Legends of Tomorrow Boss Confirms [Spoiler]'s Exit, Breaks Down Crossover Tease and Season 5's Big Bad

Legends of Tomorrow Boss Confirms [Spoiler]'s Exit, Breaks Down Crossover Tease and Season 5's Big Bad

For the Legends of Tomorrow to survive their latest season-ending showdown, a sacrifice had to be made. But the team member who volunteered to give their own life wound up not being the one to go.

Instead, the Legends sustained a different loss.

Constantine and Nora (in Fairy Godmother mode) traveled to Hell, where they enlisted a shady Astra to break into Neron’s vault and procure the coin that represents Ray’s soul. But to reunite Ray’s soul — currently in the midst of a Giant Jenga match with Vandal Savage (!) — with his body, Nate would need to die, tethered as he is to the deal his BFF made.

Meanwhile, as part of a mission to stop the world from fearing magical creatures, the Legends built the HeyWorld theme park that Hank had envisioned, then ran a commercial (starring “Supergirl,” “Green Arrow” and “The Flash”) inviting the masses to visit the happiest place on the globe.

Once a crowd congregated at the insta-attraction, Sara and Nate put on a stage show that was designed to establish harmony between humans and magical creatures. But then Tabitha showed up, with Wickstible — the grown-up dragon hatched from the egg — in tow, hoping to stoke and absorb the crowd’s fear. Luckily, Young Zari was able to stop Wickstible from wreaking havoc and start dancing (swatting Tabitha for good measure). Constantine then went toe-to-toe with Neron, who started to open the gates of Hell, but wound up bested when the demon choked him to death.

That was not Constantine, however, but a glamoured Nate — who, with his death at Neron’s hand, allowed Ray to be freed. After John vanquished Neron, Zari led the crowd in a “Kumbaya”-like sing-along of James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James,” to rid the arena of all fear and replace it with love, resulting in Nate’s resurrection.

The Legends’ success in teaching tolerance, however, came with an anticipated side effect. The Anti-Metahuman Act of 2029 was never enacted and Zari’s brother Behrad never was killed by ARGUS. Meaning, the Legends never met Zari, let alone recruited her. As such, soon after welcoming Nate back to life with a warm embrace, Zari simply vanished (replaced in the hug by her brother), leaving Nate with no memory of knowing her but a sense that something was “missing.”

Astra, meanwhile, was seen rounding up the soul coins for some of Hell’s most notorious cretins a la Genghis Khan, Joseph Stalin and Charles Manson, for her own nefarious, future purpose….

TVLine emailed Legends showrunner Phil Klemmer about Tala Ashe’s status with the CW series, what the crossovers’ Monitor was up to during his cameo, and more. Here are his answers.


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