'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Make the Top 11?

'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Make the Top 11?

After the messy mistake that was the Live Playoff voting, The Voice returns to normal for the Top 12. For the rest of the season, The Voice will be chipping away at the remaining contestants until the usual bloodbath that cuts the competition dramatically towards the end of the season. For this round, only one artist will be leaving. While things will ultimately be decided by the Instant Save, most of the Top 11 will be voted through outright by America. 

So it's time to make some predictions. Who will be saved? Who is in trouble? And who will be in so much danger that they'll need to be gripped by Carson Daly's grubby hands as they sing for their Voice life?

These are some difficult predictions to make as the Top 12 was full of shaky performances from previously solid artists, and solid performances from previously shaky artists. Case in point: neither Jackie Foster nor  Britton Buchanan were as fantastic as is normally expected. Still, they've been so popular for so long (and are so good in general) that it's impossible to imagining one or both being in danger, let alone going home. 

Team Blake's superstar  Pryor Baird is in an even more comfortable spot. Pryor gave a much better performance than either Britton or Jackie, and since his Blind Audition his gravely country voice has been a finely tuned instrument. He's going nowhere. Team Kelly's one star  Brynn Cartelli has the opposite voice of Pyror, in terms of tone and tenor, but she's similarly safe. 

Then there's the slightly more surprising choices. Christiana Danielle and Spensha Baker both seemed like they were on their way out during the Live Playoffs. They made it to the Top 12 because of their coaches and only because of their coaches. However, the pair definitely proved that they were worthy of those saves in the Top 12. 

Speaking of the Live Playoffs, it was their stellar Playoff performance that allowed Sharane Calister and Kyla Jade to be voted through as the "number one" artist on each of their teams. The audience that supported Sharane and Kyla isn't going away, especially after the ladies' solid Top 12 performances. Everyone else, though...

Who is in Danger?

Kaleb Lee was voted through by America's votes in the Live Playoffs. Yet he's so forgettable that I'm convinced he's going to be in danger until he's voted out of the competition. Kaleb's performance was solid enough that I don't think he should be too worried about going home. Yet he could conceivably need to Instant Save himself. 

Rayshun LaMarr has always felt like an artist with an expiration date. He's so hyperactive that it just felt like he was going to wear himself out. While Rayshun is just as aggressive as ever, his shtick is getting a little exhausting. He jumps around and beams from ear to ear, but he's just doing a little too much of it. In the process, he's forgotten to focus on his vocals. Showmanship is important, but The Voice is a singing competition. This, combined with his opening "death slot," could spell doom for him.

Who is Going Home?

Ultimately, the final Top 11 will probably come down to Team Adam and Team Kelly, specifically the artists they saved. Team Kelly's D.R. King and Team Adam's Jackie Verna seem to be in the most trouble.

D.R. King is in trouble because he changed things up and went for a slower song that did not quite fit his bombastic strengths. Jackie Verna, meanwhile, made it to the Top 12 seemingly on Adam's whims. She's never had much of a fan base or a real breakout performance. Jackie did a nice job with the song that Adam felt was "perfect" for her, but she need to have a real standout moment, and it didn't happen. For that reason...

Jackie Verna will be the first artist to leave the Top 12.

Do you agree? Who do you think is in the most danger? Who is definitely safe? Who do you want to see saved and who do you want to see go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Voice season 14 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.


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