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The Union Leader

Pearson: The Union Leader

Season 1, Episode 3: " The Union Leader "

Jessica may not have the stomach for Chicago.  She has fallen on some tough times before, but we have never seen Jessica as vulnerable and lost as she was during Pearson Season 1 Episode 3. It didn't stop her from doing whatever she had to do to get the job done and protect her family. It seemed everyone was partaking in self-reflection. Keri recognized what she...

Blood the Boy

Yellowstone (2018): Blood the Boy

Season 2, Episode 6: " Blood the Boy "

What drives people to make decisions? When you're in the heat of the moment, do you have what it takes to move past your primal instincts? Do the lessons you learned early in life help or haunt you? Those are just some of the thoughts that were running through my head while watching Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 6, an episode that saw the Dutton children and the wranglers making ...

Legacy of the Father

Blood & Treasure: Legacy of the Father

Season 1, Episode 12: " The Revenge of Farouk "

Damn, they took the easy out. The man behind the curtain was finally revealed on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 12. Being a John Larroquette fan, I didn't want Jacob Reese to be the season's big bad. But I guess in the end Jay was the only one who had the wealth and connections to drive this search for Anthony and Cleopatra. So Danny's surrogat...

Treasure Hunt

The Disappearance: Treasure Hunt

Season 1, Episode 4: " Treasure Hunt "

Lord, it's taking a while to connect the dots. The Sullivans and the police took their investigations in separate directions on The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 4. What they haven't pieced together yet is what's become obvious to the viewers: the shunned baby resulting from Maggie getting raped by Jason Dodd is the person who kidnapped Anthony, as a way of getting back at the ...

Exit Strategy

Animal Kingdom: Exit Strategy

Season 4, Episode 10: " Exit Strategy "

Secrets were the name of the game on Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10. But like many secrets, they don't stay secret for long. Smurf learned the biggest secret of all, but we all knew she would eventually. Deran seemed a bit stunned when Smurf dropped the bombshell that she knew about Adrian. But at least she gave him an opportunity to take care of ...

In The Middle

Good Trouble: In The Middle

Season 2, Episode 7: " In the Middle "

It was one of the best balanced hours of the season.  Coterie group scenes and hours are always a special treat, but when it comes to moving the plot along with all of the primary characters, Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 7 nailed it. The hour balanced out Coterie drama and whatever is happening in the real world outside of the house. It was a nice change of p...

Where the Sun Don't Shine

Gran Hotel: Where the Sun Don't Shine

Season 1, Episode 7: " Part 7 "

On Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 7, things were crumbling down around the employees of The Riviera Grand, and it wasn't just The Finn's balcony.  In life, every action has a consequence, whether it be something small, or a ripple effect that is felt by everyone around you. Will Javi be the ultimate victim of these consequences? Read on through our review to find out who's action...

What Is Happening to America

Claws: What Is Happening to America

Season 3, Episode 8: " What Is Happening to America "

Desna is starting to lose it. She saw the blood that she had on her hands on Claws Season 3 Episode 8. Unfortunately, in her case, that was both metaphysical and physical blood. Will Desna be able to come back from this despair? There was a lot of that going around by the end of this episode. This episode picked up right after The Pro...

The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed

Euphoria (US): The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed

Season 1, Episode 7: " The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed "

Battle lines were drawn on Euphoria Season 1 Episode 7, and it's becoming more apparent than ever that the characters are about to face up to the fact that actions have consequences.  For an installment that was promoted as Cassie-centric, the bulk of her storyline played out in the periphery. That wasn't a bad thing because it helped advance the other storylines to the point t...

The Broken Hearts Club

Days of our Lives: The Broken Hearts Club

Season 54, Episode 214: " Friday July 26, 2019 "

Am I the only one who feels sorry for Henry Shah? Dropping your new beau for a second chance with your ex seems to be a thing in Salem, but Jennifer took that to a whole new level! On Days of Our Lives during the week of 7-22-19, Henry took another chance on Jennifer after telling her he didn't want to be her consolation prize, only to realize that he would never be able to compe...

Blame It on the Rain

Killjoys: Blame It on the Rain

Season 5, Episode 2: " Blame It on the Rain "

This is turning into a disturbing pattern. Once again, the Killjoys got stopped just short of a major victory against The Lady on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 2. Dutch had more allies who had gotten back their memories of reality, but that still wasn't enough in a world where only The Lady knows the master plan. We finally got to see Turin again, and wouldn't you k...

The Latest Model

Elementary: The Latest Model

Season 7, Episode 10: " The Latest Model "

Well, that didn't work out well. Sherlock and Joan continued their philosophical debate with tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach on Elementary Season 7 Episode 10. Odin is on a crusade to eliminate likely mass murderers unearthed by his algorithms. He has continued to try to lure Sherlock and Joan to his cause. But they've argued that it's impossible to be certain...

Bye, Zombies

iZombie: Bye, Zombies

Season 5, Episode 12: " Bye, Zombies "

After a rocky final season with much to be desired, the final installments of this series are coming in strong.  No doubt about it, iZombie Season 5 Episode 12 was the best hour of the season. It played out like a movie, and not solely because of the heist and Ocean's 11 vibes involving Clavioli or the action movie vibe coming from Major and to a lesser degree Blaine. I'm goin...

Secretos y Mentiras

Queen of the South: Secretos y Mentiras

Season 4, Episode 8: " Secretos y Mentiras "

Talk about a fake out!  The start of Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 8 had me believing that Javier had been arrested for Rene's murder.  I spent over half the episode waiting for the ax to fall before I realized there was another plausible explanation.  Of course, just because he didn't end up in prison for beating the arrogant little jerk to death does...

Knocks Superhero Saturation to Its Knees

The Boys: Knocks Superhero Saturation to Its Knees

Season 1, Episode 1: " The Name of the Game "

We're absolutely inundated with superheroes these days. From DC adaptations on television to Marvel's mega movie franchise, it feels like we should be all tapped out. Then a show like The Boys comes into the picture, and superheroes are suddenly fun again. The series is based on Dynamite Entertainment's The Boys comics created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Dar...