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That Way and This Way Shifts the Sand of Punahoa

Hawaii Five-0: That Way and This Way Shifts the Sand of Punahoa

Season 10, Episode 8: " Ne'e aku, ne'e mai ke one o Punahoa "

McGarrett was unwilling to take the time to properly grieve. Still, it was debatable if that affected his judgment on Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 8. Steve was still processing his absentee mother Doris's death on Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 7. That, and ducking Danny's phone calls checking up on him. Did that affect his choices in the case tha...

When Sparks Fly

Charmed: When Sparks Fly

Season 2, Episode 6: " That Old Black Magic "

This season is full of relationships worth marking "complicated" on Facebook. Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 6 is full of flirtatious moments and heart wrenching storylines. There's no denying that there's still chemistry between Maggie and Jordan. It's unfortunate that poor Jordan's girlfriend had to witness sparks fly between the two of them on the karaoke st...

Hannah Hayes

The Blacklist: Hannah Hayes

Season 7, Episode 7: " Hannah Hayes "

Well, then! There was a big surprise on The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 7, and it was a little bit mindblowing. It also sends us one step backwards in the "Who is Red" neverending mystery. Sometime during The Blacklist Season 6, there was speculation that the guy who was sitting on the park bench with Red, might have been Ilya Kozloff. At that time, an...

A Used Up Memory

Dynasty: A Used Up Memory

Season 3, Episode 6: " A Used Up Memory "

How many shady people can take up residence on a single show? Well, Dynasty Season 3 Episode 6 proved that the answer is a whole lot and then some.  It's hard to tell who's the shadiest at this point. Is it Evan Tate? Is it Adam Carrington? Is it his nurse Nadia? Is it Dominique? Or is it self-help speaker Joel Turner?  Every single one of these pe...

Friends in High Places

Blue Bloods: Friends in High Places

Season 10, Episode 8: " Friends in High Places "

Do firefighters and cops really hate each other? Judging by TV, they do. Every cop show deals with bitter rivalry with the fire department at some point. On Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 8, it was Frank's turn. He handled it with class and honor, but sheesh. Frank is a busy man who surely had better things to do than deal with that ridiculous rivalry. ...


Outsiders: E.L._.O.

Season 2, Episode 11: " The Run "

Sometimes Titans has excellent storylines, but the execution is too silly to take seriously.  Titans Season 2 Episode 11 was one of those times.  We had every single character aside from Hank and Conner, and there was too much going on for us to take much of it in.  Brenton Thwaites delivered another stunning performance as Dick, the man who is having the wor...

Screw Endgame

Legacies: Screw Endgame

Season 2, Episode 5: " Screw Endgame "

Legacies has been the lighter of the three series set in The Vampire Diaries Universe.  What Legacies Season 2 Episode 5 did was zero in on the lighthearted storylines, while also increasing the emotional ramifications for the characters.  In short, it felt like one of the lighter episodes of The Vampire Diaries, and I wouldn't mind if it continued traveling this route for se...


A Million Little Things: Goodnight

Season 2, Episode 8: " Goodnight "

Death is but a natural part of life, and saying goodbye to loved ones is something everyone has to do at some point. It was another death on A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 8, and it was someone we knew. But she was a tertiary character, so while sad, the loss wasn't devastating for fans. It was for Rome, though, and one's heart breaks for him. The beau...

Toy Drive

Superstore: Toy Drive

Season 5, Episode 8: " Toy Drive "

Amy and Jonah help Mateo run a toy drive on Superstore Season 5 Episode 8. But with another charity collecting money outside of Cloud 9, Mateo isn't receiving enough donations to portray his love for the community to a judge.  While there were funny moments that elicited a chuckle, this episode was, sadly, more proof that the series has gone from pure excellence to just somethi...

Proverbs 17

Supernatural: Proverbs 17

Season 15, Episode 5: " Proverbs 17:3 "

How the hell are they supposed to fight God, indeed! Sam and Dean found themselves in a precarious situation on Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5 when God decided to play a few games (and bring back an old foe) to get the gun. God needs to spend some time in the naughty corner -- after a good spanking or two. So, I looked up Proverbs 17:3. This is fro...

Pork Butt and a Mall Walker

Mom: Pork Butt and a Mall Walker

Season 7, Episode 7: " Pork Butt and a Mall Walker "

Revelations are coming to light on Mom Season 7 Episode 7, and they hit close to home.  Mom is a series that always does well when it's trying to balance real life with comedy, and there are elements of "Pork Butt and a Mall Walker" that hit close to home while still striking a comedic chord.  Bonnie and Adam carry much of the comedic thread for this episode. Bonnie's obsessio...

My Shot

Grey's Anatomy: My Shot

Season 16, Episode 8: " My Shot "

Yay, Meredith got to keep her license.  It was never any doubt that Meredith would get to keep it, but it didn't stop Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 8 from being a full hour dedicated to, well, worshipping at the altar of Meredith Grey. It was a celebration of the 350th episode, and in many ways, it was better structured than the 300th celebration. Meredith'...

Vatican III

Evil: Vatican III

Season 1, Episode 7: " Vatican III "

Welcome to Mythology 101, where viewers will receive very rudimentary answers to some of the season's most burning questions. Maybe I oversold the course, but EVIL Season 1 Episode 7 did move the overarching plotlines of the season nicely along. Not only did it touch upon the Poveglia Codex, also known as incomplete ancient prophecies written by monks thousands of years ago, ...

I Want to Be Free

How To Get Away With Murder: I Want to Be Free

Season 6, Episode 8: " I Want to Be Free "

Is it better to protect a lie to spare the person you love? Or should you always tell the truth? That was a major question throughout How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 8, but you could also make the case that's a question that's been haunting everyone throughout the entire series.  For Annalise and Frank, the answer became clear when Bonnie almost lost her life. 

The Funeral to End All Funerals

The Good Place: The Funeral to End All Funerals

Season 4, Episode 8: " The Funeral to End All Funerals "

The results are in on The Good Place Season 4 Episode 8.  Team Cockroach's experiment has come to a close and the judge is ready to reveal her ruling.  Are the results what they hoped? Or did the gang make an even bigger mess than before? As you probably know by now, the experiment was a success! Kind of.  Eleanor and her friends were able to prove...