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Pio ke kukui, po'ele ka hale (When the Light Goes Out, the House is Dark)

Hawaii Five-0: Pio ke kukui, po'ele ka hale (When the Light Goes Out, the House is Dark)

Season 9, Episode 10: " Pio ke kukui, po'ele ka hale "

Sometimes characters outlive their usefulness and get written off the canvas. Still, it was too early for Joe White to die as he did on Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 10. As the flashback showed, Joe was the surrogate father and guardian angel that a young, angry McGarrett needed. He was more of a father figure to Steve than McGarrett's own father Jack, for much...

HR's Rough n' Stuff

Last Man Standing: HR's Rough n' Stuff

Season 7, Episode 8: " HR's Rough n' Stuff "

Kyle struggles to find his place at Outdoor Man on Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 8. Like so many young people, Kyle has had many positions with Outdoor Man. However, none of them have been the right fit. It is difficult figuring out where you belong when you have never felt like you belong anywhere. Kyle didn't have the best upbringing. No one ever told him...

Mombie Dearest

Legacies: Mombie Dearest

Season 1, Episode 6: " Mombie Dearest "

That was cruel. Jo Laughlin made her return on Legacies Season 1 Episode 6, and as expected, it was a short-lived affair.  With monsters popping up every single week, it was about time we had one that was deeply rooted in the show that kick-started the franchise.  Jo was a great character on The Vampire Diaries Season 6, and her character was one of my favorit...


The Good Place: Janet(s)

Season 3, Episode 10: " The Book of Dougs "

If you were only going to pick one episode to watch, The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10 is it. The entire thing was so wonderfully weird that it's impossible not to love.  The acting was phenomenal, the jokes were hilarious, and The Good Place finally went back to what made it so unique from the start. In other words, it was forking awesome.  Taking the gang ...


Supernatural: Byzantium

Season 14, Episode 8: " Byzantium "

I hate to say this, but Supernatural has run out of ideas. Nothing stays dead and deals are always there to be made. About the only positive thing to come out of Supernatural Season 14 Episode 8 was Jack meeting his mother in heaven which was a touching moment for both of them. Maybe I'm just old school Supernatural and miss the days of Sam and Dean simply hunting monsters beca...

The Wheels on the Dog Go 'Round and 'Round

Murphy Brown: The Wheels on the Dog Go 'Round and 'Round

Season 11, Episode 11: " The Wheels on the Dog Go Round and Round "

On Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 11, Murphy gets a dog, and Avery gets a wake-up call. We all knew it was only a matter of time before Avery lost his marbles on the air. He was going into the lion's den and expecting to change an entire network from the inside. He's young, but he's not that young. When something looks too good to be true, it usually ...

Putting Down Roots

Modern Family: Putting Down Roots

Season 10, Episode 9: " Putting Down Roots "

On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 9, DeDe's widower, Jerry, brings the last of her belongings to her family. I'm glad they didn't just forget about DeDe and let her death hang. It was confusing, though, why Jay was so eager to get rid of him. Jealous? Jerry's a nice enough guy, and Jay got along with DeDe just fine, so why would he have such a problem with helping Je...


Tell Me a Story (US): Guilt

Season 1, Episode 6: " Chapter 6: Guilt "

Oh no! It's a travesty. All of that business of crime, guilt, and worrying about what was coming next became too much for Eddie on Tell Me a Story Season 1 Episode 6. With how far Jordan's actions have driven him in his quest for answers in Beth's death, I don't think his ending will be much different.  Meanwhile, Hannah and Gabe learned blind faith doesn't come from long-lost...

Murder Most Foul

Vikings: Murder Most Foul

Season 5, Episode 12: " Murder Most Foul "

Ivar better watch his back.  Now that he's king, he has more enemies than he probably even realizes.  He may have had Margarethe killed on Vikings Season 5 Episode 12, but little does he know, the damage she caused may have already been done.  The question is, does Hvitserk really have the courage to kill Ivar? He claims he's not a coward, but he's...

California Love

All American: California Love

Season 1, Episode 7: " California Love "

It's Homecoming weekend on All American Season 1 Episode 7 and let's just say, it was one eventful dance.  Secrets were flying, hormones were raging, and there were even a few deep heart-to-heart moments.  Let's dissect! First of all, why is the dance before the game? It's been a while since I was in high school, but the game was on Friday night and the dan...


A Million Little Things: Perspective

Season 1, Episode 9: " Perspective "

She did it, you guys!  Our girl is finally getting chemo. It was one of many small victors that happened on A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 9 with these characters who we have come to love. The forward movement on these personal arcs, though glacial, was heartwarming, but there is something that keeps happening with this series that may work against itself. ...

Broken Wing

Criminal Minds: Broken Wing

Season 14, Episode 9: " Broken Wing "

Finally, we got a little more insight into what made Tara Lewis the way she is. A case in Los Angeles also resulted in a visit to her past on Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 9. This episode directed by Aisha Tyler delved into the BAU's least developed profiler. Given the opportunity, Tyler did well by her character. Tyler is the fifth cast member to direct epi...

Chapter Forty-Two

Riverdale (US): Chapter Forty-Two

Season 3, Episode 7: " Chapter Forty-Two: The Man in Black "

We knew Hiram Lodge was Batman villain-levels of evil. But, his latest puppet master influence as the mysterious "Man in Black" has spun a dangerous web in Riverdale. Riverdale Season 3 Episode 7 connected three separate stories of fear, fraud, and Fizzle Rocks into one overall web of development. The plot pieces fell into place, and even as the characters went their separate ways, their p...

The Ride Along

The Rookie: The Ride Along

Season 1, Episode 7: " The Ride Along "

What is a patrol officer's least favorite assignment? I wanted Lopez to explain why hers was guarding a dead body because other than being boring, I don't see the issue, or maybe boring was her issue. Canvassing in the rain just made Bradford sound whiny.  Bishop's sounded the most believable. I have no doubt that driving the drunk wagon must get really nasty....

What's Past is Prologue

The Flash: What's Past is Prologue

Season 5, Episode 8: " What's Past Is Prologue "

The long-anticipated 100th Episode of The Flash has finally arrived! And it was … not what I expected. The Flash Season 5 Episode 8 paid tribute to all the seasons of Flash Past, and while the performances were extraordinary and certain sentiments were genuinely touching, the story itself? Well, it seemed to fall a little short. Don’t get me wrong: I’m well aware it wasn...