'Survivor: Ghost Island': Who Was Voted Off in 'It's Like the Perfect Crime'?

'Survivor: Ghost Island': Who Was Voted Off in 'It's Like the Perfect Crime'?

Last week on Survivor: Ghost Island, Michael earned the most number of votes but because he used his hidden Immunity Idol, he was able to save himself. On the other hand, Libby, who had four votes, was voted off in 9th place--joining Chris as the second member of the jury. Heading into this week's Tribal Council, it's easy to assume that Michael will once again be the target. But that might not be the case in "It's Like the Perfect Crime." 

For this week's Reward Challenge, the 11 remaining players are divided into two teams of five. Michael, Sebastian, Chelsea, Kellyn and Jenna make up the Orange Team while Wendell, Domenick, Laurel, Desiree and Angela make up the Purple Team. Donathan was not picked and will sit it out the game. The challenge consists of a paddling course with a puzzle, which the Orange Team successfully finishes first. As a prize, they get to enjoy a picnic.  

Meanwhile, Angela heads to Ghost Island, where she breaks an urn with a game of chance. Ultimately, she picks the wrong bamboo which means she loses her chance to vote at the Tribal Council.

In the quest to find an Idol, Michael, who's aware that he's in still in danger of being voted off, and Donathan attempted to find one. However, it was Donathan who locates Jason/Scott's unplayed Idol, which can gain power if combined with Tai's Idol. Luckily, Donathan is able find it from the shelter with a little help from Michael, Laurel and Jenna.

As for the Immunity Challenge, the players had to balance on a ball suspended on ropes.

Chelsea is the last player standing, which means she earns the Immunity.

At the Tribal Council, everyone casts their votes except for Angela. Michael gets two votes while Desiree gets eight, landing her in 11th place.  

Next week,  two players are expected to be voted off at Tribal Council. What are your predictions?

Survivor: Ghost Island airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.  

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