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very clever

Mr. Black: very clever

very clever love the unpredictable stunts by Mr. black....

Saying Goodbye to Caroline Brady

Days of our Lives: Saying Goodbye to Caroline Brady

Season 54, Episode 189: " Friday June 21, 2019 "

Death is one of the hardest things to deal with, in real life and on soap operas. Days of Our Lives has always gotten a lot of mileage out of funerals, but sometimes it's hard to take seriously because so many people come back from the dead on this show. But after the heartbreaking news that veteran actress Peggy McKay had passed away in her sleep, the writers and actors got to w...

Death of a Car Salesman

iZombie: Death of a Car Salesman

Season 5, Episode 8: " Death of a Car Salesman "

Sales is a bloody sport.  Ravi was on his zombie monthlies again during iZombie Season 5 Episode 8, but this time, he and Liv were on the same brain and working the same case. It was amusing to no end, and Ravioli will be one of the greatest things about this series. McIver and Kohli have the best chemistry on the series, and it shines during hours like this w...

Hospitalidad Sureña

Queen of the South: Hospitalidad Sureña

Season 4, Episode 3: " Hospitalidad Sureña "

Oddly enough, Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 3 felt like one giant game of whack-a-mole. Every time Teresa turned around, a competitor, antagonist, or villain popped up for her to deal with and the game looked exhausting. I'm still not sure whether she's won or lost, but at least she's still alive to play. I couldn't wait to learn how Teresa was going to d...

Into the Woods

Elementary: Into the Woods

Season 7, Episode 5: " Into the Woods "

Finally, we've got a big bad for the final season. Still, tech billionaire Oden Reichenbach, who was introduced on Elementary Season 7 Episode 5, seemed too layered to be called a "big bad." That's thanks to James Frain, a regular for this season whose characters always end up being more than they seem. One good example would be Theo Galavan, mayor and businessm...

Chapter Ninety-Four

Jane The Virgin: Chapter Ninety-Four

Season 5, Episode 13: " Chapter Ninety-Four "

Fear was making everyone act irrationally on Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 13, but it's how they overcame their fears that really strengthened the episode and gave it weight.  To quote Jane, she and Rafael are "engaged, finally!" It's been a long time coming, but the road hasn't been an easy one.  Rafael and Jane's relationship has been bumpy and filled wit...

I No Longer Imagine

Queen Sugar: I No Longer Imagine

Season 4, Episode 2: " I No Longer Imagine "

As Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 2 dove into the difficult subjects of racism and rape culture, it did so with such compelling family drama that we couldn't look away even if we wanted to.  Because this is about how the Bordelon family relates to one another and the world around them, and it's frequently messy and uncomfortable.  Especially with Nova putting every personal, pa...

Flush With Love

Younger: Flush With Love

Season 6, Episode 2: " Flush With Love "

Congrats are in order for Josh!  He became a father in the final moments of Younger Season 6 Episode 2! Papa Josh has a nice ring to it, and seeing him hold his baby girl for the first time was adorable, but I didn't expect Josh's baby storyline to pick up such speed. Claire was evidently further along in her due date, but two-weeks away felt rushed.  ...

Unknown Caller

The Handmaid's Tale: Unknown Caller

Season 3, Episode 5: " Unknown Caller "

The dissolution of June and Luke's marriage took center stage on The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 5. After agreeing to make a phone call to Luke to arrange a meeting between Serena and baby Nichole, June appears to have a revelation. What I originally assumed was June trying to keep her emotions at bay in front of the Waterfords, may not have been the case at all. ...


The 100: Nevermind

Season 6, Episode 7: " Nevermind "

So in another life, Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake, and Monty Green would have binge-watched Stranger Things together. But in this life, those three are just out here saving lives and cracking codes.  Nobody else could have stood a chance.  During The 100 Season 6 Episode 7, Clarke sees some familiar people as she faces off against Josephine. They interact while Josephine is sl...


Animal Kingdom: Tank

Season 4, Episode 4: " Tank "

The women of Animal Kingdom ruled the day on Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4, but nothing that happened with any of them was any good. Smurf is down for the count. Renn is back. Frankie might be trouble after all. Mia is a nightmare. And Angela? She's just a nosy and annoying biatch. Let's talk about Smurf first. Smurf is in bad shape -- both physic...

The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida

Blood & Treasure: The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida

Season 1, Episode 6: " Escape from Casablanca "

Could we pick up the pace just a little? Danny and Lexi continued racing against Farouk's people in the search for Cleopatra's sarcophagus on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 6. So this is what we've got to look forward to? Where in the World is Cleopatra's Remains? This works in a nice, taut two-hour Indiana Jones movie. But I'm beginning to wonder about d...

Welcome to the Riviera Grand Hotel

Gran Hotel: Welcome to the Riviera Grand Hotel

Season 1, Episode 1: " Season 1 Episode 1 "

Nothing is as it seems at the Grand Riveria Hotel. Just when I thought that I had things figured out on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 1 another secret, another lie, would be revealed turning everything on it's head.  What kind of intrigue lies behind the doors of Miami's last family owned hotel? Read on to find out! The Mendoza family is dysfunctional, to say t...

Humbug's Gulch

Fear The Walking Dead: Humbug's Gulch

Season 5, Episode 3: " Humbug's Gulch "

Dwight's entrance could have been handled much better on Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3.  The overarching theme of Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 has been about redemption, so it was the perfect time to introduce wight into the narrative.  Austin Amelio's character was lost in the shuffle on The Walking Dead, but if "Humbug's Gulch" is to be believed, then Dwight's s...

Tell-Tale Hearts

Big Little Lies: Tell-Tale Hearts

Season 2, Episode 2: " Tell Tale Hearts "

The lies told and revealed during Big Little Lies Season 1 begin to catch up with people on Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 2. While the overarching season lie gets more difficult to hold onto the longer Mary Louise is within the orbit of any of the Monterey Five, it's the less significant fibs that are threatening to tear everyone apart. Affairs, parentage, rape, fraud, and wh...