[WATCH] 'Grey's Anatomy' Spin-Off 'Station 19' Official Trailer Shows Ben Warren's First Day on the Job

[WATCH] 'Grey's Anatomy' Spin-Off 'Station 19' Official Trailer Shows Ben Warren's First Day on the Job

After being shrouded in a surprising amount of mystery, details are finally starting to emerge about the Grey's Anatomy firefighter spin-off. While it was known for months that the firefighter spin-off would star Jason George as Ben Warren, other details were very fuzzy. Now the show has a title, an official trailer and a premiere date that's rapidly approaching. The time to get excited is now.

As was recently announced, the title of Grey's Anatomy spin-off will be Station 19. The title refers to the number of the fire station where the bulk of the show will take place. As the official trailer (embedded below) makes clear, that home base will be very close to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. In fact, it's just three blocks down. So Jason George's Dr. Ben Warren won't have to add much time to his commute for his new career. 

The interesting thing about Station 19 is that while it appears that Ben will be a central figure of the series, he won't be the main character. The trailer makes it seem as if Ben will be the audience's surrogate, the new guy who enters the established team. Ben will transition the Grey's audience (and new viewers) into the spin-off and be one of the leads. He just isn't the star of the series. 

It's Jaina Lee Ortiz's character, Andy Herrera, who appears to be the main character of Station 19. Andy appears to have all the hallmarks of a typical Shondaland heroine. She's great at her job, she has to live up to a lot of pressure from her family and, of course, there's plenty of romantic angst for her to handle. 

In fact, Andy seems a lot like the firefighter version of Meredith Grey. It's no real surprise, then, that Ellen Pompeo is heavily featured in the trailer, interacting with Andy. Meredith seems like she'll also play a huge role in passing the torch to the spin-off. 

Fans worried over the lack of Ben shouldn't be too upset. While most of his time in the trailer is spent getting (playfully) ribbed by his new co-workers, the doctor turned firefighter won't be a complete joke. Station 19 will very much be its own series, but there will be plenty of mini-crossovers involving Grey's Anatomy, with Ben at the center of them. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chandra Wilson explained fans can expect to see a lot of her character, Miranda Bailey, on Station 19. Bailey and Ben might not be working together any longer but their marriage will be just as strong as before. 

"It's not a night-and-day change," Wilson explained. "She'll give her seal of approval the best way Miranda Bailey can, but she has agreed to be supportive, and she has agreed not to give her husband a hard time about finding himself and figuring out who he wants to be. She may not be great at it, but that's her agreement. We'll do some back-and-forth coming up for the last half of this season of Grey's, between Station 19, me being there, and him being over at Grey's."

Station 19 will premiere on Thursday, March 22 at 9/8c on ABC.

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