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The Buddha

Vikings: The Buddha

Season 5, Episode 16: " The Buddha "

Characters are dropping like flies! Margarethe, The Seer, Heahmund -- and now Aethelred succumbed on Vikings Season 5 Episode 16 by the hands of his mother, no less.  How will Alfred react when he recovers from his illness and discovers his brother is dead? He's probably not going to be too happy, especially if he suspects Judith murdered him. She must have a...

Night Lights

Criminal Minds: Night Lights

Season 14, Episode 11: " Night Lights "

The good news was that Matthew Gray Gubler returned from whatever personal project on which he was working. This meant that Reid was back from his teaching sabbatical to help out on Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 11. What does this mean in real terms? Well, Reid being there just makes any episode better. Why? I'd have to say believability. When Reid proclaims ...

The Birds & the Bees

Outlander: The Birds & the Bees

Season 4, Episode 9: " The Birds and the Bees "

Nightmare!! The lesson Brianna lost by not getting raised by her birth parents was an essential one, and never was her lack of education in this area more important than on Outlander Season 4 Episode 9. It's not that we haven't touched on it before, but by the time the credits roll on "The Birds & the Bees," things are a mess and it's all because Brianna doesn't do...

A Fractured Family Christmas

Days of our Lives: A Fractured Family Christmas

Season 2, Episode 9: " Ep. #265 "

It was a heartbreaking Christmas in Salem on Days of Our Lives during the week of 12-24-18 Abigail served Stefan with divorce papers and came home, only to lash out at her mother for not believing she was sane, JJ spent the holiday trying to get a suicidal nurse to open up to him, and Leo insisted on tagging along to the children's party at the hospital. On the plus side, Julie c...


Vikings: Hell

Season 5, Episode 15: " Hell "

RIP Bishop Heahmund.  His death on Vikings Season 5 Episode 15 was arguably more impactful than the Seer's, but both characters, in a way, saw their ends coming.  Heahmund renounced his love for Lagertha before the battle to save his soul, but that doesn't mean he died with a clear conscience.  In his final moments, as he was struck blow after blow, he ...

Something Borrowed

Counterpart: Something Borrowed

Season 2, Episode 3: " Something Borrowed "

And I thought the prison reveal was going to be exciting.  There are so many tricks up the sleeves of the Counterpart team; it's impossible to guess what's in store for the group of spies trying to keep tabs on different worlds. "Our" Howard, Howard Alpha, will become a huge disappoint to me, personally, if he doesn't get a fire lit under his behind while inside of Echo. He didn...

Family Separation

Madam Secretary: Family Separation

Season 5, Episode 10: " Family Separation: Part 1 "

One of Madam Secretary's greatest strengths is its ability to present political issues without aligning itself with a particular party. In our incredibly polarized American political climate, that's important, because viewers often shut down when they feel a show is taking a side that they don't agree with. Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 10's treatment of border security couldn...


Outlander: Wilmington

Season 4, Episode 8: " Wilmington "

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I know I'm in the minority, but even after the atrocities that occurred on Outlander Season 4 Episode 8, Brianna and Roger win my heart over Jamie and Claire in the love department. They're a more traditional romance couple, and much more exciting than Bree's parents. Jamie and Claire's love is so ridiculously even-keeled, I c...

A Sad Lead-up To Christmas

Days of our Lives: A Sad Lead-up To Christmas

Season 44, Episode 30: " Dec 22, 2008 "

I wasn't looking forward to Julie falling down the steps. Spoilers suggested that Gabi pushed her on purpose, and I didn't want to see yet another legacy character abused for the sake of an obnoxious plot. But Julie's fall yielded some good, soapy material for her many friends and family in Salem, came at the climax of an epic confrontation and marked what appears to be the begin...

Crazy Lady

Dynasty: Crazy Lady

Season 2, Episode 9: " Crazy Lady "

The holidays were anything but happy for the Carrington clan on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 9. I'll file this under Fallon's "things that usually ruin the holidays at the manor." Though the season has been a bit up-and-down with Celia's death, the addition of new Cristal, and Steven's departure, the writers always redeem themselves with epic cliffhangers and monumental twists. ...

Patience is a Virtue

Midnight, Texas: Patience is a Virtue

Season 2, Episode 8: " Patience Is A Virtue "

And the award for the cheesiest show of 2018 goes to... Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 8!! It was so over-the-top cringeworthy, it was almost good. From Manfred professing his love to Patience in the worst way possible to Patience holding up Manfred's head in triumph, there were so many laughable moments it was hard to keep count. It can't get any worse than this.

Happy New Year

Murphy Brown: Happy New Year

Season 11, Episode 13: " Happy New Year "

On Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 13, we get to learn Avery's fate in Kabul, while Murphy loses her mind with worry. Being a control freak is hard, and it's even harder when you're a mom. It was adorable that Murph was calling all of her friends in the middle of the night because she just didn't know what to do with herself. I thought she was going to take Diana...

The Lost Moment

Vikings: The Lost Moment

Season 5, Episode 14: " The Lost Moment "

The Seer has left this world, but not without imparting on us one last cryptic message.  Besides basically telling Ivar that he is, in fact, not a god, he told Hvitserk that he is going to accomplish something others before have failed to do.  So, what could that be? Now that Ivar has murdered the Seer on Vikings Season 5 Episode 14, we are left to wonde...

Chapter Eleven

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Chapter Eleven

Season 1, Episode 11: " Chapter Eleven: A Midwinter's Tale "

Christmas has never been so sinister, with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina trying very hard to leave a mark this holiday season. This successful special relied on the way that not much could be done without later having to fix it because this serves as a bridge between the upcoming second part of the show.  During Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 11, Sabrina hold...

Outside In

Counterpart: Outside In

Season 2, Episode 2: " Outside In "

It's never been a secret that I have a fascination with parallel worlds, but it's fascinating the way things are heating up between Alpha and Prime.  Whereas the premiere centered around activity in the Alpha world, Counterpart Season 2 Episode 2 focused on what's been happening with the Prime world. With our Howard's imprisonment and the increased Indigo action, it was a better hour ove...