What Should Callen Do About His Family on 'NCIS: Los Angeles'?

What Should Callen Do About His Family on 'NCIS: Los Angeles'?

There was a time when Callen had no family and no idea what the G stands for on NCIS: Los Angeles. After the events of "Warrior of Peace," he may have lost his father for good and his relationship with his half-sister (and her son) is uncertain -- but should he fight for them?

Callen was unable to stop the trade that sent his father to Iran (and then Russia), despite being willing to go too far to help him, and by the time the family said goodbye at the border, it didn't look like Alex would be inviting Callen over for dinner anytime soon. "She just needs time," Nikita said, but is that it? Should Callen try to reunite his family on his own terms, or should he give both his father and his half-sister time, for the former to possibly escape on his own and for the latter to be ready to have him in her life (and her son's) again?

It May Be Time for Another (Personal) International Mission

Callen was willing to do whatever it took to keep his father from being handed over to Iran (and then sent to his enemy in Russia), even if it meant handing over Anatoli Kirkin (sure, a fugitive, but still a person) to be tortured and killed in his place. He was also willing to help his father escape through the trapdoor in the floor of the interrogation room in the boatshed and get out of the country, not caring that it would mean he'd be hunted. Nikita refused to let his son sacrifice himself for him.

We already saw how far he was ready to go, so it wouldn't be surprising if Callen decides a trip to Russia is in order. The team just went international to save one of their own (Hetty) in Vietnam. Could we see Callen (with or without the rest of the team) heading to Russia to try to find and rescue his father?

Kirkin is still alive, so it is always possible that Callen could decide to try that plan again -- find him and find a way to contact Pavel Volkoff to offer a trade -- but it's doubtful that once Volkoff has Nikita that he'll agree to just let him go.

Or Should Callen Trust His Father to Get out of This?

"I will not let you sacrifice yourself for me," Nikita told his son when Callen proposed he help him get out of the country. But maybe Callen doesn't have to do anything for his father to get out of this predicament. Nikita did say that he'd escaped the Russians before, so it's possible he can do it again.

While Callen may want to go rogue to save his father himself, perhaps the best thing he can do is give his father time to escape. Maybe he will return to the United States and see his family again. Maybe Callen will hear about him being somewhere, free, living as Igor, the name he'd chosen for himself, a name that means "warrior of peace" in Russian.

He Shouldn't Forget the Family He Has Left

Alex may just need time after having to witness her father's life be traded for two American photographers, but should Callen wait for her to reach out to him, or should he try to remain part of her and Jake's lives?

Callen and Alex both just lost their father, and it might be for good, whether he lives (or escapes) or not. They shouldn't give up the family they still have, though it may not be easy for Alex to let Callen continue to be part of her life. "Don't make me regret letting you in," she told him. Could she feel that way now after saying goodbye to her father? Even if she does, I can't see that lasting.

Callen should also consider Jake's feelings in this. Alex told him that she hadn't wanted to see her son lose another grandparent after his reaction to losing his grandmother (he didn't eat.) Now that he has and considering the dangers of Callen's job, should Callen (or Alex) risk the two growing close only for the kid to lose another family member? This shouldn't be the sole factor, but it does need to be taken into account.

Before all hell broke loose, it was almost like they were a normal family. The siblings watched their father and her son playing (albeit with toy guns.) Alex teased Callen about Anna. She likes his girlfriend, though he'd only brought her over for dinner once. It's likely Callen won't be getting another dinner invitation any time soon, but with that mention of Anna and her returning in the April 8 episode, perhaps there will be time for a quick update, via a conversation between Callen and Anna, about how the siblings are doing (if they're in each other's lives or if Callen's taken a step back.)

It's not something that NCIS: LA can just drop, not after how long it took for Callen to find out who he is and have family in his life, and if we don't hear anything before then, the timing would work out.

What do you think Callen should do about his father and half-sister? Should he try to rescue Nikita himself? Should he continue to be in Alexandra's life?

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