What Will It Take to Save 'Conviction'?

What Will It Take to Save 'Conviction'?

Before airing, Conviction seemed to be a serious crime drama that was going to explore the injustices in the justice system, but somehow, it has become a cheesy failure about a member of privileged society who thinks she knows everything about what's right and what's wrong. Lead by Hayley Atwell, Conviction has fallen flat on its face as it has attempted to build a steady story and following. So what changes could be made to save the series?

More Depth

It's time to go darker, Conviction. The cases haven't really hit a nerve for anyone; the ones that were supposed to touch the characters have been bland like the rest, and the reaction from the characters hasn't been overwhelming.

Fellow ABC drama Notorious had a better story than Conviction, even if its execution was poor as well. If the series' following is supposed to grow, don't make it so easy to give up on. Where is the giant mystery that follows the characters through the season with new clues and revelations that make the audience gasp? A series that can be viewed every once in a while and still keeps the viewer caught up doesn't work anymore.

Knock Hayes off Her High Horse

Hayes Morrison is possibly one of the most overrated characters on television right now. Hayley Atwell is amazing, we all know that from her time on Agent Carter, but this character is just not working. For someone who knows her privilege and "fights" it, she sure believes she's entitled to whatever she wants.

Hayes needs to get something so wrong that she starts to be much more careful than she has been. Her reckless behavior doesn't work in this setting, and she should've settled into a more serious tone by now, even if it was a slow process. She's righting the wrongs, and fighting the power, but she just seems to be acting like a teenager who has no regard for rules or standards.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Enough of the will-they-or-won't-they with Hayes and Wallace. Is anyone really intrigued by these two becoming a couple?

Conviction has focused far too heavily on Hayley Atwell's presence to save the series, which doesn't make sense for the network given that Agent Carter was canceled. The story has been put on the back burner to focus on Atwell; it's not really a series about overturning convictions or investigating past crimes, it's the Hayes Morrison show, and everyone else is just living in her life.

The other cast members and characters deserve attention, too. The viewers aren't going to stick around to find out everything about a single character in one season, especially when others have interesting, mysterious pasts. The cases are kept too light to focus on Hayes' personal life and her feelings toward Wallace, or her family, or the media, or someone else. The series is titled Conviction. Focus on those stories.
What do you think? Is there too much focus on Hayes, or is it just enough? Should the other characters and the cases get more attention? Leave a comment below!

Conviction moves to a new night Sunday, January 1 at 10/9c on ABC.

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