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New Amsterdam: Boundaries

Season 1, Episode 4: " Honor "

There is a reason why this series follows that family drama that reduces fans to a puddle of tears.  New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 4 was an hour that would have most people reaching for the box of tissues. If you happened to watch it after This Is Us, then it's possible you're currently drowning in your own tears. Thanks for joining us!  New Amsterdam's specialty is tugging o...

Black Jesus Blues

Black Lightning: Black Jesus Blues

Season 2, Episode 2: " The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues "

The truth might set you free, but you better be prepared for the consequences. The Pierce family learned that the hard way on Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 2. Thanks to the metahuman powers of Issa Williams, candor nearly tore the family apart. Everyone finally came clean about their inner thoughts, frustrations, and feelings in what was a very uncomfortable dinner. But, the family was b...


This Is Us: Vietnam

Season 3, Episode 4: " Vietnam "

Jack Pearson, we thought we knew you.  On what may be the most unique episode to date, This Is Us Season 3 Episode 4 explored bits and pieces of Jack's past from his time in Vietnam to the day his little brother was born.  "Vietnam" was a considerable risk for Dan Fogelman to take. Exploring Jack's past at first seemed a little out of the show's element. However, as the epis...


FBI: Crossfire

Season 1, Episode 4: " Crossfire "

Things were intense and horrifying on FBI Season 1 Episode 4 as Maggie, OA, and the team had to deal with not just one shooter loose in the city, but two of them! Jubal speaks the truth about everything. Including how many black SUVs are in the city. That's just about the best cover for anyone who has committed a crime. They are literally everywhere, and without even a make, it isn't much...

The 40-Year-Old Beat Cop

The Rookie: The 40-Year-Old Beat Cop

Season 1, Episode 1: " Pilot "

I must admit that I didn't have high hopes for The Rookie.  First off, the show's concept seemed a little light-weight. A 40-year-old is the oldest rookie to join the LAPD. It left me wondering what difference that would make after he gets through his initial training because there are plenty of 40-something police officers.  Then there was the show creator, Alexi Hawley,...


The Flash: Blocked

Season 5, Episode 2: " Blocked "

Todd Helbing … you are so schwaay, babaay. After now watching two episodes of The Flash Season 5, I can’t help but wonder if this is the direction Helbing has wanted to take the show since he sat down in the writers' room during The Flash Season 1, but because he wasn't showrunner, he couldn't call the shots.  He's definitely calling them now, and I don’t think The Flash c...

New Orleans Season 5 Episode 4 Review

NCIS: New Orleans: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 4 Review

Season 5, Episode 4: " Legacy "

Pride's new position has been a win/win so far. The possibilities were on full display on NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 4. Pride is taking advantage of his title of Special Agent in Charge of the Southeast Region, cherry picking what he wants to work on. Meanwhile, his "former" team gets a kindly caretaker in Hannah to nudge them along, who seems more like ...


The Gifted: outMatched

Season 2, Episode 4: " outMatched "

It's a sad day of realization on The Gifted Season 2 Episode 4, as Andy makes his choice clear. He doesn't hesitate for a second to attack Lauren, and everyone is heartbroken. Caitlin convinced herself, as any mother would, that he was still her baby boy and must be scared. The Hellfire Club must be making him perform like some circus monkey. Right? No. We found out r...

Keep On Truckin'

The Conners: Keep On Truckin'

Season 1, Episode 1: " Keep on Truckin' "

The ghost of Roseanne was felt throughout the entire half-hour. Roseanne's death was quickly addressed on The Conners Season 1 Episode 1, and the spoiler of Roseanne passing away due to opioids was revealed to be true.  Many people will have a problem with the way Roseanne was killed off her own show but it made the most sense when you think back to Roseanne Season 10 Episode 9...


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Consequences

Season 3, Episode 15: " Consequences "

The Scoobies are good at fighting monsters, but they're terrible at planning interventions. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3 Episode 15 showed that they only made things worse for the Faith situation. With a little more care and planning, they could've gotten through to her. I believed it when I was eight years old; and I still believe it now after rewatching again. They completely fumbled...

About Time

The Resident: About Time

Season 2, Episode 4: " About Time "

Has Marshall won you guys over yet?  If you weren't a fan of Conrad's dad up until this point, then please tell me after The Resident Season 2 Episode 4 you're willing to cut the guy some slack. Marshall's verbal smackdown in that elevator was so damn satisfying and will go down as one of the best moments in the series' history.  Conrad lives to see another day of practicing ...

Tough Titmouse

The Good Doctor: Tough Titmouse

Season 2, Episode 4: " Tough Titmouse "

Will there ever be an hour of The Good Doctor that doesn't reduce you to tears? The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 4 delivered new medical cases, each of which tugged on the heartstrings, and those were only the cases of the week.  Hell, the show delved deeper than ever into the personal lives of the characters, and there was not one wasted moment.  Let's start ...

Unclaimed Baggage

Manifest: Unclaimed Baggage

Season 1, Episode 4: " Unclaimed Baggage "

Did anybody else get some serious Doctor Who vibes from Manifest Season 1 Episode 4? Okay, so the similarities were limited to the visions of the stone woman and Who's weeping angels, but those things are creepy.  We may have met a new "castaway," but we didn't learn anything more about the disappearance. What caused it and where the plane was are still the questions we're dyin...

Awful People

9-1-1: Awful People

Season 2, Episode 5: " Awful People "

Imagine being in excruciating pain or unimaginable danger, calling 911 and then hearing the line go dead.  Every single day there are emergencies all over the country, and some of those emergencies are life or death, and the dispatcher on the other end of the line is literally helping saves lives. To think anyone in that job could be so callous is frightening.  But that's what...

Six Paintings, One Frame

Magnum P.I.: Six Paintings, One Frame

Season 1, Episode 4: " Six Paintings, One Frame "

Magnum P.I. just keeps getting better and better! Magnum does his best James Bond impression on Magnum P.I. Season 1 Episode 4, but his little stunt to test an art collector's security system makes him a prime suspect when the art is stolen, and the collector turns up dead! We all know Magnum isn't a murderer or a thief, but the circumstances sure did make him seem suspect, ...