs, 'True Detective' Premiere Ratings Rise In L3]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/Dirty-John-Finale-Hits-Highs-True-Detective-Premiere-Ratings-Rise-In-L3-70275
Dirty John joins BBC America’s Killing Eve as the only new cable series 2018 to date to grow every week but one in total viewers. From premiere to finale, Dirty John‘s audience grew +1.2M in total viewers, +513k in P18-49 and +611k P25-54 (L3). That is encouraging news for basic cable networks that they can successfully launch and grow serialized, thriller drama series, a prospect that has been put in doubt in light of You‘s lackluster ratings performance on Lifetime befor...]]>
Sun, 20 Jan 2019 05:47:11 -0600
<![CDATA[NBC Orders Comedy Pilots 'Saving Kenan' and 'Like Magic']]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/NBC-Orders-Comedy-Pilots-Saving-Kenan-and-Like-Magic-70273
NBC has ordered comedies “Saving Kenan” and “Like Magic” to pilot. “Saving Kenan” is a single-camera comedy starring “Saturday Night Live” veteran Kenan Thompson as a “newly widowed dad determined to be everything for his kids while begrudgingly letting his persistent father-in-law become more involved in their lives.” Jackie Clarke will serve as writer and executive producer. Thompson, Lorne Michaels, and Andrew Singer are on board a...]]>
Sun, 20 Jan 2019 05:47:53 -0600
<![CDATA[What to watch tonight - Saturday, Jan 19, 2019]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/What-to-watch-tonight-Saturday-Jan-19-2019-70272
Tags: ...]]>
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<![CDATA['Carmen Sandiego' Review: Exciting New Animated Version Stays Educational in Unexpected Ways]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/Carmen-Sandiego-Review-Exciting-New-Animated-Version-Stays-Educational-in-Unexpected-Ways-70269
At first glance, Carmen Sandiego doesn’t seem like a character that needs an origin story. For anyone who’s played a version of the computer and video games that helped birth Carmen’s trademark red coat and fedora or ever watched one of the multiple TV shows those games eventually spawned, the iconography and the character went hand in hand. In most of those versions, Carmen was the character disappearing around the corner before she could be caught. Some found her leaving tin...]]>
Sun, 20 Jan 2019 05:49:54 -0600
<![CDATA['Grace and Frankie' Review: Season 5 Is Fun, Silly, and Running Out of Time]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/Grace-and-Frankie-Review-Season-5-Is-Fun-Silly-and-Running-Out-of-Time-70266
If Rust Cohle walked into Grace and Frankie’s beach house, snapped open a Lone Star, and started talking about time as a flat circle, Jane Fonda’s unflappable hostess would slip a coaster under his tall boy and make herself a martini. Lily Tomlin’s relentlessly positive hippie would probably crack a joke about some old peyote trip that had her seeing in 2-D for weeks. But they’d know what he’s talking about. These time-tested broads recognize how history repeats it...]]>
Sun, 20 Jan 2019 05:52:12 -0600
<![CDATA["The Terror": Season Two; Christopher Naoki Lee to Recur on AMC Series]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/The-Terror-Season-Two-Christopher-Naoki-Lee-to-Recur-on-AMC-Series-70263
The Terror has some new company. Deadline reports Christopher Naoki Lee has joined season two of the AMC TV show. An anthology drama, season two of The Terror “centers on a series of bizarre deaths that haunt a Japanese-American community, and a young man’s journey to understand and combat the malevolent entity responsible.” The cast includes George Takei, Derek Mio, Kiki Sukezane, and Miki Ishikawa. On The Terror, Lee will be playing “Ken Uehara, an...]]>
Sun, 20 Jan 2019 05:53:24 -0600
<![CDATA["The First" Canceled By Hulu After One Season]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/The-First-Canceled-By-Hulu-After-One-Season-70262
Written by Willimon and executive produced by Willimon and his producing partner Jordan Tappis, The First followed the first human mission to Mars, exploring the challenges of taking the first steps toward interplanetary colonization. The story focused not only on the astronauts but also on their families and loved ones, as well as the ground team on Earth. Natasha McElhone, LisaGay Hamilton, Keiko Agena and Hannah Ware also starred. “It’s a story about the human spirit,” ...]]>
Sun, 20 Jan 2019 05:54:14 -0600
<![CDATA[NYPD Blue: ABC Revival Adds Justified Alum Rick Gomez as Series Regular]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/NYPD-Blue-ABC-Revival-Adds-Justified-Alum-Rick-Gomez-as-Series-Regular-70259
That’s Detective Rick Gomez, to you. The Justified actor has joined ABC’s NYPD Blue revival pilot in a series-regular role, TVLine has learned. The potential NYPD Blue continuation will center on Theo Sipowicz (played by newcomer Fabien Frankel), the son of Dennis Franz’s Andy Sipowicz. As he tries to earn his detective shield and work in the 15th Precinct, the hard-headed Theo will also be investigating his father’s murder. Gomez will co-star as Craig Pettibone, ...]]>
Sun, 20 Jan 2019 05:55:10 -0600
<![CDATA[What to watch tonight - Friday, Jan 18, 2019 - The Blacklist, Hawaii Five-0, MacGyver (2016), Blindspot]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/What-to-watch-tonight-Friday-Jan-18-2019-The-Blacklist-Hawaii-Five-0-MacGyver-2016-Blindspot-70240
What to watch on Friday, Jan 18, 2019 8:00pm 8:00pm, CBS MacGyver (2016): Season 3, Episode 13 Young Angus "Mac" MacGyver works for a clandestine organization within the U.S. government, relying on his unconventional problem-solving skills to save lives. 8:00pm, NBC ...]]>
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 04:00:01 -0600
<![CDATA[Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: Hitchcock and Scully's Origin Story Revealed]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/Brooklyn-Nine-Nine-Recap-Hitchcock-and-Scully-s-Origin-Story-Revealed-70238
This week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine blesses us with an epic origin story that reveals how Hitchcock and Scully became, well… Hitchcock and Scully. We begin with a flashback to 1986, as a young Scully and Hitchcock (played by Titans‘ Alan Ritchson and GLOW‘s Wyatt Nash) take down mafia boss Gio Costa with the help of Gio’s main squeeze Marissa. Thirty-three years later, Holt calls Jake and Charles into his office and tells them that Hitchcock and Scully wer...]]>
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:13:39 -0600
<![CDATA['Star Trek: Discovery' Review: Season 2, With Pike and Spock, Boldly Charts a New Course]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/Star-Trek-Discovery-Review-Season-2-With-Pike-and-Spock-Boldly-Charts-a-New-Course-70237
The Season 2 premiere of “Star Trek: Discovery” definitely feels like the beginning of something. “Brother,” launching Thursday on CBS All Access, is all about establishing a new status quo, a new chain of command, and most importantly a new mission focused on exploration over conflict. Where that mission will take this ambitious yet flawed series, however, is as yet a mystery. Picking up moments after Season 1 ended, Captain Pike (Anson Mount) of the U.S.S. Enterprise (...]]>
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:21:40 -0600
<![CDATA['NYPD Blue' Sequel Pilot Casts Fabien Frankel in Lead Role]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/NYPD-Blue-Sequel-Pilot-Casts-Fabien-Frankel-in-Lead-Role-70222
The “NYPD Blue” pilot at ABC has cast newcomer Fabien Frankel in the role of Theo Sipowicz, Variety has confirmed. Theo is the son of Andy Sipowicz, who was played in the original series by Dennis Franz. Like his father he is described as a hard-drinking, hard-headed, and quick-witted cop. Frankel is a recent graduate of the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art. He made his professional acting debut in the off-West End production of “The Knowledge&r...]]>
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:20:12 -0600
<![CDATA[Peter Sarsgaard to Star in CBS All Access True-Crime Drama 'Interrogation']]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/Peter-Sarsgaard-to-Star-in-CBS-All-Access-True-Crime-Drama-Interrogation-70218
Peter Sarsgaard will star in “Interrogation,” CBS All Access’s true-crime drama. Co-created by Anders Weidemann and John Mankiewicz, “Interrogation” is based on a true story that spanned more than 30 years, in which a young man was charged and convicted of brutally murdering his mother. Each episode is structured around an interrogation taken directly from the real police case files. The first nine episodes of the series will be available to watch in any order...]]>
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:18:48 -0600
<![CDATA['Kominsky Method' Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/Kominsky-Method-Renewed-for-Season-2-at-Netflix-70216
Netflix has picked up “The Kominsky Method” for a second season. The comedy stars starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin recently won two Golden Globe Awards, one for best comedy series and the other for Douglas in the best actor in a comedy series category. Arkin was also nominated in the supporting actor category. Season 2 will consist of eight half-hour episodes and is scheduled to begin production later this month in Los Angeles. Douglas and Arkin will return as series re...]]>
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:17:29 -0600
<![CDATA["Vikings" Alum Travis Fimmel Among 10 Cast in TNT Drama "Raised by Wolves"]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/Vikings-Alum-Travis-Fimmel-Among-10-Cast-in-TNT-Drama-Raised-by-Wolves-70217
TNT has set 10 cast members for the Ridley Scott-produced drama “Raised by Wolves.” The show, which was ordered straight-to-series in October, centers on two androids tasked with raising human children on a mysterious virgin planet. As the burgeoning colony of humans threatens to be torn apart by religious differences, the androids learn that controlling the beliefs of humans is a treacherous and difficult task. The cast includes: —Amanda Collin will play Mother, an and...]]>
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:16:48 -0600
<![CDATA[Apple Orders New Sci-Fi Series From 'X-Men' Mastermind Simon Kinberg]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/Apple-Orders-New-Sci-Fi-Series-From-X-Men-Mastermind-Simon-Kinberg-70215
Apple’s upcoming streaming service is still, as the tech folks say, “vaporware” (aka not an actual product, yet) but that isn’t stopping the massive corporation from continuing to purchase new content that will eventually infect cell phones around the globe. And for its latest foray in TV, the tech giant has enlisted one of Hollywood’s most high-profile producers, Simon Kinberg. Deadline is reporting that Kinberg, along with co-writer David Weil, has signed a deal ...]]>
Fri, 18 Jan 2019 09:15:45 -0600
<![CDATA[What to watch tonight - Thursday, Jan 17, 2019 - The Orville, The Big Bang Theory, Gotham, Brooklyn Nine-Nine]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/What-to-watch-tonight-Thursday-Jan-17-2019-The-Orville-The-Big-Bang-Theory-Gotham-Brooklyn-Nine-Nine-70209
What to watch on Thursday, Jan 17, 2019 8:00pm 8:00pm, CBS The Big Bang Theory: Season 12, Episode 13 Sheldon and Amy's super asymmetry theory is proven by two physicists, Dr. Pemberton and Dr. Campbell from Chicago, who then try to kick Amy off the Nobel nomination. Also, Bernadette has a big success at work and Penny's going to be a part...]]>
Thu, 17 Jan 2019 04:00:01 -0600
<![CDATA[FX Sets Premiere Date For Third Season Of BETTER THINGS]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/news/FX-Sets-Premiere-Date-For-Third-Season-Of-BETTER-THINGS-70208
Better Things, the acclaimed and award-winning comedy series directed by, produced by and starring Pamela Adlon, will return to FX for its third season on Thursday, February 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, it was announced today by Chuck Saftler, President, Program Strategy and COO, FX Networks. Today FX also debuted the key art for the new season, which is attached. Better Things is the story of Sam Fox (Pamela Adlon), a single mother and working actor with no filter, raising her three daughters, Ma...]]>
Thu, 17 Jan 2019 05:13:04 -0600