Why Mandy Did the Right Thing on 'SEAL Team'

Why Mandy Did the Right Thing on 'SEAL Team'

Mandy burned her relationship with the journalist on SEAL Team during "Takedown." Putting the mission first, she gave Paul fake information that he could publish. While he knew he was somehow being played, he didn't expect his credibility to be ruined by her and he was, understandably, angry by the end of the episode. Now there's a debate over whether Mandy did the right thing putting the mission first.

It's Always Mission First

Mandy has always put the missions first on SEAL Team. This isn't surprising. She takes her job seriously and respects the training she and all others have been through. It's clear that her job will always come first, as she's never seen socializing with others.

This was just another case of that happening. Mandy needed to make sure whoever hired the sniper believed the sniper was still alive. She and the SEALs needed to figure out who had arranged the murder of Salim Hakan. This was possibly the same man responsible for the deaths of Echo Team, and finding this man has been the main mission from the start of deployment.

Damaging Paul's credibility was the lesser of two evils when it came to getting to the bottom of the person texting the sniper. In fact, it was the only way to push ahead with the mission, setting up the perfect reason for a face-to-face meeting.

The Decision Keeps Others Safe

Mandy didn't just make this decision for the sake of her ego. Pushing out the fake news was purely to take down a target and get rid of a direct threat. At first, they had no idea who they were going up against but they knew this was someone dangerous. Who else would want a police commissioner dead?

In the end, they realized that it was one of the biggest fishes in Jalalabad, Baladur. He could then lead the SEALs to his boss, who may be directly connected to the deaths of Echo Team. Even if not, Baladur and his boss are extremely dangerous people. By taking them down, the SEALs will protect the locals, as well as hopefully reduce the number of attacks against Westerners.

Mandy's actions had a direct benefit to the world. She helped to take one dangerous man off the streets and is a step closer to taking another. It's sad that Paul's credibility has been damaged because of that, but once he gets past the anger, he may just see the good the fake news did.

Do you think Mandy made the right call to use Paul? Could she have handled the situation another way? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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