Wally West's 5 Best Moments on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Wally West's 5 Best Moments on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

In season 3, Legends of Tomorrow proved once and for all that it's the perfect place for abandoned Arrow-verse characters. On his original series, Wally West AKA Kid Flash wasn't getting any respect or admiration. For several factors, mostly budgetary concerns, The Flash couldn't really use Wally as much as they should've, so Keiynan Lonsdale made the incredibly wise decision to switch over to Legends of Tomorrow

From the start, Wally was a breath of speedy fresh air on Legends of Tomorrow, proving to be one season 3's highlights (even though he joined the show in the middle of the season.) Wally found a home on Legends of Tomorrow and became one of its best characters.

These are his best moments, so far.

Karaoke with Rip

Wally's Legends of Tomorrow journey began with a quick ending teaser in the episode, "Here I Go Again." However, Wally's proper debut occurred in "The Curse of the Earth Totem." A direct continuation of "Here I Go Again," Rip Hunter tried to convince Wally to help him. As all Legends of Tomorrow plans do, this plan devolved quickly into madness. Rip and Wally got very drunk and ended up singing karaoke together in 1992 Tokyo. 

Besides showing off Keiynan Lonsdale's great singing voice (which was oddly absent in The Flash's musical episode), the scene set the perfect tone for Wally on Legends of Tomorrow. It was goofy, weird and strangely heartwarming. The idea of the scene itself is fun enough but Wally's presence was the glue that sealed it together. 

Wally managed to inject so much natural charm and joy into L egends of Tomorrow. Even when the series veered so far into ridiculousness that it almost capsized, the innate likability of Wally kept things grounded. As the new guy, Wally become the audience surrogate, replacing the previous cynic voice of the people, Zari. All respect to Zari, but Wally was a vast improvement. 

Wally West's 5 Best Moments on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Bringing The Flash into Legends

The Flash often deals with time-travel. Legends of Tomorrow is primarily a time-travel show. Yet, for some reason, there's very little cross-pollination between the two. Heatwave originated on The Flash but everyone else either originated on Legends or has Arrow connections. Wally changed things up. 

Wally always managed to remind the audience (and his new teammates) of his roots but in a way that always enhanced the story. Kid Flash would bring up huge parts of The Flash's lore that, for some reason, Legends of Tomorrow has brushed over, like Barry changing the timeline in Flashpoint. Wally ended up being a fantastic new point of view for the Legends as he was a speedster with intimate knowledge of time travel.

This all came to a head in the penultimate episode of Legends season 3, "Guest Starring John Noble," when Wally tried single-handedly to stop Amaya and Nate from saving Zambesi and wrecking the timeline. Wally's efforts came to nothing but it did show a remarkable level of maturity on Wally's part.

Wally West's 5 Best Moments on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

The Kid and the Steel

Wally's journey to joining the Legends began in "Here I Go Again." Wally's first real appearance on Legends was in the season 3 premiere, "Aruba-Con," where it was established that Nate and Wally had struck up a friendship in present-day Central City. The friendship came out of nowhere, but it ended up being a highlight of Wally's initial stint on the show.

Nate's goofy energy bounced off perfectly against Wally's enthusiasm. Wally and Nate are both rather socially awkward and that could've been very annoying. Yet together their efforts combined to become two of Legends' best class clowns. Nate and Wally were the bromance no one knew they needed. 

Wally West's 5 Best Moments on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Bringing Zari out of her Shell

Wally mainly interacted with Nate. Yet Nate isn't the only Legend that Wally found common ground with in season 3. During one of Wally's earliest Legends of Tomorrow episodes, "Amazing Grace," Wally was paired up with the previous newcomer, Zari. The result was magical.

Since her introduction, the sarcastic Zari has always worked well when facing off against someone a lot more earnest and optimistic than herself. Wally proved to be the perfect counterweight to Zari. Wally's joy about being on the Waverider was infectious for everyone but Zari. As the team traveled into Elvis' past and dealt with ghosts, Wally's desire to see the best only grew, much to Zari's chagrin. Eventually, though, Wally was able to break Zari down and even got her to participate in a dance party that closed "Amazing Grace." 

The episode left both characters and Legends in a better place. Wally proved how his greatest asset was his attitude, not his speed. Meanwhile, Zari broke down yet another one of her many emotional walls. The more these two are together in season 4 and beyond, the better. 

Wally West's 5 Best Moments on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

The 'Jesse' Confrontation 

Wally brought a lot of light to an already fun series. Yet his crowning moment on Legends of Tomorrow was a very serious one. In fact, it might've been among the most heartbreaking scenes in Legends history. 

During "Necromancing the Stone" Sara was possessed by the Death Totem (and Mallus.) This resulted in the entire Legends team being haunted by the (sometimes literal) ghosts of their past. For Wally this meant interacting with the girl who broke his heart, Jesse Quick. Wally wasn't really talking to Jesse, but Mallus/Sara in disguise. The emotions, however, were very real. 

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The scene was a tremendous way to show Wally's growth and pull at the heartstrings of the audience at the same time. Wally told "Jesse" that as much as she hurt him, he was glad the break-up happened. It allowed him to grow and find his new family with the Legends. Wally's signature optimism even came through as he told the apparition one day he would find love again. It just wouldn't be with Jesse Quick. To anyone who's been through a break-up, Wally's mix of emotions was amazingly accurate and emotionally devastating. 

Legends of Tomorrow is often insane. Yet it's the honest and genuine moments of emotion and character development that make the series soar. Wally got one of the best, yet. 

But how did you feel about Wally's first year with the Legends? Are you looking forward to more of his adventures with the crew? Do you miss him on The Flash? Is he better used on Legends than The Flash? Should any other Arrow-verse characters get the Wally treatment?

Legends of Tomorrow will return for season 4 on The CW. 

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