'The 100' Interview: Marie Avgeropoulos and Adina Porter Tease Season 5 'Gets A Lot Darker' and 'It's Human Nature'

'The 100' Interview: Marie Avgeropoulos and Adina Porter Tease Season 5 'Gets A Lot Darker' and 'It's Human Nature'

At the end of The 100 season premiere, we got a glimpse into the bunker world with Octavia in command. The violence and living conditions are in stark contrast to those of Clarke and Madi, as well as, for Spacekru. In this week's, "Red Queen," The 100 jumps back to after Praimfaya to show what happened in the bunker including, how Octavia took control and maintained it. 

Last fall, TVBuz visited The 100 set in Vancouver with a group of journalists and talked to Marie Avgeropoulos and Adina Porter about Season 5. Read on for edited excerpts from that conversation and check out the "Red Queen" trailer.

How have things changed after the time jump?

Marie Avgeropoulos: After the time jump Octavia has changed quite a bit. You're gonna see her five years later and she takes a very creative way to help all the clans get along. There's a lot of old resentments among all the clans and old resentments don't die. So she has to come up with a very Octavia way to maintain order among the groups and you'll see exactly how that is in Season 5. This season gets a lot darker than last season, for sure. 

Octavia has a goal of Wonkru. Does she get close to achieving that? 

Avgeropoulos: Does she get closer to Wonkru? Wonkru is the mantra that Octavia lives by definitely, but it sounds easier than it actually is to achieve. So, again she comes up with this very destructive and dark path to create peace. Of course because it's The 100 it essentially does the opposite, like how dark can we possibly take it? And we definitely take it to some really dark places don't we? 

Adina Porter: It's human nature. 

How is the relationship then between Octavia and Indra? Is Indra still her second?

Porter: Yes, I'm still the general, and we get to spend a lot of time together since underground there aren't a lot of places you can go. I get to spend time with both my daughters: my faith-based Flame Keeper daughter, Gaia, and my warrior daughter, Octavia. So yes we are still close. 

How desperate do things get down there with limited resources? 

Avgeropoulos: There's a really interesting dark twist in season 5 that we can't tell you much about it, but resources are running extremely low and actually come to a halt so we have to come up with a new tactic to...

Porter: A creative way of surviving. 

Avgeropoulos: Of nutritioning our bodies..

Porter: Of surviving. Human nature, you make it happen one way or another

Can you guys tell us anything about Jaha?

Porter: I think you're all going to enjoy the storyline and the amazing acting. And I think people will-- You know he's an amazing actor, so you're going to see a great story. 

Avgeropoulos: Really great.  I've never had a scene with Isaiah [Washington], so that's very new to see that dynamic on the screen and on the show and his performance is outstanding as always. I can't wait for you to see it. 

How does not having Bellamy by her side change Octavia? And how might that dynamic change if they do reunite?

Avgeropoulos: Oh interesting! It's kind of neat to see. You know we all started the show when we were all a lot younger on and off screen. So it's different to see what Octavia has become without her brother to steer her in the right direction, and you know it gives an opportunity for other characters like Indra to give her advice and try and keep her head on straight. So it's definitely a good season to see the independence, whether she makes good or bad decisions in season 5. 

Porter: But you know it's amazing how social us human beings are, so you know even if you don't have a family member by your side we figure out ways of creating family members chosen from the people who we are lucky enough to survive right by. People we need support. 

What are you most excited for fans to see in the new season?

Avgeropoulos: All these characters that weren't at odds are at odds. So that's really interesting to see those dynamics maybe switch and change. There's a lot of parallels happening. it's interesting to see what exactly is going on in that small bunker with all these clans who are at odds with each other trying to make peace and make a community. With these doctors, and farmers, and government leaders and what the punishments are or not. You know maybe they even take a few ways of reprimanding one and other from the Ark's old ways, maybe they don't?

Porter: I think it's really interesting to see any kind of human being when they're pushed to the brink. So you get to see all these different personalities and how they react and try to survive when they're pushed beyond the limits that they thought they could withstand. 

Does Octavia have a new title in the bunker? Does she take on the title of commander? 

Avgeropoulos: The time of the commanders has passed, there's a new sort of way of thinking, that not everyone sort of agrees with. That will be another thing that will send everyone into a tizzy, but Octavia has a couple of different nicknames, she started as Skygirl and then Grounder Pounder and she's certainly not that girl anymore, but you'll see who she is soon. 

Check out The 100 Season 5 Episode 2, "Red Queen" trailer!

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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