'The Flash' Poll: Do You Want to See Earth-2 Again?

'The Flash' Poll: Do You Want to See Earth-2 Again?

You'd never guess it from the title but "Escape from Earth-2" saw Harry, Barry and Cisco come back to their home Earth with Harry's daughter in tow. The episode closed on the breach between worlds being closed and Zoom being trapped on the other side. The Flash appears that it has shut the door on Earth-2 for a while. When Earth-2 does eventually reappear though, it should come back with a vengeance.

The Flash's adventure into Earth-2 breathed new life into the season. The Flash season 2 hasn't been boring but it had come down a few notches in intensity since season 1. "Welcome to Earth-2" and "Escape from Earth-2" invigorated the entire season arc and audience interest.

There were more details revealed about the Zoom mystery, while still being incredibly confusing and compelling. The team came together stronger than ever, except for maybe Jay but that could be for the best. Earth-2 has more to offer The Flash that momentarily boosting the current plot though. 

There's Literally a Whole Other World to Explore 

One of the main reasons that the Earth-2 two-parter worked so well was that it delivered on the promise of introducing another world. Earth-2 felt lived in and realized. There was as much a sense of history to Earth-2 as there was when Earth-1 was introduced in the pilot of The Flash. The characters were doppelgangers of the originals but they weren't carbon copies in terms of personality. 

'The Flash' Poll: Do You Want to See Earth-2 Again?

Earth-2 Iris, Barry and Caitlin are just as interesting, and in some cases more so, than their Earth-1 counterparts. While The Flash could leave the audience hanging when it comes to the future of these new characters but they shouldn't. I desperately want to know what the future of Earth-2 Barry and Iris' marriage looks like, how Killer Frost changes follows the events of  "Escape from Earth-2" and of course, who is behind the Man in the Iron Mask. It would a disservice to the writing, direction and acting of the Earth-2 doppelgangers if they were a two and done situation. 

There's also a whole host of doppelgangers that have yet to be introduced as well. Earth-2 Patty Spivot was mentioned, as was Barry's parents but they were never shown. We also have to meet Earth-2 Wally West, because he has to exist. (Though we should probably get to know the Earth-1 Wally better before that happens.) 

When Doppelganger Met Doppelganger

Two of the strongest moments in "Welcome to Earth-2" and "Escape from Earth-2" is when Cisco and Barry ran into their Earth-2 versions. Especially when Cisco met Reverb (because Carlos Valdes knocked it out of the park playing an evil Cisco) but they shouldn't be the only ones who get in on the fun. Killer Frost is easily the most successful "new" character from Earth-2 and there's a huge missed opportunity that Caitlin didn't get to meet her evil twin. 

Caitlin is definitely not going to take a turn for evil and become Killer Frost on Earth-1. The Flash is full of the impossible but that's way too far-fetched of a plot development. Caitlin meeting an alternate version of herself who is a little bit morally ambiguous could lead both characters into interesting character development paths though. Since Captain Cold is off in Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash needs a ice villain and Killer Frost would be an excellent substitute. 

'The Flash' Poll: Do You Want to See Earth-2 Again?

As a huge Iris West fan, there could also be a lot of fun in seeing Iris meet her double. Earth-1 Iris has expressed a desire several times to be a cop but she was forbidden by Joe. You're a flat out liar if you don't want to see Iris meet a version of who she could have been. Plus it could jump start a Barry and Iris relationship on Earth-1 and The Flash really should stop dragging its feet on that front. 

Too Much Earth-2

Playing devil's advocate for a moment, there is a scenario where The Flash could begin to use Earth-2 too much. There's some merit to the argument that Earth-2 worked so well because of the novelty. It was fresh and exciting and that would fade if Earth-2 becomes more common place on the show. The luster would be lost and The Flash could run into repetitive pattern with the cast constantly playing off different version of themselves.

I don't think The Flash is danger of losing viewers as it  gets weirder and dives into a more science fiction element. If the audience stuck around after the confusing time travel paradoxes, body snatching and insane backstabbing of season 1, they are pretty much up for anything. The Flash also deals with its weirdest in moderation. The series adequately explains and builds up their higher concepts. It might be fake science but there is at least justification for the weirdness on The Flash. There's always a limit though.

Another Sci-Fi show Fringe dealt with many of the same concepts as The Flash. As the seasons went on,  Fringe got more and more complex. The show became incredibly dense and stranger, so by the fifth and final season the show was basically unrecognizable. Fringe is not without its fans but The Flash shouldn't go all in like the FOX series. Fringe was weirder in its later seasons but it was also a pale imitation of its former self. The Flash doesn't want to make the same mistake and over use Earth-2.

But what do you think? Are you ready for more Earth-2? Whose doppelganger do you still want to meet on Earth-2? 

The Flash season 2 airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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