'Stranger Things' Renewed for Season 3

'Stranger Things' Renewed for Season 3

Stranger Things has become a huge hit for Netflix, so it's no surprise that the show will continue for another season. Netflix has confirmed that the '80s horror/sci-fi mash-up has been renewed for season 3, which will presumably be released sometime in 2018.

There are very few details about the plot of Stranger Things season 3, but in the official press release all of the series regulars for season 2 are listed, including the central group of kids and adults Joyce, Harper and Karen Wheeler. This implies that everyone would be back, including one of season 2's new antagonists Billy, played by  Dacre Montgomery.

The series, which was created by the Duffer Brothers, is also expected to take another time jump of around a year in season 3. This would set  Stranger Things season 3 in the year 1985, which is significant as that's when the first Back to the Future movie and The Goonies were released in theaters. If Stranger Things doesn't heavily reference at least one of those classic movies, it'll be nothing short of shocking. 

Again, it's no surprise that Stranger Things will be back. The show is a huge commercial and critical success. The first season was nominated for 18 Emmys and won five of them. It also received the SAG award for best ensemble cast in 2017 and 2017 Norman Felton Producer of the Year Award in Episodic Television.

There's no word yet on how long Stranger Things season 3 will be in terms of episode count. However, it's worth noting that seasons 1 and 2 were on the shorter side of episodes, especially when it comes to Netflix originals. Season 1 was only 8 episodes, whereas season 2 clocked in at 9 episodes. It's likely that season 3 will be right around there, although it could continue the trend of adding one episode to the season, expanding things out to 10 installments. 

All episodes of Stranger Things are currently streaming on Netflix.

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