[WATCH] All the Ridiculous and Awkward Moments from Jimmy Kimmel's 'Bachelor' Special

[WATCH] All the Ridiculous and Awkward Moments from Jimmy Kimmel's 'Bachelor' Special

Nick's big night on ABC didn't end after the premiere of The Bachelor He headed to Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk to the host, Joel McHale and the two women who rejected him on The Bachelorette -- Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe --  about his upcoming season and his past experiences in the Bachelor franchise.
Without wasting any time, Joel started off his segment by answering the question on everyone's mind: Was Alexis wearing a shark or a dolphin costume during the premiere? He was passionate that it was a shark, and even claimed to be an oceanographer, so you know he's right.
Other highlights include Joel's favorite leading men like Jake Pavelka, who he thinks should have starred in American Psycho because of his creepy smile, which Nick also has. The real star of the show, according to Joel? Chris Harrison, who always looks like he is about to burst into laughter. 

Jimmy grilled Nick on his cast of Bachelorettes including Liz, the maid of honor who he slept with before the show started and why he is OK with her rejecting him then showing up on the show, and Corinne, the 24-year-old with a nanny. "How do you still have a job?" is the most important question answered after Nick's fourth reality TV run.

Jimmy also broke down this season's infamous limo entrances.

The major highlight of the show was Nick and his ghosts of Bachelorette seasons past. Kaitlyn definitely seemed more comfortable with her spot on the late night couch than Andi. She brought up Jimmy's bet that she and Shawn Booth wouldn't still be together a year after her season wrapped, and offered him a double or nothing bet that they would get married. Based on Kaitlyn's snap stories, Jimmy might actually have to pay up the $2,000. 

Nick did a good job handling the situation by opening up with the line "thank you for not picking me," and Jimmy kept pressing the three of them to find out how awkward they felt. Nick said he and Andi were friends, but based on the look on her face, the two probably communicate with Instagram likes more than anything.

Jimmy also predicted his final four: Rachel, Danielle L, Corinne and Vanessa. Andi and Kaitlyn agreed with all of his picks and Jimmy pointed out "they would know!" Nick simply smiled through the whole segment.

Finally, Jimmy plays "Dental Hygienist or Not?" to poke fun at ridiculous job descriptions on The Bachelor and the type of women who commonly apply to be on the show.


And Nick does a parody of Home Alone that takes a look at what would happen if he never found love.


Find out if Jimmy's predictions are right when The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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