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A Difference of Opinion

Catch-22: A Difference of Opinion

Season 1, Episode 2: " Episode 2 "

Sometimes, procrastinating leads to more headaches than the thing you're avoiding. Yossarian learns that the hard way on Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 2 as he finds new ways of avoiding his priorities. Unlucky for him, though, it only makes him more agitated. Yossarian treats the camp hospital like a place of relaxation, enjoying a good book and some peace and quiet....

Salem in Chaos

Days of our Lives: Salem in Chaos

Season 44, Episode 133: " May 18, 2009 "

Talk about chaos! Jack winning the mayoral election on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-13-19 will definitely up the craziness factor in Salem, especially since his son decided to go on the run to protect Haley from being deported! And then there was that whole bizarre twist ending in which Xander announced that his partner was... Nicole. The good people of Salem are scratc...

Thicker Than Money

Dynasty: Thicker Than Money

Season 2, Episode 21: " Thicker Than Money "

We're gearing up for yet another battle between the Carringtons and the Colbys, but this one seems uninspired.  We've known that Blake is a shady snake, but on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21 he proved he'll do anything to save his own ass.  At least he's found a partner in crime in Cristal.  If anyone was played by Cristal, it was me.  I wanted to b...

SVU Season 20 Episode 24 Review

Law & Order: SVU: SVU Season 20 Episode 24 Review

Season 20, Episode 24: " End Game "

Rob Miller returning could have been explosive. He is a powerful attorney with lots of connections and a vendetta against Benson. Sure, the Benson-in-danger trope gets leaned on too often, but it sounded interesting. Instead, Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 24 chose to end Miller's story in a bizarre manner and destroy a couple of characters along the way. ...

Five, Six, Seven, Ate!

iZombie: Five, Six, Seven, Ate!

Season 5, Episode 3: " Five, Six, Seven, Ate! "

Ravioli is the best!  The only thing better than Ravioli is Clavioli. See what I did there?  The beauty of iZombie Season 5 Episode 3 is we discovered Clive has yet another talent. He's an excellent dancer, and he did a fantastic job teaching beloved Ravi -- who is all limbs -- how to find his inner ballroom dancing king. They pulled out all the classic callb...

Two of a Kind

Whiskey Cavalier: Two of a Kind

Season 1, Episode 12: " Two of a Kind "

It was another hour of whiskey and fun.  We found out a little more about Frankie on Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 12 when the case she and Will had to investigate involved her former guardian and her husband. Will had way too much fun studying old pictures of Frankie and finding out as much as he could about his partner from her teen years. It seems Frank...


Chicago PD: Confession

Season 6, Episode 21: " Confession "

Would you sell your soul if it meant hurting the people you love? That question -- posed to Antonio on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 21 -- sums up the entire hour.  The idea of guilt, and how much guilt you could live with, was a central theme as it applied to Antonio, Leo Hernandez, and Carlos in differing capacities.  All three of them refused to confess thei...

Lost Time

NCIS: Lost Time

Season 16, Episode 23: " Lost Time "

There's a lot we still don't know about Gibbs.  The back half of NCIS Season 16 has been all about shedding light on the hero of this story's past, and NCIS Season 16 Episode 23 continued to give us at home more insight.  He's been changing rules of late, and the final straw for the team appeared to be that he bailed on them while working on a mission. ...

The Children of Gabriel

The 100: The Children of Gabriel

Season 6, Episode 3: " The Children of Gabriel "

Sanctum's best kept secret is that their storylines feel very similiar to the past. That feeling of nostalgia though can quickly turn on the narrative, especially when much of it felt like a reintroduction to something the audience has become very familiar with already.  During The 100 Season 6 Episode 3, Russell and his friends are introduced to the audience and the other char...

I Am Defiant

The Village (2019): I Am Defiant

Season 1, Episode 9: " I Am Defiant "

Since the pilot, Ava's hearing has been looming. And it was finally time for Gabe and Ava to fight for her right to stay in this country with her son.  But The Village Season 1 Episode 9 threw us a curveball when Ava decided she didn't want her day in court after all.  The way Ava was treating the hours before her hearing as if they were her last probably sho...

New Orleans Season 5 Finale Review

NCIS: New Orleans: New Orleans Season 5 Finale Review

Season 5, Episode 24: " The River Styx (2) "

Finally, a happy ending for Pride. He was beaten and drugged within an inch of his life on NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 24. But he actually came out the other side, decidedly the worse for wear. The celebration at his bar echoed the ending on NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 24, when he went up to his apartment only to have three bullets pumped into him ...

1st Civ Div

The Code (AU): 1st Civ Div

Season 1, Episode 6: " Episode 6 "

Free Rami! Everyone's favorite warrant officer got into trouble for heeding his conscience on The Code Season 1 Episode 6. It was about time that viewers got to learn more about Rami. Listening to Rami since The Code began, it was easy to assume that he, of course, was an American citizen. In an office full of lawyers, he was the most well-spoken....

Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 23 Review

NCIS: Los Angeles: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 23 Review

Season 10, Episode 23: " The Guardian "

The OSP's final two-parter is certainly taking the team far afield. The squad is spread out across the globe following NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 23. International intrigue and Harmon Rabb of JAG fame. How could things possibly go wrong? Well, they didn't, for the most part. It's been an incredible convoluted storyline. So fa...

Red Rain

Charmed: Red Rain

Season 1, Episode 21: " Love Hurts "

Wait. *Checks notes* That wasn't a finale?! Blood rain, human sacrifices, major character deaths, and a zombie apocalypse were only a fraction of the crazy twists Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 21 brought to the table. Color me mystified over how they could top things in the finale. So much happened in "Red Rain," it's hard to figure out wh...


A Discovery of Witches: Spellbound

Season 1, Episode 6: " Episode 6 "

There is so much to learn from A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6! Not only do we find out that love gives you wings (and here I thought it was Redbull!), but we also discover even more about Diana, Matthew, and even Satu. But don't worry. This installment might be ladenw ith information, but there is also a lot of love brewing between Matthew and Diana. I may have gotten...