The Season Finale of 'Conviction' May Leave Fans Angry

The Season Finale of 'Conviction' May Leave Fans Angry

It's a bad time to be a fan of ABC's Conviction. On the heels of the announcement that the freshmen series has effectively been cancelled, with no more episodes being ordered beyond the initial 13, one of the show actresses Merrin Dungey has opened up about the season (and likely series) finale. According Dungey's recent interview with TV Guide, Conviction fans will not be happy with where the show ends with episode 13. 

Merrin Dungey, who plays Conviction Integrity Unit investigator Maxine Bohen is not hopeful about the future of the Hayley Atwell-led series. Dungey confirms the reports that there is no plans for Conviction to extend beyond the original 13-episode order. Dungey didn't rule out the possibility that the show will continue on another network, but right now Conviction will end at episode 13 on ABC. 

The possibility, however slight, that Conviction might continue means that episode 13 will be open-ended. It is not planned as a series finale and there will be no real sense of closure for fans. The finale will leave things open for more CIU cases but there will be no real wrap-up. 

Dungey, who interestingly is the sister of ABC President Channing Dungey, explained why ABC made the decision to stop Conviction at 13 episodes. Apparently while ABC likes the show, the schedule is very crowded and there is no room for Conviction. "We were ordered for 13 and we're going to do the full 13," she explains. 

Conviction season 1 airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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