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Muscle & Flow

Claws: Muscle & Flow

Season 3, Episode 2: " Muscle & Flow "

Has Desna already gotten in way over her head? D and her crew discovered that running a casino wasn't nearly as easy as Wikipedia made it seem on Claws Season 3 Episode 2. Mac and Melba, along with their adopted son/general manager Joe, are proving to be as brutal as the Dixie Mafia and the Russian and Haitian mobs that Desna has already squared off against and survived. ...


Absentia: Committed

Season 2, Episode 9: " Committed "

A huge piece of the Fentanyl Killer puzzle fell into place during Absentia Season 2 Episode 9 but it's clear there are still holes left in this mystery. But Emily, Cal, and Nick won't stop until they fill in all of the blanks, especially since Flynn's future is on the line. Getting access to the Catalyst Database allowed Emily and Cal to answer a lot of questions.


Absentia: Aggression

Season 2, Episode 8: " Aggression "

  There was one shocking revelation after another on Absentia Season 2 Episode 8 but I was disappointed with a couple of secrets that remained hidden. First, was that we still don't know for certain whether Tommy committed suicide or was murdered. Second, Alice didn't come clean about her affair. The heart to heart between Alice and Nick was a long ...


Absentia: Boom

Season 2, Episode 7: " Boom "

I refuse to believe what I saw at the end of Absentia Season 2 Episode 7. Even though it looked as though Detective Tommy Gibbs had committed suicide, I'm still not accepting it. But unfortunately, Emily probably will. I know that Tommy was at a very low place in his life.  He had to break up with the woman he loved after she inexplicably beat the he...


Absentia: Cover

Season 2, Episode 6: " Cover "

While Emily was getting her footing back on the job, Nick's life felt like it was falling apart on Absentia Season 2 Episode 6. Emily Byrne is horrible when it comes to personal relationships but when it comes to her job, she's a pro.  And going undercover in Moldova might be just the thing to get her mojo back. Emily and Cal work exceptionally well together, e...

Will Xander Redeem Himself?

Days of our Lives: Will Xander Redeem Himself?

Season 54, Episode 184: " Friday June 14, 2019 "

Xander has always been a fun villain. Hie's witty, seemingly devoid of conscience, and driven by anger that Victor won't treat him as a full-blooded Kiriakis. But everything changed for Xander on Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-10-19. Will his first selfless act lead to redemption? Stranger things have happened. After all, this is the same town where Ciara...


Absentia: Bolo

Season 2, Episode 5: " Bolo "

The terrorist case against Tyler Brandon Mills took a strange turn on Absentia Season 2 Episode 5, and as much as it was unexpected, that's not what left me shaking my head. That's part of the fun of Absentia.  The investigations are absorbing and intriguing but it's the characters that continue to confound me. Tyler Mills is one disturbed and scary guy.  ...


Absentia: Offenders

Season 2, Episode 4: " Offenders "

I didn't think it was possible but Absentia Season 2 Episode 4 went to an even darker place. Yet, oddly enough, my sense of dread had nothing to do the Fentanyl Killer claiming two more victims. That churning in the pit of my stomach was caused by Tyler the terrorist stalking a child and Emily Byrne. When that little girl began to wander down the path in the wo...


Absentia: Guilty

Season 2, Episode 3: " Guilty "

Emily Byrne is a professional at compartamentalizing and that was on full display on Absentia Season 2 Episode 3. She had just found out that her biological mother was still alive, only to lose her again after kicking the woman out of her home.  That set of circumstances would have left most people curled up in the fetal position and in tears.  But Emily Byrne...


Absentia: Madness

Season 2, Episode 2: " Madness "

Emily Byrnes life is never dull and Absentia Season 2 Episode 2 was no exception. But when Emily began digging deeper into the history of Barrett House, the one person I never expected to pop up was her supposedly dead biological mother. That is, if Valerie really is Emily's mother. Admittedly, Valerie's story makes some sense, at least the part where her baby ...

He Speaks

Swamp Thing: He Speaks

Season 1, Episode 3: " He Speaks "

It's hard watching Abby struggle, but it allows for Crystal Reed to shine bright, proving that she is the perfect actress for the role.  But Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 3 was all about ramping up the action with the aim of advancing some of the plots that have not had a lot of screen-time to date.  It's hard to believe we're only three episodes in and t...


Absentia: Casualties

Season 2, Episode 1: " Casualties "

When last we saw Emily Byrne, she was at a party having a panic attack on the kitchen floor. Turns out, not a whole heck of a lot has changed as we get to Absentia Season 2 Episode 1, or perhaps it's gotten worse. Emily looked too thin and haggard for someone who should be focusing on her recovery.  Someone get that woman a spa day! Water is still a ...

Un Asunto de Familia

Queen of the South: Un Asunto de Familia

Season 4, Episode 2: " Un Asunto de Familia "

Serious SPOILERS ahead!   If you have yet to watch Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 2, turn back now. You've been warned. Queen of the South frequently gets my heart rate up. It's left me breathless with action and intrigue on more than one occasion, but this may have been the first time it left me close to speechless. There were...

Red Light, Green Light

Elementary: Red Light, Green Light

Season 7, Episode 4: " Red Light, Green Light "

We're still getting to the new normal. The terrorist cell which first came to light on Elementary Season 7 Episode 2 was a natural suspect in a bombing on Elementary Season 7 Episode 4. But no, as this episode directed by Jonny Lee Miller soon proved. As a matter of fact, red herrings were stinking up the joint. It was terrorists! It was Salvadoran ga...

Filleted to Rest

iZombie: Filleted to Rest

Season 5, Episode 7: " Filleted to Rest "

Liv may have been on a perfectionist chef brain, but iZombie Season 5 Episode 7 served up a heaping dose of twists. What are we supposed to do with this information? What does it mean for the remainder of the series? We have the return of Liv's mother, the revelation about Liv's father, and Justin not only betrayed Major, but he got killed for it. The hour focu...