'Orphan Black' Recap: Seestras Reunited, But Do They Stay That Way?

'Orphan Black' Recap: Seestras Reunited, But Do They Stay That Way?

Who can be trusted on the Castor base? That's the question Sarah must ask herself in this Orphan Black episode, "Scarred By Many Past Frustrations," as she reunites with both Helena and Paul following her unfortunate run-in with Rudy and Mark at the Johanssens' old house.

In happier news, Cosima, despite her reservations, goes on her first Sapphire date. Plus, Mrs. S. and Felix take in Gracie, and a new mystery about the Castor clones is introduced. (Hint: Becoming involved with one may not be the best thing for your health.)

Sarah and Helena Reunited

Unfortunately, it's not a happy reunion. Moments after Sarah realizes Helena is in the neighboring cell on the Castor base, her sister blames Sarah for her situation and Sarah's attempts to tell Helena that it wasn't her fault and that Mrs. S. made the deal to protect Kira, fall on deaf ears. Helena even tells Sarah that she doesn't believe that the Castor clones are their brothers.

Dr. Coady has Silva take Sarah's blood, explains that her biology can't be ignored and warns her, "I'm not someone you can fight." But will she have to fight her, or will she and Helena escape?

It looks like the answer to that question is the latter, as upon realizing that Helena has a plan to escape, she offers her help. Helena asks if she wants to be her sandwich, the weak person one takes with them to eat during an escape in Siberia. This is when Tatiana Maslany absolutely kills it in this episode. Sarah tells Helena why she left Kira with Mrs. S.:She was too young and felt tied down and trapped. Then one day, Mrs. S. refused to let her see her daughter, and she was right to, but because of that, Sarah missed almost a year with Kira. Because she was selfish, she didn't get to watch her daughter grow or be her mother.

Do Sarah and Helena Escape?

Just like in the previous episode, Helena proves just how resourceful she is as she puts her escape plan in motion. When it comes time to collect Sarah's meal tray, she refuses to give it over, and when Miller and another soldier enter her cell, she makes a move for their keys. The ensuing scuffle lands Sarah in the infirmary. When she is returned to her cell, she extracts the tweezers that she stole from her mouth. Using the drawstring from her pants, (and those drawstrings have turned out to be one of the most valuable items they have at their disposal), Sarah swings the tweezers over to Helena.

According to Helena, "To a rat, a small hole is like a door." Well, for Helena, a small space is all she needs. She butters herself up with the packets from her meals that she hid in the wall, breaks a loose bar from the small window of her cell door and squeezes out. She then takes out the camera, and when a soldier comes to check upon noticing the feed is down, she kills him. However, when Sarah tells her to get his keys, she doesn't. "Now we are even, seestra," Helena says before leaving Sarah there, helpless to do anything but call after her.

Then, showing how lax the security seems to be on the base, Helena sneaks around, grabs a canteen from a truck and makes it to the top of the wall before Miller even realizes what's happened and sounds the alarm. I personally expected better from a group of soldiers. Only one guard watching the cameras? Especially after Helena just recently got out of her cell alone and killed Parsons? It's then that Helena hesitates, but Pupok tells her to "think of the baby" inside her, and so while Sarah is still trapped in her cell, Helena is on her way to freedom.

Does Paul Know Everything Dr. Coady's Doing?

As Dr. Coady told Paul in episode 302, if he can protect these men, she can cure them. However, the events of this episode make me wonder just how much he knows about what Dr. Coady is doing to accomplish her goal.

"All you had to do was stay away," Paul tells Sarah upon seeing her in a cell. He insists that he does care, that he was trying to keep her out of all of this, that it was her or Helena and that he's doing for these men what she's doing for her sisters: protecting them. When she brings up their assault of women, he argues that Helena has killed. She tries to get him to let them go, but he just tells her, "the military is just another family, Sarah," as he leaves her in her cell. "Your genetic siblings are dying. Everything we do is for them." Helena then chimes in and brings up Parsons, and he tells her that he sacrificed what little life he had left for his brothers, and that by killing him, she destroyed months of data that could have helped them.

When Paul confronts Dr. Coady about the fact that he brought her Helena to keep Sarah off the table, she argues that the sisters offer "alternatives" they can't ignore. Right now, it's just a theory that the original Castor DNA they have in Henrik's son's bones will work to help them isolate the defect in the Castor clones so they can develop a gene therapy for a cure. "What are we doing, Virginia?" He asks. "What we have to," she tells him. "Parsons knew that."

But is Paul starting to question what they're doing? The one thing I can't question is that he obviously cares about these men. He sees the military as "just another family." He looks at Parsons in the body bag, checks out the device they were using on his head and looks at his medals. Then, when he opens the logbook, he sees the bags of hair with the pages of information including "Name, Age, Height, Weight, Hair, Eyes, Complexion, Clothing, Where We Met and Other" filled out for each. Paul is starting to get a sense of just how much there is to the project. (Did Paul know about this part of the project? I want to say no, given his reaction. I also want to say that this is an eye-opening experience that may sway his allegiance just a bit, to perhaps help Sarah again, but I still think he's going to do whatever he can to help his men.)  

Is Sapphire -- and Shay -- What Cosima Needs Right Now?

This season has not been kind for Cosima and Delphine's relationship, with the two splitting up in the premiere as Delphine struggled to do what Cosima wanted her to do: love her sisters. Following the pencil to Rachel's eye, which went deep enough into her brain to change her, Delphine has taken over for her at Dyad. So, is it time for Cosima to try to move on?

Well, Felix doesn't want to see her pining, and that's why he signed her up for Sapphire. She meets her first date from the site, Shay, at Bobby's bar, and Shay does a good job of smoothing things over as Cosima's nerves lead to babbling. Shay is a holistic healer, with a focus on nutrition and spiritual counseling. (This makes me wonder if Cosima chose her as her first Sapphire date just for that.) Shay even gives Cosima a back massage in Felix's loft. Though Cosima doesn't know if she wants Shay to stay or go, when she goes to leave, Cosima opens up a bit about her breakup. She only the bare essentials: name, common workplace, French and "really great hair." "I don't know what I'm doing," Cosima admits, "but you're way more than I expected." Shay kisses her.

However, because this is Orphan Black and because Cosima is a clone, it can't all be uncertain sunshine and rainbows. Someone's watching and taking photos of them when they're in Bobby's bar, and at this point, it could be anyone. It could be Dyad. It could be Delphine. It could be Castor. It could be someone Shay knows and Shay isn't really as nice as she seems. Anything is possible.

A Lesson in Life in the Real World

Gracie shows up at Art's door, following Sarah's instructions to go to him if she needed help, and tells him she lost the baby and her people had cast her out. He brings her to Felix and Mrs. S. with the assurance that "these are good people," which allows for a brief conversation between Art and Mrs. S. about their concern about the MIA Sarah.

When Felix asks Gracie if she disapproves of him sleeping with men as a Prolethean, she tells him she's not a Prolethean anymore and has always had doubts as she let her parents tell her what to think and do. She's 18, and she's never smoked anything or been to a rock concert or skinny-dipped. I can tell how sheltered she has been, since those are the things she lists as what she hasn't done yet.

Later, Gracie comes downstairs, dressed in some of Sarah's old clothes, which prompts Felix to ask if she's going to a Victoria's Secret fashion show. No, she's going to whatever club serves Mai Tais. (Really, Gracie, where did you get your information about what an 18-year-old should have done/should be doing?) Instead, Felix and Mrs. S. fix up some cocktails, put on some music and teach her how to dance.

Felix Learns Something New About Mrs. S.

When Mrs. S. checks on her, Gracie expresses her surprise about how happy Sarah looks in a photo album, having been taught to believe the clones were less than human, abominations. They're all just people, even her Mark, Mrs. S. tells her. This is when Mrs. S. reveals that she married young too, but after her husband was killed, she was adrift and angry. The only thing that stopped her from self-destructing was her aunt taking her in.

Having eavesdropped on the conversation, Felix asks why she never told them about her husband. He was a drunk who rubbed people the wrong way, she explains. He ended up with a pair of garden shears in his throat during a drunken fight. It took her a long time to let go, and she has been in no rush to relive that pain.

Intimacy Problems

As part of his debrief, Mark tells Dr. Coady he burned off his tattoo to prove his loyalty to Henrik, and she wonders if his wedding ring was part of that cover too. "I did what I had to to complete the mission," he says. "Jut remember, it wasn't real," she reminds him. "She's not one of us." Once he confirms that he consummated the marriage, she gives him his first logbook. "Any intimate contacts, their names go in," she informs him.

Speaking of intimate contact with the male clones...

Art meets with Patty, and when he comments on the sunglasses she's wearing at night, she tells him she's been sick and the doctors don't know what's wrong. "For all I know, those assholes gave it to me," she suggests before removing the sunglasses and showing him the blood in her eyes.

The impromptu dance lesson/party at Mrs. S.' comes to a sudden halt when Gracie collapses to the floor, in pain, and when the EMTs check her eyes, they look just like Patty's.

(That has to be part of why the Castor clones have those logbooks, right? I can't imagine that this is something Dr. Coady doesn't know about.)

Orphan Black season 3 airs Saturdays at 9pm on BBC America.



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