Outlander Recap: Lord John Grey Area

Outlander Recap: Lord John Grey Area

Welcome to North Carolina, Lord John Grey! Glad to have you here. Make sure to take in the vista from the ridge. Watch out for snakes in the privy. And before you head home, may we suggest stopping by the gift shop? There’s a buy-one-get-one deal on the “I Went to the New World and All I Got Was the Measles and an Emotionally Bareknuckled Brawl With the Vindictive Wife of My True Love” T-shirt.

This week’s Outlander marks the return of the second son of Viscount Melton, who brings William to see his biological father. And the fact that John does a whole lot of looking — or rather gazing — at Jamie himself? Purely coincidence, we’re sure.

Read on for the highlights of “Blood of My Blood.”

OH HEY, JOHN GREY | Jamie is sawing logs outside the house when Lord John rides up, and we get a good shot of Grey’s face as he sees Jamie. Girl, same. Fraser is very surprised to see his friend, who explains that he’s got business in Virginia and thought he’d stop by while he was in the neighborhood. “Virginia is some way north, John,” Jamie says, dubious. (It should be noted that the neck of Big Red’s is doing the equivalent of a verra deep V, as if it somehow sensed that the Notorious LJG was in the vicinity.) “He’s here with me,” Lord John continues, explaining that he wanted a word alone with Jamie before bringing young Master William — aka Jamie’s oblivious son — up to the house.

Unbeknownst to both men, Claire and Murtagh already have made William’s acquaintance. The boy’s legs are covered in leeches from wading in the stream, and he’s freaking. Claire calms him down, plucks them off and gives a biology lesson that no one asked for about leeches’ healthcare uses. Then she and Murtagh bring William up to the house.

Before they arrive, John informs Jamie that 1) Isobel died recently, 2) Willie prefers to be called “William” now, and 3) it’s probably best that no one bring up the fact that Jamie is actually William’s dad, cool? Just then, the leech brigade arrives at the house, and Claire literally stops short when she sees Grey sitting at her hearth. It’s a toss-up, though, as to who’s more rankled by the Brit’s presence: Murtagh is equally displeased to see his former jailer in the Colonies. “The past is past. Lord John is a trusted friend,” Jamie whispers when he and his godfather are alone for a moment, adding that John saved Murtagh’s life at Ardsmuir.

EXIT MURTAGH | Everyone gets along well until dinner that night, when Grey casually drops that he’s pals with Gov. Tryon — and that Tryon is building a palace. “A rather untimely investment,” Claire says, not doing much to hide the fact that she 100 percent sides with the hot dish of simmering Murtagh seated to her right. It gets ugly — John calls the Regulators “unreasonable and dangerous,” and then Murtagh says that he’s actually describing the governor, and then eventually Murtagh abruptly stands and leaves. “A pleasant evening, indeed,” Grey says, standing to bid the Frasers’ guest adieu. Murtagh makes the most Scottish of noises, something akin to “mmmmmphdfmmmmghhmmmm” and departs. Outside, Murtagh can’t figure out why Jamie cares so much about John being there for William. And then? “He’s yours, isn’t he?” the older man asks. Jamie swears him to secrecy, saying that William will lose his entire inheritance if anyone finds out he’s a bastard. “Don’t worry about me keeping your secrets,” Murtagh says, though he doesna sound happy about it. “I’ve kept them, each and every one.”

After dinner, after witnessing Jamie with the horses, William puts together that he’s actually “Mac” the groomsman from Helwater. “Do you still have the wooden snake I carved for you?” Jamie asks. “I’m too old for toys, sir,” the boy responds, and if we had one of those Grinch-cams on Jamie’s heart, I’m sure we’d see it shrink two sizes from that comment alone.

Jamie and John prepare to sit down for a game of chess, but first, Jamie has drop his voice a few octaves and tell Claire that he’s been dreaming of a moment alone with her for weeks. (Young Ian, by the way, is out on a hunting trip with the Cherokee.) The Frasers share a lingering kiss outside, but then she reminds him that he’s got host duties to attend to. “But as soon as our guests leave, I’ll be expecting your full attention,” she purrs. GUYS. Not that all of this extended foreplay isn’t sweet and sexy, but remember how you used to go at it on hillsides and near campfires and while Murtagh was on the other side of the damn bedroom door? You can do quick and dirty, is all I’m saying. If there’s not time to lay out the whole feast, so to speak, there’s probably a moment for quick snack, no?

Anyway, back inside, Jamie and John drink and play chess and generally enjoy each other’s company. “Do you feel yourself content?” JLG asks his friend. “I have all that a man could want,” Jamie replies.


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