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Aired: 04/11/2019 10:00 PM, Benson works to uncover a pregnant teenager's secret when she refuses to name the baby's father.]]>
Thu, 11 Apr 2019 22:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Hawaii Five-0, Season 9, Episode 21 - He kama na ka pueo]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Hawaii-Five-0/Season-9/episode-21
Aired: 04/12/2019 09:00 PM, (Offspring of an Owl) Five-0 investigates the murder of a man whose body may hold the key to a 20-year-old case involving a kidnapped girl whose father never stopped looking for her.]]>
Fri, 12 Apr 2019 21:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[The Voice, Season 16, Episode 12 - Live Cross Battles Part 1]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/The-Voice/Season-16/episode-12
Aired: 04/15/2019 08:00 PM, The coaches select artists from their teams in real time to compete head-to-head for Ameria's vote - the first 8 pairs of artists each perform an individual song.]]>
Mon, 15 Apr 2019 20:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[The Voice, Season 16, Episode 13 - Cross Battles Part 1 Results]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/The-Voice/Season-16/episode-13
Aired: 04/16/2019 08:00 PM, The winner of each Cross Battle is revealed, with 8 artists advancing to the Top 24 via America's vote. Each coach then has 10 seconds to decide live if they want to push their button to save or steal an artist.]]>
Tue, 16 Apr 2019 20:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[NCIS: Los Angeles, Season 10, Episode 20 - Choke Point]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/NCIS-Los-Angeles/Season-10/episode-20
Aired: 04/14/2019 09:00 PM, After a Navy Seal is attacked while moonlighting at a security job for a successful marijuana dispensary, Sam personally vows to apprehend the suspect out of respect for the Navy Seal brotherhood.]]>
Sun, 14 Apr 2019 21:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Grey's Anatomy, Season 15, Episode 21 - Good Shepherd]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Grey-s-Anatomy/Season-15/episode-21
Aired: 04/11/2019 08:00 PM, Amelia and Link travel to New York to operate on a patient with a severe spinal deformity, but they're in for more than they bargained for when Nancy Shepherd invites them to dinner at her home.]]>
Thu, 11 Apr 2019 20:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Blue Bloods, Season 9, Episode 19 - Common Enemies]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Blue-Bloods/Season-9/episode-19
Aired: 04/12/2019 10:00 PM, After someone breaks into Luis Delgado's home and kills his wife, Luis and Danny team up to take down the vicious murderer who may also be responsible for Linda's death. Also, Frank finally meets Eddie's mother, Lena, and Jamie and Erin are at odds after Jamie seeks her help charging a man who confessed to him while under the influence.]]>
Fri, 12 Apr 2019 22:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Arrow, Season 7, Episode 18 - Lost Canary]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Arrow/Season-7/episode-18
Aired: 04/15/2019 09:00 PM, After being accused of murder and having her criminal past exposed, Laurel goes full Black Siren and teams up with an old criminal acquaintance, Shadow Thief, to go on a crime spree around Star City. While Dinah aims to bring Laurel in, Felicity refuses to give up on her friend and tries everything to get through to her, even summoning Sara Lance for help. However, Laurel rebuffs all her efforts, forcing the former friends to face off against each other.]]>
Mon, 15 Apr 2019 21:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[NCIS, Season 16, Episode 20 - Hail & Farewell]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/NCIS/Season-16/episode-20
Aired: 04/16/2019 08:00 PM, NCIS investigates the murder of a Marine Major believed to have been killed in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon after human remains are discovered at a construction site. A personal history with the victim drives Gibbs to solve her crime.]]>
Tue, 16 Apr 2019 20:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Supernatural, Season 14, Episode 18 - Absence]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Supernatural/Season-14/episode-18
Aired: 04/11/2019 08:00 PM, Sam and Dean continue to worry about the condition of Jack's soul.]]>
Thu, 11 Apr 2019 20:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[The Blacklist, Season 6, Episode 16 - Lady Luck]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/The-Blacklist/Season-6/episode-16
Aired: 04/12/2019 09:00 PM, Liz and Ressler investigate a Blacklister who offers to erase gambling debts at a deceptively high price. Dembe grows concerned as Red tests the loyalties of their business associates in search of the individual who turned him in to the police.]]>
Fri, 12 Apr 2019 21:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 6, Episode 12 - Casecation]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Brooklyn-Nine-Nine/Season-6/episode-12
Aired: 04/11/2019 09:00 PM, Work is so busy for Jake and Amy that they end up celebrating their anniversary while standing guard over a comatose patient in the hospital.]]>
Thu, 11 Apr 2019 21:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[The Flash, Season 5, Episode 18 - Godspeed]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/The-Flash/Season-5/episode-18
Aired: 04/16/2019 08:00 PM, After discovering that Nora is working with Thawne, Barry and Iris disagree about how to handle their daughter in the wake of this shocking news. Team Flash isn't sure they can trust Nora, so they go through her journal to find out exactly how she came to work alongside their greatest nemesis.]]>
Tue, 16 Apr 2019 20:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Madam Secretary, Season 5, Episode 19 - The Great Experiment]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Madam-Secretary/Season-5/episode-19
Aired: 04/14/2019 10:00 PM, As Elizabeth prepares to officially declare her candidacy for president, she must deal with fallout from a news article alleging she had an affair with President Dalton during her CIA days. Also, Mike B. and Jay adjust to the growing pains in their expanded roles as campaign staffers, and Elizabeth calls for a UN criminal tribunal against Myanmar military leaders over their treatment of the Rohingya.]]>
Sun, 14 Apr 2019 22:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Blindspot, Season 4, Episode 18 - Ohana]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Blindspot/Season-4/episode-18
Aired: 04/12/2019 08:00 PM, The team faces a pestiferous foe. Zapata goes rogue with and old friend as Jane and Weller continue their search for the hooded figure.]]>
Fri, 12 Apr 2019 20:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Riverdale (US), Season 3, Episode 18 - Chapter Fifty-Three: Jawbreaker]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Riverdale-US/Season-3/episode-18
Aired: 04/17/2019 08:00 PM, When a tainted batch of fizzle rocks makes its way through Riverdale, Jughead and FP set out to find who's responsible. After asking Veronica to help get him into an upcoming boxing tournament, Archie quickly learns he may be in over his head. Elsewhere, Betty makes one last attempt to rescue Alice from The Farm's grip, and Toni becomes unsettled by a sudden change in Cheryl's behavior.]]>
Wed, 17 Apr 2019 20:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Season 4, Episode 11 - Séance & Sensibility]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/DC-s-Legends-of-Tomorrow/Season-4/episode-11
Aired: 04/15/2019 08:00 PM, When Mona discovers that her favorite author, Jane Austen, might be at the epicenter of a magical alert, Mona, Sara, Charlie and Zari find themselves in 1809. With Nate still dealing with family issues, Constantine and Rory perform a seance and receive a message from the other world that rocks Constantine to his core. Meanwhile, Ray and Nora are forced into close quarters.]]>
Mon, 15 Apr 2019 20:00:00 -0500
<![CDATA[Seal Team, Season 2, Episode 18 - Payback]]> https://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Seal-Team/Season-2/episode-18
Aired: 04/17/2019 10:00 PM, Bravo Team is out for revenge as they search for the person responsible for the surprise bomb attack that left one of their own in peril.]]>
Wed, 17 Apr 2019 22:00:00 -0500