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New Blood

The Rookie: New Blood

Season 3, Episode 11: " New Blood "

The new blood didn't last long on The Rookie Season 3 Episode 11, and I found that oddly disappointing. I say oddly because I had no interest in the new rookies coming into this episode, and I have to admit, The Badger made me cringe when crowed about Nolan being his role model for joining the force.  The Badger was exactly the kind of recruit Sgt. Grey had dreaded would be in...

Pre-Wedding Jitters

When Calls the Heart: Pre-Wedding Jitters

Season 8, Episode 9: " Pre-Wedding Jitters "

There's a lot going on in Hope Valley, with Florence and Ned's wedding on the horizon and a mystery to solve. There's a new pastor in town and a new rift in a friendship, too. When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 9 also started unraveling the brief happiness that Lucas shared with Elizabeth. If one couple is quickly moving toward a future that has been a long ti...

Things Left to Do

Fear The Walking Dead: Things Left to Do

Season 6, Episode 9: " Things Left to Do "

Fear the Walking Dead is staging the ultimate return to form. Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9 was all about the aftermath of John's untimely death, Virginia's downfall, and the complicated dynamics of the different groups who wanted her dead. Jenna Elfman played every single beat of June's pain to perfection, and my appreciation only continued to grow as June realized al...

Zoey's Extraordinary Girls' Night

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist: Zoey's Extraordinary Girls' Night

Season 2, Episode 10: " Zoey's Extraordinary Girls' Night "

Being responsible for the well-being of your friends and family is an incredible burden to have to bear. And no one knows this better than Zoey. Because what was once a gift -- a way to connect with her dying father -- has become an unbearable responsibility, and Zoey, as we saw on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 10, has reached her breaking point. ...

Grandma Loves Grisham

Good Girls: Grandma Loves Grisham

Season 4, Episode 6: " Grandma Loves Grisham "

Where is our evite to the Rio family barbecue? Beth got hers on Good Girls Season 4 Episode 6, and she got to meet the big boss. Or grandma, as Rio refers to her. Considering how much hinges on Beth continuing to follow the money trail and stay on Rio’s good side, she had no choice but to follow through with the meeting. And Beth did whatever Beth needed to do, once again blur...


Charmed: Bruja-Ha

Season 3, Episode 10: " We All Scream for Ice Cream "

If you were anxious to learn the truths behind the Tomb of Chaos, Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 10 was the one for you. But in true Charmed (2018) fashion, they answered questions and quickly posed a couple more. The Charmed Ones might now know how the Tomb came to be, but they still have an allergy to solve. Plus, everything may not be falling into place as nicely as it seems to be. ...

Arrive Alive

Batwoman: Arrive Alive

Season 2, Episode 11: " Arrive Alive "

Honestly, "FFS" is my overriding reaction to how Batwoman Season 2 Episode 11 went down, and it isn't the acronym for the False Face Society this time. I realize that comic book adaptations are written with a certain level of suspension of disbelief expected, but I'm actually dizzy from the number of facepalms I gave myself in this one short hour. Maybe they were trying to for th...


The Blacklist: Anne

Season 8, Episode 13: " Anne "

Poor Red just isn't going to be allowed to find happiness. We finally got to discover who Anne was on The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 13. And surprise! She was just as she seemed to be, an innocent tourist who Raymond happened to run into at a New York City park. This being The Blacklist, the consensus among viewers was that she was a plant by somebody (Liz, Town...


RuPaul's Drag Race: Reunited

Season 13, Episode 15: " Reunited "

Grab your cups, Drag Race fans. The "reunion" on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 15 was more of a clip show than an actual reunion. Reunions give the queens a chance to discuss any plots and drama to work through what happened during the competition. Instead of a collaborative night, everything seemed separated and segmented. Too much filler for a night that should've been o...

Happy Endings

Blue Bloods: Happy Endings

Season 11, Episode 12: " Happy Endings "

That was different. Usually, Blue Bloods offers several unrelated storylines, but the connection between Erin's storyline, Eddie/Jamie's, and Danny/Baez's on  Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 12 was a refreshing change. Also unusual: Baker had a big story of her own, adding depth to her character. I'm so used to the storylines being unrelated that it took me a minu...


Marvel's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Truth

Season 1, Episode 5: " Truth "

The penultimate episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier raises the stakes significantly.  While it was not as riveting as previous episodes, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Season 1 Episode 5 still provides jaw-dropping action and sets up the show for an epic season finale.  Just as the episode's title implies, our characters must reconcile with various truths, even ...

Sign O' The Times

Grey's Anatomy: Sign O' The Times

Season 17, Episode 12: " Sign O' the Times "

Winston had a traumatizing experience, Jackson got inspired, Mer didn't wake up, and Bailey had to deal with a COVID denier who eventually passed away from, you guessed it, COVID. Evidently, Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 12 was the series' acknowledgment of George Floyd's death and the social justice uprising it sparked. They tried to deliver an installment that captured raci...

Here It Comes Again

Station 19: Here It Comes Again

Season 4, Episode 11: " Here It Comes Again "

Eight minutes and 46 seconds. That's how long a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on George Floyd's neck, a Black man, while he was handcuffed and face down on the pavement, screaming out that he couldn't breathe, as he died. Floyd's killing, which sparked a renewed effort against police brutality and systemic racism, happened on May 25, but watching the stunned faces of the...

All's Well That Ends Well

Legacies: All's Well That Ends Well

Season 3, Episode 10: " All's Well That Ends Well "

Embracing the darkness has been good to Legacies. For a series that has struggled by juggling multiple different genres, Legacies Season 3 Episode 10 picked a lane, and if the series sticks with it, it might start living up to the tremendous potential of the premise. This is the first time the series has actually excited me in a long time, and even though the episode included mor...

SVU Season 22 Episode 11 Review

Law & Order: SVU: SVU Season 22 Episode 11 Review

Season 22, Episode 11: " Our Words Will Not Be Heard "

The times, they are a' changin'... or are they? On Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 11, Benson was surprised and frustrated that 1PP was resisting proposed police reforms even though it meant a lawsuit would proceed. And she had to juggle the Jayvon Brown deposition with helping find the kidnapped sister of an advocate -- while being accused of not doing enough because the ...