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The Kona Kai Seance

The Right Stuff: The Kona Kai Seance

Season 1, Episode 5: " The Kona Kai Seance "

Even though we know where history takes this group of heroic men, it's still not easy watching them implode over their differences. But that's what we get with The Right Stuff Season 1 Episode 5, as tensions mount while the Mercury 7 await notification of the first three pilots to head into space. Let's walk through it. I want to start this review on a personal ...


Supernatural: Unity

Season 15, Episode 17: " Unity "

It's Sam to the rescue on Supernatural Season 15 Episode 17. Was there ever any doubt that this was not going to go down according to plan? And what a plan it was! One that would have Billie taking over for Chuck. No wonder she has so many thoughts on the issue. It's her power play. But is that a good reason to follow her rule? It was really nice to step away from the monster ma...

Discovery Season 3 Episode 3 Review

Star Trek: Discovery: Discovery Season 3 Episode 3 Review

Season 3, Episode 3: " People of Earth "

There's a sense that Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 3 may be setting the true tone for the season and it looks to be one that deals with trauma in its many forms. From the Burnham's return to the ship to Adira's joining up to the bridge crew's literal tree-hugging, everyone is in a weird head-space in addition to being in actual space. Trauma, in its basest form, is a se...


Coroner: Unburied

Season 2, Episode 4: " Unburied "

Coroner is no stranger to repressed trauma, but Coroner Season 2 Episode 4 brought things to a whole new level. Repression has been at the center of the show since we first saw that black dog on Coroner Season 1 Episode 1. Usually, it's just Jenny repressing things. In recent episodes, we've seen a bit from Liam too. No wonder those two found each other. Repressed memories are of...

The Net Tightens

Devils: The Net Tightens

Season 1, Episode 4: " Episode 4 "

Finally, the action kicked into high gear. Not surprisingly, Massimo found himself at the center of the police investigation into Ed's murder on Devils Season 1 Episode 4. It was logical that Bale and Winks focused on Massimo. After all, he had the most to gain from Ed's death, at least in theory. After all, the cops didn't know that Ed was either a) forced out ...

The World's On Fire

This Is Us: The World's On Fire

Season 5, Episode 1: " Forty Part 1 "

If you were looking for a feel-good show, you might have been disappointed...until you weren't. During its two-hour premiere, This Is Us Season 5 Episode 1 and This Is Us Season 5 Episode 2 tackled the Pearsons' response to the coronavirus crisis and to the death of George Floyd. But while the stories didn't allow viewers to escape real-world worries, This is Us delivered a mess...

Proverbs 20

Filthy Rich: Proverbs 20

Season 1, Episode 5: " Episode 5 "

Have we reached a turning point in the season where it has turned everything up a notch? Under the cloak of Mardi Gras, Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 5 dug deeper into the background of some characters, gave us peeks at potential motivations, and the hour made some big moves that could change the course of everything. All in all, so far, it was one of the most solid hours of the ...

Right Here, Right Now #7

We Are Who We Are: Right Here, Right Now #7

Season 1, Episode 7: " Right here, right now #7 "

Grief affects everybody differently.  The group continued to fracture on We Are Who We Are Season 1 Episode 7 as news of the three deaths spread across the base like wildfire, and it really is becoming a complicated web.  We'll start with Colonel Wilson because her decision to send the soldiers before the 90 days were up was controversial.  Given the politic...


Fear The Walking Dead: Alaska

Season 6, Episode 3: " Alaska "

Saying goodbye to someone you love is hard, and while Dwight and Al made some questionable decisions on Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3, the central message appeared to be about keeping hope alive.  If you watch The Walking Dead online, you know Dwight and Sherry were once in love, but they lost touch after Sherry escaped Negan's clutches.  Their journey continued ont...

The Other Way Season 2 Episode 17 Review

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 17 Review

Season 2, Episode 17: " Bris-fully Ignorant "

It felt like everyone was in a high stakes game of tug-o-war. On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 17, Bini and Ari were in a tug of war over all things Avi, Kenny and Armando were going back and forth with their different parenting styles, and Brittany and Yazan were determining who sacrificed the most in their relationship. But Jenny and Sumit got some positive new...

World Beyond Season 1 Episode 4 Review

The Walking Dead: World Beyond: World Beyond Season 1 Episode 4 Review

Season 1, Episode 4: " The Wrong End of a Telescope "

You win some;, you lose some.  The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1 Episode 4 played with some interesting concepts, but as has become the norm with this third entry in the franchise, the execution hindered them.  The teens and what can only be described as their handlers at this stage being holed up in an abandoned school with unknown horrors lurking around every corner sh...

Sofia Coppola & Bill Murray Rivetingly Reunite

Bar Rescue: Sofia Coppola & Bill Murray Rivetingly Reunite

Season 0, Episode 33: " The Dirty Truth: Close, but No Cigar "

Seventeen years ago, screen legend Bill Murray and then filmmaking prodigy Sofia Coppola got together (with Scarlett Johansson) for Lost in Translation -- an enormously beloved flick. With Apple+’s On the Rocks, Murray and Coppola have joined forces yet again (with Rashida Jones this time) to tell the most touching, sometimes hilarious, and often endearing of stories about a fath...


The Right Stuff: Advent

Season 1, Episode 4: " Advent "

History isn't always pleasant to relive, whether professional or personal, and The Right Stuff Season 1 Episode 4 nailed that idea. While China and Russia were running rings around the US space program in the '50s, the US ultimately turned to Nazi Wernher von Braun to get them to the next step. Them. Us. Them is us. The Americans recruited a Nazi, who built missiles that German...

Drag Me Away (From You)

Supernatural: Drag Me Away (From You)

Season 15, Episode 16: " Drag Me Away (From You) "

Well, that was a roundabout way to remind us that Dean's keeping a huge secret from his brother. On Supernatural Season 15 Episode 16, we learn that there were repurcussions to a secret Dean kept from his brother in the past, but it didn't seem like the circumstances of past and present were on the same playing field. It was also another opportunity to see a version of young Dea...

Discovery Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Star Trek: Discovery: Discovery Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Season 3, Episode 2: " Far from Home "

If the premiere had included Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 2, I would've been almost-unprofessionally effusive about the event.  Since it didn't, I'll consider Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 1 the prologue and this the actual premiere. After all, it's not like they haven't done prequel episodes before. The series premiered in 2017, and we didn't even s...