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17 Years

God Friended Me: 17 Years

Season 1, Episode 11: " 17 Years "

The God Account just got very personal. For its winter midseason finale, God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 11 brought all of the feels.  The waterworks were flowing as Miles worked through his grief and anger directed at the most recent friend suggestion, Charles Cole.  Forgiveness doesn't come easy, especially when it requires you to forgive your mother's kil...

Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 11 Review

NCIS: Los Angeles: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 11 Review

Season 10, Episode 11: " Joyride "

Alas, still no Hetty. But the usual elements of an OSP holiday episode were present on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 11. There was a fairly easily solved case of the week, leaving time for the personal interactions that make this series so much fun. This year's festivities got moved offsite because Special Prosecutor Rogers was being a stick in the mud abo...

Down the Rabbit Hole

Outlander: Down the Rabbit Hole

Season 4, Episode 7: " Down the Rabbit Hole "

I guess the odds are pretty good that two people traveling through the stones at different times will wind up with two of the worst characters we know. Outlander Season 4 Episode 7 detoured a bit from the novel from what I gather after watching and doing a quick bit of research.  To be honest, the coincidences felt like too much. There are a lot of things that ...

Julie's 50th Anniversary!

Days of our Lives: Julie's 50th Anniversary!

Season 54, Episode 58: " Friday, November 14, 2018 "

When Days of Our Lives brings it, it really brings it. DAYS offered a beautiful tribute to the iconic Julie Williams during the week of 12-10-18 that was filled with the love, family support, and general warmth that was once the backbone of this soap. It was so good that even having to share the screen with the ridiculous Sonny/Leo storyline couldn't ruin it. No ...

The Gift of the Mike Guy

Last Man Standing: The Gift of the Mike Guy

Season 7, Episode 9: " The Gift of the Mike Guy "

Holiday traditions and helping others were at the forefront of Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 9. Mike and Ed's relationship evolved once again, as they came together to help veterans. Thanks to a gift from Mike, Ed realized he wasn't needed at Outdoor Man. Sometimes even with the best intentions of the giver, a gift does not go over well. Mike knew right awa...

Resting Witch Face

Midnight, Texas: Resting Witch Face

Season 2, Episode 7: " Resting Witch Face "

Patience might have fooled the rest of the Midnighters, but she sure didn't fool me. It was no surprise to find out Patience had evil intentions on Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 7, but it was surprising to learn that Kai was unknowingly pulled into her wicked plot. It was also unbelievable. How could he possibly think that an ugly dismembered head locked in a...


Outsiders: Koriand'r

Season 1, Episode 10: " Day Most Blessed "

It's not easy to maintain a high quality every single week, but Titans Season 1 Episode 10 delivered some gut-punching twists that proved why DC Universe's decision to go dark with this series was the best foot forward.  Being the penultimate episode of Titans Season 1, it was about time we were given some solid answers, and boy; it was so much fun to watch.  It was a ...

Death Keeps Knocking On My Door

Legacies: Death Keeps Knocking On My Door

Season 1, Episode 7: " Death Keeps Knocking On My Door "

The apocalypse is well underway, and our characters are more fractured than ever.  Heading into Legacies Season 1 Episode 7, it was obvious we were going to get some insight into what happened to some of the characters who were already dead, and I can't be the only one who wasn't buying Hope's thinly veiled attempt at getting answers from the Necromancer.  The teenager has exp...

The Spear

Supernatural: The Spear

Season 14, Episode 9: " The Spear "

Impossible odds, indeed. It was too much to hope that Michael was going to leave Dean alone, never to take control of him again. It was suspicious, and the boys should have been more wary of Michael's motive to abandon Dean's body so quickly. As it turned out, Michael had a plan all along, and on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 9, he put that plan into motion...


Murphy Brown: AWOL

Season 11, Episode 12: " AWOL "

On Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 12, we say goodbye to Avery as he makes his way to Afghanistan. I know I said I wanted him out of Murphy's house, but I really didn't mean for him to flee to a war-torn country. I should've seen it coming, and some of you probably did, but it hit me by surprise to see him packing. After the scene with him and Murphy in the bedro...

A New God

Vikings: A New God

Season 5, Episode 13: " A New God "

So, what happens if/when Ivar eventually realizes that kid is not his? His ego got the better of his brain on Vikings Season 5 Episode 13 thanks to Freydis planting the idea in his head that he's a god.  How can someone as smart as him be that stupid? One thing I love about Vikings is that no matter how smart and cunning the men are, there's always an even sm...


All American: Homecoming

Season 1, Episode 8: " Homecoming "

The Beverly Hills football team pulled off their own version of the "Philly Special" to win the Homecoming game! Unfortunately, the win was one of only a few happy moments that occurred on All American Season 1 Episode 8.  The good news is that even in the hardest of times your family will always be by your side.  Coop may have distanced herself from...

Stuck in a Moment

Modern Family: Stuck in a Moment

Season 10, Episode 10: " Stuck in a Moment "

On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 10, the Dunphys and the Pritchetts sent us off for winter break with a laugh. That was one of the better episodes of late, and it was a welcome change from nearly the entire season. We followed Dylan and Haley as they tried to figure out the perfect time to tell Phil and Claire about the baby. When they finally did, it seemed like Phil ...

Flesh and Blood

Criminal Minds: Flesh and Blood

Season 14, Episode 10: " Flesh and Blood "

It's almost like the writing is on the wall. It was another second-generation serial killer on Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 10. That's becoming a pattern this season. Earlier was the resurrection of the former cult of Benjamin Cyrus on Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 1.  This time it was the son of serial killer Joe Smith from Criminal Minds Season 3 Episode 2.   ...

Time of Death

The Rookie: Time of Death

Season 1, Episode 8: " Time of Death "

I've been watching crime procedurals for over two decades, and I've never seen the aftermath of an officer-involved shooting shown as realistically as on The Rookie Season 1 Episode 8. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes can be difficult. Thankfully, I've never shot nor killed another human being, but John Nolan made me feel his trauma.  I've probably seen hundreds...