'Suits' Creator Talks Mike and Rachel's Exit, Darvey and the Jessica Spin-Off

'Suits' Creator Talks Mike and Rachel's Exit, Darvey and the Jessica Spin-Off

When Suits resumes its seventh season, the legal drama will be addressing several big topics, including Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel's (Meghan Markle) exits, that "Darvey" kiss and the spin-off revolving around Jessica (Gina Torres.)

According to series creator Aaron Korsh, who has given teasers ahead of its mid-season premiere, they made the decision to assume Markle was leaving the show knowing she was in a high-profile relationship with Prince Harry before writing the back six episodes. Adams, on the other hand, made his decision to leave on his own. While Korsh wouldn't reveal whether their characters would end up with a happy send-off, he simply shares that it will have "the right balance." 

"Many times in the Suits writers' room we're like, 'Do we want to give a good ending to something or a good middle, or do we want to have it be bittersweet?' or 'How do we accomplish...' I think Suits is inherently oftentimes an optimistic show, but then over the years if you look at a lot of the things that we do, it has been less optimistic. Obviously, Mike going to prison, but then Mike getting out of prison. So, we definitely went back and forth on to make it sweet, bitter or bittersweet, and collectively in the entirety of the finale there is -- We think we struck the right balance, is I guess what I'll say," Korsh told TV Guide .

Knowing how much it will be gratifying to fans, it seems only fitting for Mike and Rachel to hear wedding bells before they bid farewell. 

"I'm going to leave each viewer to think of that on their own. Anybody that's been watching the show from the beginning, I think is going to draw a probably pretty accurate conclusion without me telling you exactly what is going to happen. But, they're a couple that if you think about it in the very first episode I think we've recently been running a promo about their sort of course of their relationship. Mike basically falls in love with Rachel at first sight and then they've sort of been -- they've had their struggles. They've been together for a long time, so that's the hint I'll give," he teased.

Besides the pair's exit, Suits is also devoting the second half of season 7 to a romantic development that has been long overdue. Kicking off with the mid-season premiere, Harvey will have to deal with that unexpected kiss from Donna. 

"He certainly didn't expect it, right?... He's coming in with huge news," Korsh said of Harvey. "I mean, he's already reeling before Donna does this, and then Donna kisses him. So, all that stuff is swimming in his head. Let's not forget, he's also in a relationship with Dr. Agard, Paula Agard. So, it's going to throw him for a little bit of a loop, so I guess that's what we're starting with in 7-11."

"Regardless of whether he was dating his former therapist or not, anybody he's dating, if someone comes in and kissed him, let alone Donna, how would one deal with the stress of that, right? And let's also remember, Harvey is not a person that ever wants to consider himself someone that's been unfaithful to the person he's in a relationship with. That's a core component of his personality. He's got some processing to do, there's no doubt about it," explained Korsh. 

Last but not the least, the coming episodes will pave the way for the highly anticipated spin-off about Jessica. "A decent amount," Korsh said when asked how much fans can expect to see Jessica. "Sort of like in the first 10, she's in it in the same sort of level. She is a constant presence, but is not hugely in any one episode. But, she's present in most of the episodes, either in being spoken about or actually spoken to. Then obviously in the finale she's a huge part of the finale."

Suits returns Wednesday, March 28 at 9/8c on USA.
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