• The New Normal: Amazing and touching!


    Amazing show. Nothing more or less. The characters are funny, real and loving. I loved every episode and I love how it says something, with out taking itself too seriously. Rocky is hilarious, but the way she talks is a little unatural. Shania is so clever and reminds me of my middle school kids these days. Bryan and David  are amazing in all their flaws and genuiness. Brice and nana are hilarious and I feel they speak to the viewers as much as they speak to the other characters. They have alot to teach. Daisy is sweet and naive, but also shows us the mystakes we often make. The father is just annoying, but he also serves a purpose. Every character is great. Love this show! Hopefully, there will be a season 2 and they will keep a similar dialogue style, plot line and sense of humour. Also can't wait to see them go through parenting as two fathers!! Alot of potential for good plot line and clever jokes. There's nothing else out there on tv like this! It speaks to a community that has been undermined, like the Cosby show spoke to the black community in the 80s-90s and brought them on tv. We need to bring more diversity to television and reflect what people feel and relate to!  


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