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Jetting Out of Salem

Days of our Lives: Jetting Out of Salem

Season 54, Episode 239: " Friday August 30, 2019 "

When the news broke that Chloe was leaving Days of Our Lives, viewers guessed she'd be pursuing Rex. The two were headed towards a relationship before Rex abruptly ran off to Chicago, and it would have been a nice nod to DAYS history for them to go off into the sunset together since Kyle Lowder played Brady when Brady and Chloe last dated. But instead, Chloe left for an unrelated...

Cherchez La Bitch

Killjoys: Cherchez La Bitch

Season 5, Episode 7: " Cherchez La Bitch "

The gang is largely back together but time is growing ever shorter. But even better, there was also some rare fun on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 7. Let's face it. During the past couple of seasons, during the Aneela/The Lady storyline, the narrative has been pretty grim and apocalyptic. With the characters facing the end of the world as they know it, that doesn't ...

I'm Sorry

Queen Sugar: I'm Sorry

Season 4, Episode 11: " I'm Sorry "

There were lots of characters professing they were sorry on Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 11, but one was the most heartfelt and heartbreaking. It was Ralph Angel breaking up with Deesha. As much as I've enjoyed Deesha, and I love how she accepts and respects Ralph Angel, I've always questioned how long this relationship was going to last.  When Ralph Angel slip...

The Table Read

BH90210: The Table Read

Season 1, Episode 4: " The Table Read "

Now that all the major players are on board, it’s time to start production on the reboot! Well, not so fast. Poor Tori just can’t catch a break these days. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And on BH90210 Season 1 Episode 4, the issue is the script. It has to be incredibly difficult to join a series with such a storied history and begin crafting a ne...

Holding Out for a Shero

Younger: Holding Out for a Shero

Season 6, Episode 11: " Holding Out for a SHero "

"You wrote a letter to the wrong guy." That statement at the end of Younger Season 6 Episode 11 made the whole episode worth it and oozed so much truth. And it was incredibly sad -- my heart sank when Josh said those words as it revealed just how much he still loves Liza.  Liza's love triangle keeps getting messier, and though she tried to make a choi...

The Immigration Lawyer

Pearson: The Immigration Lawyer

Season 1, Episode 7: " The Immigration Lawyer "

Nick is on the run!  Our darling Nicky fell victim to a desperate Pat on Pearson Season 1 Episode 7, and his world is crumbling around him, and so is the show's best unexpected friendship.  Nick, please let Jessica help you! Pat McGann is a slimeball who needs to go down, and it's going to take all of them to take him down and out. Of course, that's...

Art of Darkness

Gran Hotel: Art of Darkness

Season 1, Episode 11: " Part 11 "

What. Just. Happened. The stakes were upped to a whole new level on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 11. Who breathed their last breath at the Riviera Grand Hotel? Read our review to find out.  R.I.P Teresa. We couldn't have asked for a greater villain, but once you start selling women, it is time for you to go.  Mateo may have shown us early on that he...

You're Still Here

Fear The Walking Dead: You're Still Here

Season 5, Episode 11: " You're Still Here "

Can we keep him? Pretty please? Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 11 was a real diamond in the rough, and it was all thanks to Wes.  It's rare for a new character to have such an impact off the bat. Maybe it was because we knew Wes was not a villain and that he wasn't linked to Logan in any way.  There was real heartache behind those eyes, and ...


Succession: Hunting

Season 2, Episode 3: " Hunting "

There were a lot of interesting developments on Succession Season 2 Episode 3, and they played out against one of the most absurd scenarios ever to air on television. If you pay attention to big business, you know how often an organization can get corrupted from the top down. Logan treats everyone like dirt from his wife to his kids to his board members, and what they all have i...

Three Mutineers

Killjoys: Three Mutineers

Season 5, Episode 6: " Three Mutineers "

Thanks to Johnny, the Killjoys finally succeeded in one of their plans. The trio managed to go from being the hunted to being on top of the Herks Supermax prison ship on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 6. They even managed to fall off The Lady's radar, at least for the time being. Did this episode mark the turning point in their war against The Lady? Probab...

The Mask Comes Off!

Days of our Lives: The Mask Comes Off!

Season 54, Episode 234: " Friday August 23, 2019 "

Hey TVFanatics! I'll be covering for Jack Ori this week. Not to worry, he'll be back next week to give his views on the happenings in Salem, but until then here's my take on this week's Days of Our Lives... The mask finally came off! Usually, when people mention wearing a mask, it's metaphorical, but not in Salem where Kristen has spent months parading around town in her...

Diosa De La Guerra

Queen of the South: Diosa De La Guerra

Season 4, Episode 12: " Diosa de la Guerra "

It was all about family on Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12 and how that family handles a loss. When it comes to Teresa's family, a loss must be avenged and Tony's death brought the entire crew back together. But to Teresa's credit, she wasn't about to start spraying bullets all over New Orleans. She wanted her rage to be focused on the appropriate party. ...

Whatever It Takes

Suits: Whatever It Takes

Season 9, Episode 6: " Whatever It Takes "

Family is everything.  That sentiment echoed through Suits Season 9 Episode 6 as Harvey, Alex, Donna, and Louis united to take down Faye and get Samantha her job back.  There were many variables in the mission to take all of the power from Faye, but the last thing I expected was for her past to come to the forefront and save her.  If you watch Suits online,...

The Photo Shoot

BH90210: The Photo Shoot

Season 1, Episode 3: " The Photo Shoot "

Production is back in session!  BH90210 Season 1 Episode 3 saw the gang back together on the set of the all-new Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot. But it didn’t take long for all hell to break loose. With everyone but Shannen officially on board, it was time for the group to get some therapy. And their therapist knew them all very well. It’s lovely to see this ne...

Oh Mamere

Queen Sugar: Oh Mamere

Season 4, Episode 10: " Oh Mamere "

Queen Sugar has handled many serious issues including addiction, racism, police brutality, and domestic violence. On Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 10 the plot revolved around Darla being sexually assaulted.  No, it didn't happen on screen or even within the timeline of this installment but that didn't make it any less powerful. We already knew that Darla was an...