Live - Celebrity Big Brother Launch Night! #CBB

Live - Celebrity Big Brother Launch Night! #CBB

Tonight we have live coverage of the launch of this Summer's 'Celebrity Big Brother' as we find out if any of the rumoured celebrities will be entering the infamous house.

9.05pm Emma welcomes us to the live launch show and introduces the first celebrity housemate - White Dee from 'Benefits Street' .

9.10pm Emma reveals White Dee will be part of a bit twist later this evening. The second housemate is unveiled as James Jordan from 'Strictly Come Dancing' .

9.21pm The third housemate to enter tonight is 'Emmerdale' superbitch Claire King .

9.26pm The fourth housemate to enter tonight is 'Gladiator' David McIntosh.

9.31pm The launch night twist is about to be revealed, as we go live into the house and Dee is called to the diary room and the other three housemates are told to sit on the sofas.

9.33pm Dee enters the diary room. The other housemates can see her on the screen in the living area. A fanfare plays. Big Brother tells Dee she will be transformed for one night only, into a member of the Royal Family. Dee is going to become Deidre, Duchess of Solihull. Dee is told for the next 24 hours, she will be walking, talking and acting like a royal. The final three housemates tonight are American and Dee has to convince the Americans that she actually is a member of the royal family. She is told that if she successfully pulls the task off, the housemates will all be treated as royalty, if she doesn't, they will all be treated as paupers. She is told all the other housemates will be informed of her secret mission. Dee is sent for her royal makeover and is told she will be re-entering the house as the final housemate.

9.41pm Emma recaps what has happened so far in the launch show. Housemate number 5, is Kellie Maloney, the boxing promoter who recently went public with her sex change.

9.45pm Audley Harrison , the boxer is housemate number 6.

9.57pm Housemate number 7 is 'The Only Way is Essex' star Lauren Goodger .

10.03pm Housemate number 8 is 'Googlebox' star George Gilbey.

10.12pm Irish band member, Edele Lynch , famous for been a quarter of B*Witched, is housemate number 9. The band recently featured in itv2 reality show 'The Big Reunion' .

10.18pm Ricci from MTV's 'Geordie Shore' is housemate number 10.

10.28pm Stephanie Pratt who has appeared on US reality show 'The Hills' and UK reality show 'Made in Chelsea' is housemate number 11.

10.35pm The housemates are gathered on the sofa's and are told about the Deidre twist. They are told that they have to convince the next three housemates that Dee is in fact Deidre.

10.37pm Leslie Jordan is housemate number 12 and enters the Big Brother house.


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