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SEAL Team Deep Six

Proven Innocent: SEAL Team Deep Six

Season 1, Episode 10: " SEAL Team Deep Six "

Maddie and company found a new court in which to attempt to free a wrongfully convicted prisoner. This time out, they veered into JAG territory on Proven Innocent Season 1 Episode 10. Not surprisingly, in the still male-dominated military, a confrontational female such as Maddie wasn't well received. Then again, that made her the perfect person to take on the ca...

Bullets Fly in Salem

Days of our Lives: Bullets Fly in Salem

Season 54, Episode 147: " Friday April 19, 2019 "

Bullets were flying once again around Salem, which should be listed one of the most dangerous towns in America by now. Jack Ori had to take the week off, so I’m stepping in and taking over his Days of Our Lives review. Not to worry, he’ll be back soon. Now, back to Salem. Chloe can’t seem to catch a break. All she wants to do is go on a picnic with Holly an...

The Passion of Lupercalia

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: The Passion of Lupercalia

Season 1, Episode 13: " Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman "

The dark side of things finally caught up with Sabrina and those around her.  Everyone in one way or another ended up dealing with something they might have been hiding from, with Sabrina receiving the harshest challenge in the form of the Dark Lord himself. It was clear that sooner or later he would come around to demand something of her, but bidding his time and slowly pushing...

They Did What?

Gotham: They Did What?

Season 5, Episode 11: " They Did What? "

It's hard to believe that Gotham is almost over.  Gotham Season 5 has moved fast as we prepare to say our final goodbye and Gotham Season 5 Episode 11 was no different. It was an incredible hour where issues were resolved to set up the Gotham of the future with Batman as the City's Dark Knight. Bane and Nyssa were intent on destroying Gotham and weren't about ...

Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow

The Orville: Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow

Season 2, Episode 13: " Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow "

Time travel is always a tricky card to play. The Orville Season 2 Episode 13 uses it to set up a finale in a clever-ish way but it's problematic and not necessarily in a good way. The episode is most obviously a rehash of Star Trek: the Next Generation Season 6 Episode 24 wherein Commander Riker discovers a version of himself created by a transporter accident eight years previously...

Jack In The Box

Supernatural: Jack In The Box

Season 14, Episode 19: " Jack in the Box "

The nightmare is about to begin. Sam and Dean did what they thought was best for Jack on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 19, but their plan backfired in a huge way. Lucifer wasn't going to let his son get played. Whether it's really Lucifer or not who's in Jack's head isn't important. The fact is that Lucifer is and always be part of Jack's DNA.

The Bimbo

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Bimbo

Season 6, Episode 13: " The Bimbo "

Things get messy both on and off the precinct on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13.  In a turn of events, Jake helps Holt prove his intelligence to someone who had recently underestimated him.  Related: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 12 Review: Casecation Meanwhile, in an attempt to raise moral, Terry a...

Head Over High Heels

Grey's Anatomy: Head Over High Heels

Season 15, Episode 22: " Head Over High Heels "

Jo is still not well, and if she doesn't open up about what happened in Pittsburgh soon, she'll destroy her marriage, her friendships, and her job.  Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 22 was a mish-mash of different storylines, and it felt like we were being thrown little bones here in preparation for something bigger. Jo was back at work, but she showed up drunk, and it was eeri...

Chapter Eighty-Five

Jane The Virgin: Chapter Eighty-Five

Season 5, Episode 4: " Chapter Eighty-Five "

Nightmares manifest themselves in various shapes and sizes on Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 4, including Rafael and Michael chasing Jane with massive cups of tea. Yep, that explains the wedding dress scene we saw in spoilers! It turns out, one of Jane's biggest nightmares isn't finding out her father wants to take her away from her family or being forced to jump off of a huge...

The Seam

The Magicians: The Seam

Season 4, Episode 13: " No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry "

The Monster and his sister have been dealt with! On The Magicians Season 4 Episode 13 several threads from this season pull together nicely to create a satisfying, if a little rushed, conclusion.  First, let's talk about Julia. The showdown that begins at the end of The Magicians Season 4 Episode 12 is over and done with quickly, but introduces a new set of problems. Mainly, what path Ju...

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Whiskey Cavalier: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Season 1, Episode 8: " Confessions of a Dangerous Mind "

Don't you adore this family?  Ollerman tried to break the team up on Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 8, but he may have brought them closer together. Not only did the hour highlight how close the team is, but it showcased how far they have come as individuals since their first introduction. Ollerman was back, and while there is no way in hell he should've hav...

A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child

Empire: A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child

Season 5, Episode 15: " A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child "

That was a dull episode for the most part.  Empire Season 5 Episode 15 brought Kingsley back into the fold. On paper, it should have been an intriguing aspect to have Lucious extend the olive branch to his son. The execution of it was rather ludicrous. It was clear from the get-go that Tracy was calling the shots and lying about her condition to reel Kingsley in. ...


Riverdale (US): Jawbreaker

Season 3, Episode 18: " Chapter Fifty-Three: Jawbreaker "

The battle for supremacy spread throughout the town of Riverdale. Whether it was Archie vs. Randy, Betty vs. Evelyn or Toni vs. Evelyn, everyone picked a fight on Riverdale Season 3 Episode 18. The emotions and threats were strong this time around. It's surprising that the only fists flung were INSIDE the boxing ring. With everyone trying to win the war, the conflicts became more...

Five Miles West

New Amsterdam: Five Miles West

Season 1, Episode 18: " Five Miles West "

Did Max finally get the reality check he needed?  Virginia was able to do something on New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 18 that Helen couldn't do in multiple ones; she scared Max into facing his reality if he continued on the way that he did. We should all be eternally grateful. Max and Helen's break-up (?) of sorts seemed to affect Max more than it did Helen. H...


The Flash: Godspeed

Season 5, Episode 18: " Godspeed "

Who runs the world? Girls!  The CW has officially taken a gigantic leap by giving their first female cast member a chance to step behind the lens and direct an episode of Arrowverse TV.  Lucky for Flash Fanatics, OG member of Team Flash Danielle Panabaker aka Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost got the opportunity. Both critics and fans a...