The 5 Best Kate Beckett Moments from 'Castle'

The 5 Best Kate Beckett Moments from 'Castle'

Odd couples and unlikely pairings have always been a staple in television, but those

partnerships with staying power are few and far between.

Rick Castle and Kate Beckett managed to become one memorable crime fighting couple for eight seasons on ABC's Castle, eventually becoming known as "Casket." While the show was named after the charming and quirky mystery writer, it wouldn't be entertaining without Beckett, who became just as vital to the long running series.

Starting out as a two-dimensional character who thought Castle was more of a nuisance than a help, Kate evolved into a like-able character with plenty of entertaining moments. We aren't just talking about those cookie cutter moments that most characters of TV dramas all share (although a lot of them are great), but the moments that made Kate Beckett more than just your average TV detective in heels.

Here are 5 of Kate Beckett's best moments that made us fall in love with the detective turned captain.

Kate Faces Her Fears In Kill Shot

The 5 Best Kate Beckett Moments from 'Castle'

Normally fearless and in command, Beckett was vulnerable and scared when Esposito encouraged her to come face to face with her fears in the episode "Kill Shot." A case with a sniper brings back a flood of bad memories of when Kate was shot. During their investigation, Espo gets Beckett to hold a gun just like the one that shot her. The scene was raw and emotional, letting us witness a side of Beckett we so rarely see, her softer side.

Kate Beckett Jealous?

The 5 Best Kate Beckett Moments from 'Castle'

Jealousy was sure to be an emotion felt by both Castel and Kate given their chemistry. Castle has always let his guard down when it comes to his partner. Kate on the other hand has always kept her emotions neatly under wraps. But watching Kate's face and seeing her response to Castle and Gina's plans to head to the Hamptons in the episode "A Deadly Game" was a turning point in their relationship and a big moment for Kate, making fans realize that she wasn't just a workaholic, focused solely on her career and solving her mother's murder.

She Isn't Just a Damsel In Distress

The 5 Best Kate Beckett Moments from 'Castle'

Fans where sure to be jumping for joy when Rick Castle finally said those 3 words "I love you" to Kate in the episode entitled "Always." But Kate isn't like most. She is angry that Castle sat on a lead for a year and kept it from her. The moment is maddening for Casket fans who want to see these two share a heartfelt moment, but that's what makes Kate Beckett so entertaining to watch. Eventually the duo's moment comes and is well worth the wait.

There Really Is Some Bite Behind That Bark

The 5 Best Kate Beckett Moments from 'Castle'

We've seen Kate outwit many, put herself in some dangerous scenarios, and protect Castle, but her take down of who she thought was a suspect in the season seven opener proves Beckett is the real deal! Beckett runs right through him like a freight train, taking him down to the ground after Espo's command gets ignored. After dropping him to the ground, Kate loses self-control, showing herself in rare form.

Life Comes Full Circle

The 5 Best Kate Beckett Moments from 'Castle'

When we first met Kate Beckett in the pilot episode she was high-strung and snarky, angry that she would be paired with the likes of Rick Castle, who sat across from her in interrogation room, telling her "I would be happy to let you spank me." It was a scene that promised plenty of great moments ahead.

In the end, we see the show come to a close in the series finale "Crossfire" with Kate in one of her best moments, happy and relaxed, still sitting alongside Castle and their three kids!

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