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Chapter Ninety-Three

Jane The Virgin: Chapter Ninety-Three

Season 5, Episode 12: " Chapter Ninety-Three "

It's love, love, love! Everyone, sing it with me now.  Who would have thought that Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 12 would top off the hour with the best musical number to ever grace our television screens? I'm usually not a fan of musicals, but there was much to celebrate as Jane and Rafael finally got back together.  About damn time, right? Jul...

The Brotherhood of Serapis

Blood & Treasure: The Brotherhood of Serapis

Season 1, Episode 5: " The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida "

Well, that slowed down to a crawl. After a nonstop first four episodes, things shifted downward considerably on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 5. Why? It certainly wasn't in favor of some much-needed exposition. Instead, it was more of setting up Lexi to make a decision on whose side she was. And, frankly, she still hasn't chosen.

God Bless the Child

The Handmaid's Tale: God Bless the Child

Season 3, Episode 4: " God Bless the Child "

Serena's broken heart and the focus on Holly Nicole during a communal baptismal ceremony are grave concerns during The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 4. While June continues to appeal to the side of Serena she got to know when Fred was away during The Handmaid's Tale Season 2, that was before the birth of the baby, and June may not be playing her cards correctly. But the Comma...

Memento Mori

The 100: Memento Mori

Season 6, Episode 6: " Memento Mori "

Nothing will ever be the same is only as true as the number of times you say it.  And yet it feels like nothing is the way it was, not when the characters are mourning at a time when they have to believe in the unexpected.  During The 100 Season 6 Episode 6. Murphy helps Josephine to various results. Abby is convinced to make nightblood, once again not knowing about Clarke, in...

Man vs. Rock

Animal Kingdom: Man vs. Rock

Season 4, Episode 3: " Man vs. Rock "

Craig is the man. Craig finally came into his own on Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3 when Frankie challenged him to figure out a way to steal the sculpture. There was a time when Craig was nothing more than a momma's boy., but he's finally pulled away from Smurf and that can be attributed to Frankie. I'm not necessarily a fan of Frankie, but she has been able...

The Hurt That Will Happen

Fear The Walking Dead: The Hurt That Will Happen

Season 5, Episode 2: " The Hurt That Will Happen "

Am I the only one freaking the eff out after watching Chernobyl? I can't be the only one who researched everything about the disaster thanks to HBO's harrowing miniseries.  Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 shone the light on a brand new character played by the wonderful Karen David, and also gave us some answers about this mysterious new locale.  Yup, the radiation sig...

Just the Tip

Claws: Just the Tip

Season 3, Episode 1: " Just the Tip "

This season's tagline is "Welcome to the Queendom," and that seems apropos. After two seasons of being a discontented and betrayed underling, Desna was ready to take charge on Claws Season 3 Episode 1. Desna has long accepted that she will ofttimes have to do the wrong thing to produce the right results: a better life for herself, her brother Dean and her girls. ...

Pushed Over The Edge

Days of our Lives: Pushed Over The Edge

Season 54, Episode 184: " Friday June 14, 2019 "

JJ is at his best when he angrily topples someone's attempt to control him. It's doubly awesome when he goes up against his father-turned-bad-guy as he did on Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-3-19. I'm not sold on JJ and Haley as a couple, but these scenes were phenomenal. For the longest time, JJ has had nothing to do, and his conversation with Jack in the...

Graduation Day (Part 2)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Graduation Day (Part 2)

Season 3, Episode 22: " Graduation Day (2) "

At Sunnydale High, I guess you really can't go back to high school again. The Scoobies capped off the end off the formative years with a bang. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3 Episode 22, the final battle against Mayor Wilkins was fought with weapons, fire, and a teenage army of classmates who had never battled a pure demon before. The climax is a Top 5 fight for the ages. T...


Designated Survivor: #staywoke

Season 3, Episode 7: " #identity/crisis "

Am I the only one scared crapless about CRISPR and how easily we can be victims of bioterrorism and some biological genocide? Some of us more than others, of course. The beauty of  Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 7 and Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 8 was how it brought ongoing storylines happening outside of the White House to the White House and the campaign. The ...


Designated Survivor: #FakeNews

Season 3, Episode 6: " #whocares "

Politics are icky.  No one plays fair; it's never about what's best for the people, and everything is controversial.  Keeping with the theme of cramming every imaginable hot-button issue into a 10-episode season, Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 5 and Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 6 delved deeper into the pesky racial and identity politics, the death of real journa...


Designated Survivor: #TheGreatLatinoHope

Season 3, Episode 3: " #privacyplease "

There is no shortage of topics left undiscussed this season.  The campaigning is something which carries over throughout the season, but it seems each installment wants to take on a couple of issues at a time sometimes in a way that feels like it's checking them off of a checklist.  For example, Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 3 was heavily focused on transgender visibil...

Worlds Apart

Swamp Thing: Worlds Apart

Season 1, Episode 2: " Worlds Apart "

More information about Abby's past came to light on Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 2, and it made for another riveting installment of this DC Universe drama series.  Say what you will about the streamer, but Swamp Thing is a show unlike any other on the small screen.  There were several moments I almost shut the screener of "Worlds Apart" off because the sheer ...

The Scratchmaker

iZombie: The Scratchmaker

Season 5, Episode 6: " The Scratchmaker "

You can't keep a wicked Blaine down.  For most of iZombie Season 5 Episode 6, Blaine was down on his luck. It was gratifying that the mighty had fallen, and after a Blaine dry spell, we were due some quality content. David Anders, despite playing this world-class lovable psychopath is the best. His voiceover work alone was a highlight of the hour. Not only did ...

Bienvenidos A Nueva Orleans

Queen of the South: Bienvenidos A Nueva Orleans

Season 4, Episode 1: " Bienvenidos a Nuevo Orleans "

There's no question that Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 1 has a new vibe as Teresa moves her empire to New Orleans and trades in her white business suit for white motorcycle leathers. But it's clear that her goal of getting a footing in a legitimate business in America won't come easily. The culture of corruption, not to mention racism, has the lines between legal and ille...