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Criminal Minds: Saturday

Season 15, Episode 4: " Saturday "

There's no such thing as a day off for members of the BAU. That was the upshot of Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4. Hell, five out of the team's eight members couldn't even stay out of the office, although that was largely due to circumstances beyond their control.  Garcia's public-service hacking competition was hilarious as she gave tough-love assessments t...

The Devil You Know

Chicago PD: The Devil You Know

Season 7, Episode 12: " The Devil You Know "

A formerly dirty cop hunts down dirty cops on Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 12. Of course, Voight was never dirty in the same sense that Tyler, Gibbs, and Packer were, but it's interesting to see where the line gets drawn. What defines a dirty cop that needs to be taken down versus a dirty cop that's doing what he needs to and walks freely with his powers unchecked? ...

Authentic Mexican

Party of Five: Authentic Mexican

Season 1, Episode 4: " Authentic Mexican "

The Acosta siblings are becoming more defined, and the more we spend time with them, the more we love them. Party of Five Season 1 Episode 4 was aptly titled "authentic Mexican" because of the deeper look into who these characters are, what they want out of life, and what their identity means to them. In truth, most people spend their lifetime trying to shape and mold their iden...

Leave the Choice to Solomon

Chicago Med: Leave the Choice to Solomon

Season 5, Episode 12: " Leave the Choice to Solomon "

TV doctors tend to err on the side of heroism, and Chicago Med's doctors are no exception. On Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 12, three doctors and a nurse all fought hard to do the impossible, with mixed results. It made for one hell of an emotional hour of television. Even Ethan was on the right side this time. He often gets on my nerves because he put...

Gumboot Becky

Good Trouble: Gumboot Becky

Season 2, Episode 12: " Gumboot Becky "

Is it safe to say Malika is in the clear? Callie put in the work to get Wilson to drop the charges, and the best part about it is she did it by being her usual self and not going into helping Wilson with an ulterior motive. On Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 12, Callie was simply being Callie, and it was a reminder of how great she is. The hour split its time betw...

The Wrath of the Time Bees

The Magicians: The Wrath of the Time Bees

Season 5, Episode 2: " The Wrath of the Time Bees "

Did he send the letter? That has got to be the question on fans' minds after The Magicians Season 5 Episode 2: Did Eliot send Quentin that letter? It's such a cruel cliffhanger to end on, but it sure has the added bonus of ensuring viewers will tune in for the next episode.  Margo may have been focused on trying to save Josh, Fen, and her kingdom, but Eliot's ...

Valhalla Can Wait

Vikings: Valhalla Can Wait

Season 6, Episode 8: " Valhalla Can Wait "

Bjorn should have known better.  He was doing so well gearing up to avenge his mother while simultaneously preparing for the war to come and then had to mess up everything on Vikings Season 6 Episode 8.  Sigh.  Hvitserk should not have been allowed to survive. Lagertha was a pivotal figure -- someone that everyone knew -- and for her killer to get banished to...

Then Nick Porter Happened

Chicago Fire: Then Nick Porter Happened

Season 8, Episode 12: " Then Nick Porter Happened "

The ever-changing musical chairs of living arrangements strikes again. Not only did Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 12 see Brett and Cruz getting not one, but two new roommates -- albeit one was temporary -- but Severide decided to take the plunge and ask Kidd to live with him ... again. If you're having trouble keeping track of who's lived with who, you're not alone. The SparkNo...

Varsity Blues

Riverdale (US): Varsity Blues

Season 4, Episode 10: " Chapter Sixty-Seven: Varsity Blues "

Competition can bring out the worst in people. And it gets even worse when there are stakes involved! On Riverdale Season 4 Episode 10, the big state championship football game is the prize worth fighting for. Some even went as far as sabotage to get it. It's a bloodbath because ... you know ... sports! It's great that Riverdale High is achieving some success and...

Dirty Dexy Money

Stumptown: Dirty Dexy Money

Season 1, Episode 12: " Dirty Dexy Money "

Sometimes you can't see what you have until you until someone tries to tear it away from you.  On Stumptown Season 1 Episode 12 Dex was at risk of losing everything that she has worked so hard for, but she wasn't going down without a fight. Did Dex come out on top? Read on as we discuss! Knowing your enemy is a valuable lesson to learn. Grey talks a...

Killshot Pt. 1

Emergence: Killshot Pt. 1

Season 1, Episode 12: " Killshot (1) "

The penultimate episode of Emergence packed a punch with some insane twists and unexpected reveals that left audiences on the edge of their seats.  Jo was gearing up for an epic showdown with Helen on Emergence Season 1 Episode 12, but going into the finale, she's going to need all the help she can get.  Jo likes to operate as a one-woman team, which is expected a small-town c...

Hiding Behind My Smile

New Amsterdam: Hiding Behind My Smile

Season 2, Episode 11: " Hiding Behind My Smile "

With every installment, New Amsterdam earns the title of one of the most beautiful and distinctly human series on the air. Of course, New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 11 was another exemplary hour confirming it. It was also directed by the incomprable Lucy Liu, and she did a phenomenal job. How is it possible to enjoy a series that makes one this emotional without fail every time?...

Sound Off

NCIS: Sound Off

Season 17, Episode 13: " Sound Off "

The upshot of this episode was that the military shouldn't discriminate against potential deaf personnel. One such Marine was at the heart of NCIS Season 17 Episode 13. And it was pretty clear where Gibbs and those around him came down on the subject. Marine Staff Sergeant Diana Murphy had been serving her country despite having gone through a difficult few mont...

A Hell of a Week

This Is Us: A Hell of a Week

Season 4, Episode 11: " A Hell of a Week (1) "

So the intruder was real after all. Many viewers, myself included, assumed that he was a figment of Randall's imagination. But This Is Us Season 4 Episode 11 offered the surprise twist that the intruder was the catalyst for Randall's breakdown rather than a symbol of it. Randall's saga kicked off a three-episode trilogy in which each of the Big Three has an epi...

Throwing a Christian to a Bear

The Conners: Throwing a Christian to a Bear

Season 2, Episode 10: " Throwing a Christian to a Bear "

It's the one thing that helps them make sense of the world around them. The one thing that helps get the Conners get through the week.  The one thing that pulls the family together during dark times. No, it's not God, church, or country... It's football. Dan: Tomorrow’s Sunday so I want everyone dressed appropriately so we...