Should CBS Do Another Season of 'Celebrity Big Brother'?

Should CBS Do Another Season of 'Celebrity Big Brother'?

Celebrity Big Brother has been a modest success for CBS. It's certainly not going to bring in huge ratings opposite the Winter Olympics, but it's been averaging around 5 million viewers per episode and drawing a decent amount of attention, mostly due to Omarosa. But will CBS renew it for a second? Should they?

On a game-level, it has been a refreshing surprise. The celebrity HGs aren't afraid to make big moves and flip the vote, offering more aggressive gameplay than we've seen in a few seasons. Sure, we've had to endure two disappointing quitters in Keshia and Metta, but the action aside from that has been thrilling. Hopefully, with one season down, they'd be able to attract even more celebrities into the house since they would now know what to expect.

The biggest problem would be the timing. Celebrity Big Brother worked out perfectly for CBS as counter-programming to the Winter Olympic, when almost all of its shows would've been in repeats anyway. But the Winter Olympics only come around once every four years and it would be odd to wait until 2022 for Celebrity Big Brother 2. It's also unlikely that CBS would be willing to clear its schedule for three weeks in February for another season when other networks would stick to original programming.

The solution is obvious, and that's to borrow a page from the U.K. They typically do a Celebrity Big Brother season right before or after a regular season, going from one right into another. This could be the perfect opportunity for the American version to continue this format.

CBS could wait until the regular season ends and then give us a three-week Celebrity Big Brother season in June. Then the show could take two weeks off, do a quick cleaning and brief remodel, and start a regular season in mid-July. The regular season of the show would go back to the pre-season 15 format, only running for 75 days instead of the more recent versions, which have gone from 90-100 days.

That would be ideal on both fronts. We'd be able to get a quick, fun celebrity edition to kick off the summer, then a regular season that doesn't feel overly long like in the past few years. As an added bonus, the show could theoretically get some of the celebrities to come back to host a competition and even promote the regular season. CBS would probably get a nice bump if someone like James Maslow played the game and, two weeks later, he started tweeting to his millions of followers to watch another season of the show.

Renewing Celebrity Big Brother for a second season seems like an obvious decision since Julie Chen and the producers seem quite happy with how it's turned out. Scheduling is the only problem, but moving it to the summer with the regular version fixes it. And it's something they've done before, taking just one week off between the end of Big Brother 18 and the start of Over the Top.

Do you want to see another season of Celebrity Big Brother?

Celebrity Big Brother airs Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.


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