• Star Trek: Picard

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  • Still Open All Hours - Season 4, Episode 3

    This series is just as good as the original Open all Hours with Ronnie Barker They have retained many of the original characters including Nurse Gladys but sadly this current series sees her gone but ewe still have Granville's main girl Mavis and the all seeing all powerful Mrs Featherstone who is keen to be the widow oops wife of a well known retailer. I expected this to be a flop but David Jason has shown his skill as an actor and comedian strong enough to not only keep the show running but to build it up to as high a standard as the original series. The inclusion of Arkwright still in a lead role played by the cash register is another British comedy touch of brilliance. Even the photo of Arkwright seems to watch the activity in the kitchen and even still appears to influence Granville and his son Leroy (from a one night stand he cant remember) in their daily plotting and planing.


  • How Will That Shocking Death Affect Rick on 'The Walking Dead'?

    I think much like you about this. My feelings are the writters will us this to drive Rick in an upwars spiral making him lose his humanity and becone more like his most hated enemy. This would liven the show up a bit as it has become pretty dull lately in too many ways.


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