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Knocks Superhero Saturation to Its Knees

The Boys: Knocks Superhero Saturation to Its Knees

Season 1, Episode 1: " The Name of the Game "

We're absolutely inundated with superheroes these days. From DC adaptations on television to Marvel's mega movie franchise, it feels like we should be all tapped out. Then a show like The Boys comes into the picture, and superheroes are suddenly fun again. The series is based on Dynamite Entertainment's The Boys comics created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Dar...


The Handmaid's Tale: Witness

Season 3, Episode 10: " Witness "

June and Commander Lawrence learned some very important lessons on The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 10. June learned that persistence pays off. Commander Lawrence, on the other hand, discovered the truth in the phrase "you made your bed, now lie in it" -- metaphorically and literally. The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Photos: Welcome to the Fight Start Gallery

Chapter Ninety-Eight

Jane The Virgin: Chapter Ninety-Eight

Season 5, Episode 17: " Chapter Ninety-Eight "

How do we say goodbye? Xiomara posed that very question at the end of Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 17, and nothing sums up my feelings more succinctly.  We're almost at the end, and despite this being the weakest season to date, it's still bittersweet.  Look, nothing against anyone on the Jane the Virgin team. Putting together a final season is ...

By the Spit

Queen Sugar: By the Spit

Season 4, Episode 6: " By the Spit "

Charley Bordelon began her campaign for a seat on the city council with her family beside her and a brick thrown at her on Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 6. Something tells me that the brick will be the least of the challenges she'll face during fight. As Romero pointed out in this Queen Sugar quote, there's no doubt that this campaign will be a battle.

Special Master

Suits: Special Master

Season 9, Episode 2: " Special Master "

The game has changed and the sooner our band of lawyers realizes that, the better.  Fay's grip on the firm continued to intensify on Suits Season 9 Episode 2, and the characters found it difficult to look to this new person for orders.  It's difficult to say, but Louis deserved to be fired. Everything he was doing was wrong on so many levels, and all Fay wante...

Merger, She Wrote

Younger: Merger, She Wrote

Season 6, Episode 6: " Merger, She Wrote "

Someone pass the tissues because Younger Season 6 Episode 6 had me in tears from both laughing and crying.  What a work out in 23 minutes!  The mix of comedic and heartfelt moments made this the best episode to date. My expectations were high after seeing Peter Hermann and Nico Tortorella tease the episode as the one "we've always wanted to happen." ...

The Superintendent

Pearson: The Superintendent

Season 1, Episode 2: " The Superintendent "

Jessica still knows how to play chess while everyone else is playing checkers.  Fortunately, on Pearson Season 1 Episode 2, some of these hard-nosed Chicagoans are slowly coming around to accepting her, even if they don't trust her just yet. They don't have to trust her, but they should at least trust her abilities as an asset. Most of her relationships on this...

Touching Your Enemy

Yellowstone (2018): Touching Your Enemy

Season 2, Episode 5: " Touching Your Enemy "

Are you a shark or a minnow?  Rip informs Jimmy if he doesn't know which he is, then he's likely the latter. While that conversation on Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 5 circled around Jimmy's attempts to dig himself out of his financial hole, the same comparison fits others including Dan Jenkins, Sheriff Donnie, and certainly Jamie. It was oddly convenient that ...

Ashes to Ashes

The 100: Ashes to Ashes

Season 6, Episode 11: " Ashes to Ashes "

There are truly no problems that a good pair-up can't fix. Unless you're Ryker, then you just learn to kill or be killed.  During The 100 Season 6 Episode 11, Bellamy and Octavia end up getting to talk after their long seperation. But Octavia doesn't get what she bargained for in the process.  Meanwhile, Sanctum is falling apart with Russell using Madi for bone marr...

Return of the Queen

Blood & Treasure: Return of the Queen

Season 1, Episode 11: " Legacy of the Father "

Sooo close. The good guys had both Anthony and Cleopatra in hand, for a few seconds anyway, before it all fell apart on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 11. I hope Danny and Lexi are getting frequent-flyer miles because they end up going all over the world seeking answers. Let's see, this episode alone they went to Rome, Venice, and some obscure island in t...


Animal Kingdom: Shtf

Season 4, Episode 9: " SHTF "

A thousand expletives flew out of my mouth at the end of Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9. Most of them had to do with the fact we have to wait until Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10 to find out what's going to happen next. My head is spinning! Is yours? There's so much to talk about, but first things first. We're getting closer to finding out what...


The Disappearance: Sacrifice

Season 1, Episode 3: " Sacrifice "

Desperate people do desperate things. That was the message on The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 3. The Disapperance Season 1 Episode 2 concluded with Henry feverishly digging at a spot, under the rare tree, that Anthony  had indicated on his room map. Time for a big reveal, right? No, more like time for a big red herring, for buried where Anthony ha...


Good Trouble: Twenty-Fine

Season 2, Episode 6: " Twenty-Fine "

Admit it; you would love to kick it in the Coterie for a night.  Ain't no party like a Coterie party,and Malika's birthday bash on Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 6 came with some drama. For the most part, everyone had a fun time. It's always a treat when the gang gets to share the screen. It's also a treat when Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson takes a spin in the director's chai...

Love Thy Neighbor

Gran Hotel: Love Thy Neighbor

Season 1, Episode 6: " Part 6 "

On Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6 change was in the air. We didn't get any closer to finding out what happened Sky than we were in Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 5, but some of our favorite characters were growing leaps and bounds.  Which characters were exceeding our expectations of them? Keeping read our review to find out!  This episode belonged to Yoli and ...

Chicken P***Y

Claws: Chicken P***Y

Season 3, Episode 7: " Chicken Pussy "

Things just got deadly at the Bayside Retreat Hotel and Casino. Desna's only legal way out of the mess she and her crew have gotten into disappeared on Claws Season 3 Episode 7. One obvious development finally happened. To order to bolster her brother Henry, who threatened to drop out of the governor's race against Patel, Ann told him everything she knew about P...