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The Price of Admission

Elementary: The Price of Admission

Season 7, Episode 3: " The Price of Admission "

Didn't you just know that Sherlock's plan for clearing himself and Joan of Michael's murder was too easy? Sherlock played his trump card so that he could freely again walk the streets of New York City on Elementary Season 7 Episode 3. Only, for once, Sherlock hadn't considered all the angles, and now he will probably spend the rest of the season trying to undo what he's set in m...

Meryl Streep's Inspired Addition Heightens Big Little Lies Season 2

Survivor: Meryl Streep's Inspired Addition Heightens Big Little Lies Season 2

Season 0, Episode 64: " Edge Of Extinction: Ponderosa "

For a show that was uncertain a second season would even be in its future, Big Little Lies Season 2 proves there is still a lot to explore within the lives of the Monterey Five. Big Little Lies Season 1 did a terrific job exposing the seedier side of of the life of small-town socialites. Season 2 unpacks the damage done after the women made a pact in response to the tragic Perry ...

Chapter Ninety-Two

Jane The Virgin: Chapter Ninety-Two

Season 5, Episode 11: " Chapter Ninety-Two "

Yet another less-than-stellar episode of Jane the Virgin.  The usual "Jane" magic has been missing from this fifth season, and it's a damn shame. Maybe it's because I'm not understanding the motivations behind many of the creative decisions, but I'm a little annoyed with constantly justifying weak storylines with the "it's a telenovela" excuse. On Jane the Virgin Sea...

The Secret of Macho Grande

Blood & Treasure: The Secret of Macho Grande

Season 1, Episode 4: " The Brotherhood of Serapis "

Since Cleopatra has seemingly been shifted around for the past 75 years, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that her sarcophagus hasn't been found within the past month. So it was more false starts and action on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 4. Sure, thanks to Indiana Jones, and all the long-ago serials that inspired him, there's very little that's new and original abou...


Animal Kingdom: Angela

Season 4, Episode 2: " Angela "

Danger! Danger! Angela, Mia, and Frankie may have different goals in mind, but they're all about to cause Smurf some major headaches.  It's a problem Smurf doesn't need at the moment especially when she might have a serious medical issue which caused her to pass out at the end of Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2. Whatever is wrong with Smurf, you can be sure A...

Graduation Day (Part 1)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Graduation Day (Part 1)

Season 3, Episode 21: " Graduation Day (1) "

What's that faint sound we hear in the distance? It's "Graduation" by Vitamin C. (Bring on the throwback playlists!) The end of high school life is nearing on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3 Episode 21, and the Scoobies are preparing for their biggest battle yet. There's no way Mayor Wilkins will let the Scoobies enjoy a peaceful send-off from their old lives. Get ready for a ...


The Code: Lioness

Season 1, Episode 8: " Lioness "

What a great addition Harper Li is turning out to be! Even better, we got through a whole episode without a "To Kill a Mockingbird" joke on The Code Season 1 Episode 8. Lesson learned, I hope. Harper's momentarily command during combat in Syria on The Code Season 1 Episode 7 actually led to a top honor for her. Harper seemed quite overwhelmed as Col. ...

Death Moves Pretty Fast

iZombie: Death Moves Pretty Fast

Season 5, Episode 5: " Death Moves Pretty Fast "

Life comes at you fast, my friends.  And iZombie Season 5 Episode 5 came at us faster. Finally, the series got back to giving us the quality content we adore and took some steps toward wrapping up the series. Are we about to witness the fall of Blaine? Initially, it was easy to be put off by Al because we didn't know that which she was angling. She remains a m...


Elementary: Gutshot

Season 7, Episode 2: " Gutshot "

It's the continuing adventures of "What was Sherlock thinking?" Joan and Sherlock rushed back to New York to help with the investigation of Captain Gregson's shooting on Elementary Season 7 Episode 2. Yes, Sherlock was still wanted for the murder of Michael Rowen since he confessed to the crime on Elementary Season 6 Episode 21. Still, he managed to sneak back i...

With Thrills and Chills, Swamp Thing Is DC Universe's Best Drama Series Yet

Survivor: With Thrills and Chills, Swamp Thing Is DC Universe's Best Drama Series Yet

Season 1, Episode 1: " The Marooning "

Swamp Thing is a big swing for DC Universe, the relatively new streaming service which is already home to live-action hits such as Titans and Doom Patrol.  The latest series is a horror drama has been highly anticipated for quite some time, but when reports emerged that production was being halted after 10 of the 13 episodes were produced, concerns about the finished product started to eme...

Chapter Ninety-One

Jane The Virgin: Chapter Ninety-One

Season 5, Episode 10: " Chapter Ninety-One "

Well, Jane the Virgin Season 5 went downhill fast.  How long before every single character's storyline gets ruined? Most of Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 10 was a rollercoaster of familiar emotions. Does anyone else feel like the 'ship drama is getting repetitive? Is the whole point of the final season to rip out our hearts feom our chests, stomp...

The Gospel of Josephine

The 100: The Gospel of Josephine

Season 6, Episode 5: " The Gospel of Josephine "

Sanctum secrets don't exist, mostly because they are revealed the second they happen.  But with the way the big game-changing twists are passed around the table, the real conflict of the season feels more terrifying and interesting at the same time. The possible places where the story could go become endless when barriers like the Prime experiments are aired out into the open quick.

Code of the Hawaladar

Blood & Treasure: Code of the Hawaladar

Season 1, Episode 3: " The Secret of Macho Grande "

Lots of action but not a lot of movement. That seems to be the pattern for Danny, Lexi and the rest of the good guys on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 3. Not that it's easy to tell who the good guys are on this series. Let's see, there's Danny the choir boy, Lexi the thief and Gwen the stiff Interpol agent. Then there's Father Chuck, the person...

Preparing for War

Combat Hospital: Preparing for War

Season 1, Episode 3: " It's My Party "

It's Dr. Jaax against the world. On The Hot Zone Season 1 Episode 3  and The Hot Zone Season 1 Episode 4, Dr. Jaax tries to convince the powers that be that the Ebola threat is real but is met with skepticism after an old colleague of Wade's shows up and causes trouble. Throughout the series so far, Dr. Jaax has shown an unbelievable tenacity to stay the course despite a...

A Call From the Past

When Calls the Heart: A Call From the Past

Season 6, Episode 8: " A Call from the Past "

Let's just call that fiasco a stumbling block for Boucard to win Elizabeth's affections. When Calls the Heart Season 6 Episode 8 went full force with the two eligible bachelors in town making impressions on the eligible widow, and it doesn't seem like it's going to be an easy decision for Elizabeth even with all of the obvious evidence. "A Call From the Past" was also an open do...