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The Disappearance: Redemption

Season 1, Episode 6: " Redemption "

I guess justice was served, in a karmic way. In the end, Anthony was rescued but Henry didn't live to see it on The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 6. Henry took Anthony's hope at a real family away from him 35 years previously, so David, even in death, found a way to take Henry away from his family as well. Did Henry, who had been a good man for much of his life...


The Handmaid's Tale: Mayday

Season 3, Episode 13: " Mayday "

June's perseverance finally paid off on The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 13. It has been a tumultuous season, and June has made some questionable decisions, but she came through in the end. The light at the end of the tunnel finally came in the form of the plane flying overhead heading toward Canada with more than 52 children on board. I've learned throughou...


Animal Kingdom: Ghosts

Season 4, Episode 12: " Ghosts "

What just happened? My mind is blown. That's what happened. As expected, Smurf made her last stand at Jed's farm on Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 12, but how it all went down was completely shocking. Smurf is one crafty lady! While I fully believe she expected to die at the hands of Jed and his sons, she quickly came up with a Plan B when Pope saved her. ...

Groom Service

Gran Hotel: Groom Service

Season 1, Episode 9: " Part 9 "

Everyone's hiding something at the Riviera Grand. It won't be long before those secrets and lies start catching up with them as they've already begun to on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 9. Santiago is hiding his involvement with Mateo's "boss," Mateo is hiding the shame of unintentionally killing his own child, the twins are quite literally hiding their fugitive father, Felix, an...


Claws: Finna

Season 3, Episode 10: " Finna "

Maybe Desna will aim a little lower after this. Desna lost so much because of her lofty ambitions on Claws Season 3 Episode 10. And on her birthday no less. That list included Quiet Ann, Roller, and the casino just to name a few. Maybe one of these seasons Desna will realize when she's in over her head. This episode was equally about ...

Channel 4

Fear The Walking Dead: Channel 4

Season 5, Episode 9: " Channel 4 "

That was a change of pace! Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 mostly took the form of a documentary, thanks in large part to Althea's decision to film everything to make a video to leave at certain outposts to lure potential survivors into the denim factory.  One of the many criticisms of Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 is that the characters talk about their feelings inst...

Ship Outta Luck

Killjoys: Ship Outta Luck

Season 5, Episode 4: " Ship Outta Luck "

Let's have a prison drama for a while. Why not? Dutch, Johnny, and D'avin woke up in an inescapable supermax peniteniary on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 4. Prison isn't a good place for bounty hunters to be. And it appears it's going to take a while before they're running the place.  Fortunately, they are getting help on the outside in the effort to save Westerly ...

Lo Que Más Temes

Queen of the South: Lo Que Más Temes

Season 4, Episode 10: " Lo Que Más Temes "

What Teresa feared the most came to pass on Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 10. I can't imagine what comes next. Since the moment Brenda was killed, protecting Tony has been one of Teresa's top priorities, which is why I couldn't understand why she kept him in New Orleans. If her enemies were able to track him down at the boarding school in Texas, wouldn't k...

Reichenbach Falls

Elementary: Reichenbach Falls

Season 7, Episode 12: " Reichenbach Falls "

That was a lovely new variation on a theme Only Sherlock went in the water and was swept away on Elementary Season 7 Episode 12. Wanting to be done with Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote what he meant to be the final Holmes adventure in 1893, "The Adventure of the Final Problem." In it, Holmes and his arch-nemesis, Professor Moriarty, fell off a clif...

The Reunion

BH90210: The Reunion

Season 1, Episode 1: " The Reunion "

Welcome back to the glitzy, palm tree-laden world of Beverly Hills, California. It’s been a while since we saw Brandon Walsh, Kelly Taylor, and company, but in so many ways, it feels like barely any time has passed at all. In the year 2019, we’re not getting the will they/won’t they push and pull of Kelly and Brandon on BH90210 Season 1 Episode 1, we’re getting the push ...

All The Borders

Queen Sugar: All The Borders

Season 4, Episode 8: " All The Borders "

Keep your enemies close may be good strategy but it can be difficult to pull off when they burn down your house, or in the case of Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 8, your mill. Charley Bordelon has gotten knocked down more times than I can recall, but to her credit, she never fails to get back up. This time, someone set the Queen Sugar mill on fire, putting it out of business...


Suits: Cairo

Season 9, Episode 4: " Cairo "

Fighting a losing battle is a waste of time.  That sentiment echoed through Suits Season 9 Episode 4 as Faye's arrival continued to disrupt the inner workings of the firm. As usual, there was a lot of conflict, and for some reason, I continue to side with Faye.  It's not often an adversary gets introduced, and you start to agree with them over the characters ...

The Debu-taunt

Younger: The Debu-taunt

Season 6, Episode 8: " The Debu-taunt "

What a big, emotionally-loaded episode. The cast of Younger wasn't lying when they said Younger Season 6 Episode 8 was the episode we've all been waiting for.  If you're not crying happy tears after Liza's and Diana's "I love you" exchange, you have no soul.  We've all been so focused on Younger's love-triangle, but the magic has always been in the relationsh...

Resurrection Day

Yellowstone (2018): Resurrection Day

Season 2, Episode 7: " Resurrection Day "

When you feel like the tension is just simmering too long, just turn up the temperature a little. That's what Beth did with Jamie, and the Beck brothers did with, well, Montana. The results lead to a possible resurrection for Jamie (really, though?), and big trouble for Montana. Where do you even start with an episode as jam-packed as Yellowstone Season 2 Episod...

The Deputy Mayor

Pearson: The Deputy Mayor

Season 1, Episode 4: " The Deputy Mayor "

Everyone is going to need divine absolution before the season concludes.  With every installment, Pearson cements itself as an irresistible political suspense thriller that hooks you and leaves you craving more.  With Bobby away, Jessica could harness her energy and direct it toward investigating the Carl Jefferies case on Pearson Season 1 Episode 4, but Jefferies is the tip ...