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Dark Angel: The best

The best show ever....

The Fuller Dogfight

Project Blue Book: The Fuller Dogfight

Season 1, Episode 1: " The Fuller Dogfight "

I want to believe. And so did people across America when the UFO frenzy hit its peak in the late 1940s and 50s. There was so much interest in the possibility of alien life that the U.S. Air Force went to great efforts to try to debunk much of what people claimed they saw in the night sky via three projects starting in 1947, with the most famous being Project Blue Book. ...


The Rookie: Standoff

Season 1, Episode 9: " Standoff "

The truth matters. But as Oscar Wilde once said, "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." The Rookie Season 1 Episode 9 gave us a good example of just that.  Unfortunately, the truth became a liability the moment Lucy hid her and Nolan's relationship and break up from Internal Affairs.  Of course, when I think about it, she's probably not the only one who...

Six or Seven

New Amsterdam (2018): Six or Seven

Season 1, Episode 10: " Six or Seven Minutes "

Hopefully, you remembered to hydrate after all the tears you cried while watching New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10. Hydration is important because we don't want any of you collapsing. If you set a goal to reduce stress, then that all went to hell after watching that heart-pounding hour of New Amsterdam! The series has found its stride. It knows what it is and what it wants to b...

Shadow Puppets

Counterpart: Shadow Puppets

Season 2, Episode 5: " Shadow Puppets "

Cliche's suck, but that was a rollercoaster ride hour of television! Harry Lloyd does such beautiful work with the two Quayles that they've both become essential characters. And by the end of Counterpart Season 2 Episode 5, they had both been through too much, and Lloyd's eyes were perpetually welling with tears. It was difficult to bear, dammit! Knowing Peter Alpha wo...

Ready Player Two

God Friended Me: Ready Player Two

Season 1, Episode 12: " Ready Player Two "

My head is spinning after trying to piece together who is running the God Account and why they chose Miles.  It's a good thing I don't have to go through any firewalls, mirrored phones, or invisible codes.  On the plus side, this show is really helping me brush up on my coding vocab.  As the mystery unravels, more questions are getting asked on God Friended Me Sea...

Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 12 Review

NCIS: Los Angeles: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 12 Review

Season 10, Episode 12: " The Sound of Silence "

Now and then, it's good to have one of those ripped-from-the-headlines episodes, somewhere other than on Law & Order: SVU. So a recent espionage trend showed up on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 12, giving it a more timely feel. There's been the mystery, often speculated on but not solved, about what made American embassy staffers in Cuba and China ill, whether it was s...

Family Separation

Madam Secretary: Family Separation

Season 5, Episode 11: " Family Separation: Part 2 "

Madam Secretary is just as much about the McCord family as it is about politics. So it's no surprise that  Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 11 saw Henry and Elizabeth pull off their vow renewal despite Elizabeth being held in jail. It really couldn't have ended any other way, but was this the best way to wrap up the whole family separation issue Elizabeth was protesting? ...

The Deep Heart's Core

Outlander: The Deep Heart's Core

Season 4, Episode 10: " The Deep Heart's Core "

Why on earth did Roger decide to wear short pants to the past? Honestly, it's bugged me since he first got out of the car by the stones, and watching him get tugged by the Mohawk while looking like a downtrodden kid from the depression was awful! Of course, that has little to do with Outlander Season 4 Episode 10, but when something crawls into your ear, it crawls into your ear,...

New Year, Old Stories

Days of our Lives: New Year, Old Stories

Season 2, Episode 9: " Ep. #265 "

As much as I love Jack Deveraux, I wasn't sold on him returning alive. The idea that Jack was alive all along while his family -- especially JJ, who had serious mental health issues as a result of Jack's "death" -- suffered seemed needlessly cruel. Plus, we've been through this presumed dead/not dead cycle with Jack too many times to count. But Jack's return has added energy and ...

Hala i ke ala o'i'ole mai (Gone on the Road from which There Is No Returning)

Hawaii Five-0: Hala i ke ala o'i'ole mai (Gone on the Road from which There Is No Returning)

Season 9, Episode 11: " Hala i ke ala o'i'ole mai "

You can't go wrong with a good caper. And it was even better when the goal was justice for Joe on Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 11. Then there was that entirely disposable case of the week so that the rest of the cast could make an appearance.  So let's talk about what the episode was really about: having a bunch of guest stars, new and old. And there's absol...


Blue Bloods: Disrupted

Season 9, Episode 11: " Disrupted "

Frank Reagan has always been rigid. He's taken it to extremes for most of Blue Bloods Season 9. But on Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 11, Frank dealt with a protest group that believed in disruption and spreading lies to get their point across, and he didn't overreact. To be fair, it's harder to be mad at Frank when he seemed to be almost completely in the right.

Three for the Road

Last Man Standing: Three for the Road

Season 7, Episode 10: " Three for the Road "

Mike and Ryan finally found some common ground in their relationship on Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 10. It is no secret that Kristin's husband and father have different views on life. Mike and Ryan rarely agree on anything.  But there are two things they both love more than anything in this world, Kristin and Boyd. Sadly, those are also the tw...

Primal Urges

The Orville: Primal Urges

Season 2, Episode 2: " Primal Urges "

If anyone else was a confused as I was, I did a little digging and it turns out that The Orville Season 2 Episode 2 has a production code of 112 which meant it was supposed to be last season's episode twelve. This sort of explains why it has no connection whatsoever with The Orville Season 2 Episode 1. No Lt. Tyler. No Cassius. No Mercer-Grayson relationship tension. It d...


Doctor Who: Resolution

Season 11, Episode 11: " Resolution "

Oh, I so desperately wanted Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 11 to wow us with something super flashy and potentially ridiculous. With its return pushed back to 2020, it would've also been satisfying to go out on an episode of consequence, one that leaves us with something to think about for the next TWELVE LONG MONTHS. Not that it wasn't exciting in parts. Even if there was only ON...