'World of Dance' Finale: Did Les Twins Deserve to Win?

'World of Dance' Finale: Did Les Twins Deserve to Win?

The first season of World of Dance has finished, the confetti has dropped and, with that, we know that Les Twins were awarded a cool $1 million prize. Not bad, right? 

All season long, the judging panel, consisting of Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo, scored the contestants in five different categories: choreography, performance, presentation, technique and creativity. The finale pitted Les Twins (upper division), Eva Igo (junior division) and Swing Latino (team division) against each other.

Swing Latino came in third. Les Twins' average total after two rounds of dancing was 93.8 points, while Eva Igo garnered 93.6 points.

It was certainly a close race, but Les Twins deserves the huge cash prize, and here's why.

The Brotherly Connection

When these hip-hop dancers perform, it is almost like they have some sort of invisible connection. They can even somehow move their bodies as if they are one. Although you can't see it, you can definitely feel it. The judges seemed to feel that energy as well, and Ne-Yo commented on it during a pep talk with the twins. 

Cleaner Than Clean

Les Twins delivered clean and precise routines every time they took to the stage. During the divisional final, Laurent twisted his leg and performed from his wheelchair. Their routine, pitting Laurent as a homeless man against his brother as a business man, was flawless. This duo incorporated the wheelchair, which could have been an awkward distraction, seamlessly into the choreography. Laurent was capably dancing -- but just not on his legs. In the finals, they had a part of their piece where their facial expressions pulsed to each beat of the music. I think that their technical skill is amazing, and so did the judges.

Creative Risks

Les Twins certainly understand that you need to take risks to get rewards. They took a huge chance by having one member dance from his wheelchair. They also took some risks during the final round. They danced part of their first routine on a spinning turntable. Their second routine was choreographed to "Scream" by Michael and Janet Jackson. Ne-Yo pointed out how "dangerous" it was to perform to such a well-known song. Still, Les Twins crushed their performance and won a standing ovation from all three judges.

Nothing Beats Experience

Les Twins, who grew up on the streets of Paris, were one of the more well-known acts in the World of Dance competition. They were, quite obviously, seasoned performers and had once danced on stage with Beyonce. Their consistency across all the rounds surpassed all the other acts. Even a serious injury could not sideline this team. These brothers were also able to express emotion through their performances. 

Passion Meets Performance

From the first audition, it was obvious that Les Twins didn't come to play -- they came to win. They stated that coming in second place was not an option. They knew that if they won the $1 million prize, they were going to support their mother for the rest of her life. 

Les Twins demonstrated, time after time, that they were hungry and determined to win. I believe that their drive helped to propel them to the top ranking on the leaderboard. I believe that is why Les Twins came in first place on World of Dance, clinching the bragging rights as being the best in the world. Oh, and that prize money is nifty too. 

Did you think that the judging was fair? Did your favorite act win? Did the judges have a clear favorite all season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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