'The Vampire Diaries' Showrunner Speaks out on Deciding Which Character to Kill in the Series Finale and More

'The Vampire Diaries' Showrunner Speaks out on Deciding Which Character to Kill in the Series Finale and More

It might not go down as one of the greatest series finales of all time. However, The Vampire Diaries did manage to bring its saga of love, murder and supernatural mysteries to a mostly satisfying, if bittersweet, close. Yet there were a few elements of the finale that were more controversial than others, especially for a certain segment of fans. For the first time since the series ended, Vampire Diaries showrunner Julie Plec has decided to talk about some of those slightly more unfavorable series finale decisions.

Two of the most noteworthy (and debated) aspects of The Vampire Diaries series finale were the death of Stefan and who ended up with whom, romantically. It's two topics that, unsurprisingly, Julie Plec has a lot of opinions on and she's ready to share. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Plec explains that Stefan wasn't marked for death originally. The plan was always to kill one Salvatore brother but Stefan was initially spared. 

"We finally settled on Damon was going to die," Plec explained. "And then Kevin [Williamson] walked into the room and he's like, 'What's Stefan's life going to be like?' I said, 'He's going to be happy with Caroline and uh uh... uh, I don't know.'" 

After talking it over with Williamson, Vampire Diaries' executive producer, Plec decided that Stefan needed to die. There was no real story to be told with Stefan other than a happily ever after with Caroline. Plec and the writers decided that with Damon surviving the story would be "cooler." 

Since Damon lived (and Stefan died) it allowed Elena and Damon to have their own happy ending. Yet Plec explains that this resolution of the show's initial love triangle was never her end goal. The final season and the finale was always about the two brothers. The romance was just an important side story in Plec's mind. 

In fact, the show was never really concerned with setting up an "endgame romance" for Elena or any other character. A big factor in Elena and the love triangle fading from focus was Nina Dobrev leaving the series. However, Plec explains she always let the characters tell her where their story was going and let the chemistry between actors guide her decisions.

"There is no definitive end to anybody's story when you're dealing with the fluidity of chemistry because when it gets stale, you want out," Plec explained. "It doesn't matter if these characters are supposed to be together forever, if their chemistry gets stale, you want somebody to die, you want to put somebody in a coma, you want to write them off the show, anything to save you." 

Plec elaborated that as much as fans watched The Vampire Diaries for the romance, she never concerned herself too much about that fervor. Plec never wanted the fan desires to get in the way of the story she wanted to tell. This was especially true in the series finale. 

"I decided I wasn't making the finale for anybody who still had anything invested in the love triangle," Plec said. "I was making it for people who were invested in the relationship between the brothers." 

But what do you think? Was the series finale of The Vampire Diaries really just about Damon and Stefan? Did it bring their story to a proper close? Do you think Damon should've died instead of Stefan? 

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