'So You Think You Can Dance' Finale Prediction: Who Will Win Season 14?

'So You Think You Can Dance' Finale Prediction: Who Will Win Season 14?

So You Think You Can Dance season 14 is about to come to an end. After a journey of many weeks, only four dancers are left: Taylor Sieve, Lex Ishimoto, Koine Iwasaki and Kiki Nyemchek. Based on the performances seen in the past weeks' semifinals and finals, who is most likely to win?

The Best Performances

So many amazing performances came out of the final two weeks of So You Think You Can Dance. Has any season ever made it this hard to pick favorites?

Semifinals Opening Group Dance

The group dances do not always get a lot of attention or love -- they are not part of the competition, after all -- but the dance that opened the semifinals episode was an exception. This stark and stunning number, choreographed by Christopher Scott, was cool to watch and left a haunting feeling when it was over. Also, there were a lot of cubes. That was neat.

Koine and Marko -- Semifinals Contemporary

It says something about So You Think You Can Dance that the show can, in season 14, give us an entirely new bit of choreography. Yet, somehow, Koine hanging in a closet was very original in a routine that had her and Marko killing it again.
Taylor and Robert -- Semifinals Urban
This urban routine was not as pretty as some, but it was fascinating. Considering that this was way, way outside Taylor's typical wheelhouse, it was even more impressive.
Lex -- Semifinals Solo
Lex is typically amazing in any style, but he really does shine when he gets to do his preferred contemporary style. There is not a more dynamic and beautiful dancer than Lex when he gets going, and this solo was no exception.
Koine and Lex -- Semifinals Disco
Disco! Spinning! So much spinning! Lex might have gotten hurt (that was unclear) and there were some shaky bits, but this was a fun dance.
Koine, Lex, Taylor and Kiki -- Finals Group Dance
Combining choreography from Travis Wall and Christopher Scott, this number could not help but be something stunning. The explanation had me a bit worried, but an end result that truly evoked the elements made this a winner.
Koine and Lex -- Finals Broadway
I love these dancers. I love pizza. Seriously, how could I not love this performance?
Kiki and Jenna -- Finals Contemporary
This was a good dance before, but Kiki has learned how to add even more emotion throughout the season. No wonder Jenna ended the performance with tears!
Koine and Marko -- Finals African Jazz
The bugs are back! This is just cool choreography and incredible dancers showing their stuff.
Lex and Kiki -- Finals Hip-Hop
It just shows how awesome this season's dancers are that ballroom and contemporary dancers can earn a standing ovation with hip-hop. But this was a cool and fun dance that both Kiki and Lex pulled off with swagger.
Lex and Gaby -- Finals Tap
Who doesn't love an old-school tap routine? If Lex was trying to remind the world that he can dance literally every style that has ever existed, there could not have been a better performance than this throwback to the beginning of the season.
Taylor and Lex -- Finals Contemporary
Was this anything more than a beautiful, endless kiss? Looking back, it is hard to answer that question. Whatever the case, seeing actual love (!!!) expressed through dance ended the season with a bang.

Who is in Danger?
Only one person can win, so the danger is high going into the finale. Which of the remaining four, however, will have the hardest time grabbing the season title?
Kiki Nyemchek
Kiki is beloved, but his semifinals jazz routine with Jenna did not have quite the excitement of some of the couple's previous dances. It was good, of course -- almost everything is good at this point -- but it was more forgettable than desirable. Kiki's huge grins during his later Bollywood number, plus several solid finals dances, may help to offset this, though.
Taylor Sieve
This is not about her dancing. Taylor is a great dancer, and her semifinal and final performances were great. But Taylor never seems as notable as her remaining competitors, something that will likely translate into fewer votes.
Koine Iwasaki
Overall, Koine has had a great season of So You Think You Can Dance. Her performances in the finals, though, were not up to her usual standard. The judges love Koine, but is that enough to save her?
Who Will Win?
This is the big question.
If SYTYCD winners were chosen merely by the caliber of their performances over the course of the season, Lex and Koine would seem to be the obvious choices. Neither has had much of a stumble in weeks, and both have incredible highlights to their credit.
But it is not just about the dances. Personality and popularity play a big part on So You Think You Can Dance as well. For that reason, no one should discount Kiki. The man is popular! He may be popular enough to win it all.
Still, Lex seems to be pretty popular too. That, combined with his dancing prowess, makes him the most likely winner, so I am predicting that Lex Ishimoto will win season 14.

The So You Think You Can Dance finale airs Monday, September 25 at 8/7c on FOX.


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