'Mr. Robot': Is Angela Going to Join fSociety?

'Mr. Robot': Is Angela Going to Join fSociety?

For the majority of USA's  Mr. Robot Angela Moss has been one step above a scene prop. She's pretty but she's also pretty boring. Yet lately that has started to change. Angela might not be as interesting a character as Elliot, Darlene or even Shayla but she's getting there. As Mr. Robot progresses Angela herself has gotten progressively darker and right now she is at a crossroads. The young straight-laced executive could turn into even more of renegade paralleling her anarchist best friend or this dark turn be nothing but a momentary diversion. The most radical possible twist is that Angela could secretly be the grand manipulator of Mr. Robot pulling everyone's strings.

The Problem with Angela

Angela has been a problematic character not just because of her overall blandness but her role in Mr. Robot. It has only been in very recent episodes that she has gotten her own personality. Angela's initial purpose and character was very narrow. Angela seemed to be the neurotic Elliot's conduit to the outside world in a similar way that Dexter Morgan's sister Deb was in Dexter. In recent episodes though that's been largely abandoned and for the better. 

Angela was always too similar to Elliot to effectively sell her as Elliot's cipher to humanity. They have the same thousand-yard stare, the same introverted body language and awkward stutters when faced with confrontation. Angela simply deals with people better than Elliot because literally anyone deals with people better than Elliot. 

Rather than stubbornly try to fit Angela into that role, Mr. Robot pivoted. They embraced the similarities between Angela and Elliot, crafting Angela her own story that closely paralleled Elliot's own. Elliot was immediately sucked into the world of underground hacking but Angela has had a longer road but the destination appears to be the same (maybe).

'Mr. Robot': Is Angela Going to Join fSociety? Angela Could Literally Become the Female Elliot

The very first scene of Mr. Robot was Elliot a 21st century vigilante, hacking and arresting a child pornographer. So it was a very quick jump for Elliot to go from this course of action to joining (or maybe creating) a community of hackers bent on destroying the establishment. Angela's couldn't have a short little hop like that and it still be plausible. 

In the third episode, there was hint that there might be a edge to her. The fourth episode went full tilt with Angela's seduction to the dark side. She checked almost cliched box of a nervous breakdown. She went through the holy trifecta of instability in the movies and TV, lesbianism, drug use and criminal activity. It was admittedly a bit much but considering the fourth episode also had vivid long drug withdraw hallucinations, Angela making up with Shayla in a club bathroom was nothing. The point is that in four episodes Angela is where Elliot was in one. 

It would be a natural progression at this point for Angela to continue down this road. Especially after Angela has discovered that her beloved father is in massive debt to Evil Corp, the symbol of the establishment in the Mr. Robot universe. It would make perfect sense and be dramatically satisfying if Angela kept unraveling the story of corruption and deviousness that Evil Corp has created and found herself backing into the underworld of hacking. She could very likely join Elliot's Fsociety and it could be through Angela that the audience finds out that Elliot and Mr. Robot are in fact the same person.

This is the most straightforward path that Angela's story could take. It almost has the most amount of evidence and build-up. She has already hacked into Allsafe's system as a method of revenge against her now ex-boyfriend of Ollie. She has known that Elliot has lied to her several times about where he is spending his nights. She is primed to make a big revelation about her childhood friend's extracurricular activities. This is the most obvious solution but it's not the only one.

Angela Could Become the Anti-Elliot

On paper it might sound incredibly groan-worthy to imagine a situation where Angela is merely dabbling with her dark side. Her storyline ultimately being resolved with her going back to Allsafe and becoming another cog in the machine but that's inherently boring as it might sound. In terms of morality Mr. Robot is frustrating  simplistic  and almost entirely black and white. There's never a question of what Fsociety being wrong in the mission, it's just some of their methods that are questioned. If Angela discovers what Elliot has been doing with his new friends and rejects that life, she could be the voice of dissension. She could add the much needed color to the morals of Mr. Robot

This would also distinguish herself from Elliot. It's clear that Angela finds (or will find) Evil Corp just as distasteful as Elliot but she doesn't think the world needs to burn the entire world to take down Evil Corp. Even though she framed it on Ollie it is hard to imagine a scenario where Angela hacking into Allsafe doesn't get her fired. Yet somehow she could remain employed and work within in the system to change it. She would be the counterpart to Elliot and not just his clone/literal partner in crime.

'Mr. Robot': Is Angela Going to Join fSociety?

Angela is The Proto-Elliot

The third possibility is the most radical and controversial. There is a very silver of chance , but still a chance, based on what Mr. Robot has shown us this far that Angela is the great puppet master behind everything. Angela's doe-eyed confusion of the first few episodes could have been act. She is really the most ruthless and devoted anarchist of any character. 

There isn't a ton of evidence to support this but there is enough to dismiss it as a complete crackpot theory. It's just mostly crackpot. Angela is the character who calls Elliot in when Evil Corp is being hacked in the pilot. Angela incites the inciting incident that starts Elliot down the journey of joining Fsociety and becoming their de facto leader. 

There is also the Angela of Elliot's drug withdrawal dream that is radically different version from the character that exists in the rest of Mr. Robot. Dream Angela was a lot harder and more calculating than the real world Angela. She also appeared to know much more than Elliot about pretty much everything. It's easy to dismiss this has the creation of a drug addled mind, which it was, but it could also be Elliot's glimpsing beyond Angela's veil. The sweetness and naivety is just a mask Angela wears to hide the killer manipulator underneath. 

It's about as far out there as Mr. Robot theories get, but it is isn't completely baseless. Angela being revealed as the ultimate puppet master would certainly be a more shocking revelation than answering the question of Mr. Robot's existence. A mystery that was initially appealing but now it would be a bigger surprise to reveal that Mr. Robot ISN'T a figment of Elliot's imagination. 

But what do you think? Is Angela about to join or reject fSociety? Is she the grand chessmaster controlling everything behind the scene? Is Mr. Robot real or a figment of Elliot's imagination? 

Mr. Robot airs Wednesdays at 10pm on USA 

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