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The Next Episode

Euphoria (US): The Next Episode

Season 1, Episode 6: " The Next Episode "

If at first you don't succeed, lie again, and repeat as many times until you get your wish.  That's what Nate and Maddy did on Euphoria Season 1 Episode 6, and it rendered the two of them the worst characters on the show, and possibly on any show that is currently airing.  Nate is smart. He knew he had to do something to reverse the damage his actions have done to the Jacobs f...

Needing to separate TWD and FTWD after show The Talking Dead

Talking Dead: Needing to separate TWD and FTWD after show The Talking Dead

Season 8, Episode 18: " Is Anybody Out There? "

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm finding awfully confusing trying to separated the after show TTD from FTWD and TWD. I live in Australia, as I know a lot of fans of both shows are....

Is Anyone Who They Seem To Be?

Days of our Lives: Is Anyone Who They Seem To Be?

Season 54, Episode 209: " Friday July 19, 2019 "

What's with the doppelganger obsession? Since Ron Carlivati took over as Days of Our Lives' head writer in 2017, nobody seems to be who they claim to be. Marlena's life was taken over by Hattie Adams (twice!). Adrienne's life was taken over by Bonnie Lockhart. Abigail developed Dissociative Identity Disorder and her alter ego turned out to be a new version of Gabi. And now that K...

Run, Yala, Run

Killjoys: Run, Yala, Run

Season 5, Episode 1: " Run, Yala, Run "

There was something not quite right happening. That was why all the characters seemed off on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 1. So even though the citizens of Westerley had been placed in new, false roles by The Lady, they still gravitated toward their actual relationships in reality. Johnny admitted to Yala that their marriage hadn't been right even before they start...

On the Scent

Elementary: On the Scent

Season 7, Episode 9: " On the Scent "

As often happened, one case can go in a multitude of directions. That occurred again on Elementary Season 7 Episode 9. As Sherlock, Joan, and Marcus shed suspect after suspect, the case of the week took a weird turn, which is a specialty on Elementary. This one went from the return of an erratic serial killer to a squabble with a gallery owner to a drug deal go...

Amores Perros

Queen of the South: Amores Perros

Season 4, Episode 7: " Amores Perros "

Teresa Mendoza took one rare day off on Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 7. All Teresa wanted was one day to get away from the business, spend time with her new boyfriend, and get to meet his old bandmates.  Given Teresa's track record, it should come as a shock to no one that her plan went horribly wrong.  For many people, the thought of living in a nice h...

Stiff Competition

Younger: Stiff Competition

Season 6, Episode 5: " Stiff Competition "

With a title like "Stiff Competition," it was obvious that Charles and Liza would be squaring off against each other on Younger Season 6 Episode 5. Sure, the "stiff competition" actually referred to Charles' penis, but it more than applies to the current dynamic between Charles and Liza when it comes to Millennial and Mercury. There was a possibility that Charles and Liza could ...

Only Devils Left

Yellowstone Live: Only Devils Left

Season 2, Episode 4: " Land of Fire and Ice "

A gauntlet got thrown at John Dutton's feet, but who threw it? That's the most significant question to come from Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 4 as the ranch suffers a tremendous loss.  It really hits the fan when Jamie discovers their ability to recoup that loss was tied up in Beth's business ventures. Will the two ever stop clashing? All the dirty business in...

Chapter Ninety-Seven

Jane The Virgin: Chapter Ninety-Seven

Season 5, Episode 16: " Chapter Ninety-Seven "

The central theme of Jane the Virgin has always been family, but there have been plenty of other themes interposed in between.  One of those themes is crime, especially as it relates to Sin Rostro. On Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 16, the reoccurring theme was embraced as Jane worked crime into her novel, decided to confront Sin Rostro, and then watched her life crumble arou...


The Handmaid's Tale: Heroic

Season 3, Episode 9: " Heroic "

All actions have consequences and June had to learn the hard way on The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 9 that she was not the exception to that rule. June has got by with a lot more than any of the other girls have, but not this time. This time she was forced to her knees at the foot of Ofmatthew's bed and made to stay there. We learned in The Handmaid's Tale...


The 100: Matryoshka

Season 6, Episode 10: " Matryoshka "

When you give enough there comes a time when you finally get to receive.  During The 100 Season 6 Episode 10, Bellamy channeled fairytale vibes to bring Clarke back to life. Meanwhile, Simone's death made Russell take a turn for the worst, with the people in Sanctum now at risk.  And Octavia reunites with Bellamy but it doesn't play out like she thought it would. She does get ...


Animal Kingdom: Ambo

Season 4, Episode 8: " Ambo "

Wow. J. You just blew my mind. It was a long time coming, and I can't say I'm sad, but J stepped up his game on Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 8 when he took care of business in the worst way possible. Goodbye, Mia. It was nice knowing you. J blowing away Mia was shocking. But, and I'm not ashamed to say this, I cheered when he did. Did anyone else ...

The Tree

The Disappearance: The Tree

Season 1, Episode 2: " The Tree "

So maybe Henry wasn't crazy after all. He kept insisting that the Paulownia Tomentosa leaf which Anthony left for him was a crucial clue on The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 2. Everyone -- family, neighbors, police -- just chalked it up to Henry's anguish over Anthony's abduction. The other possibility was that Henry was suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's.

The Wages of Vengeance

Blood & Treasure: The Wages of Vengeance

Season 1, Episode 10: " Return of the Queen "

Wow! Another unexpected twist! The series' powers that be aren't shy about killing off important characters as Farouk fell on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 10. That follows the death of Fabi on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 9. Maybe the safest thing to be is a recurring character who is on about every third episode. Speaking of which: ...

Happy Hecking

Good Trouble: Happy Hecking

Season 2, Episode 5: " Happy Heckling "

The relationships on Good Trouble are so stressful! It seems after Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 5, many of them are in jeopardy as well. Callie is reconsidering her choice between Jamie and Gael, and Lindsay could drive a wedge between Alice and Joey. Elijah is not as perfect as we thought, and things between Mariana and Raj are about to get ugly. My heart cann...