'Last Comic Standing' Prediction: Who Will Win Season 9?

'Last Comic Standing' Prediction: Who Will Win Season 9?

As summer comes to an end, we must say goodbye to another season of Last Comic Standing. The five remaining finalists have one last shot to impress the judges before Roseanne Barr, Keenen Ivory Wayans and Norm MacDonald choose the winner of season 9.
Who will it be? Is it an open race or is there an obvious frontrunner? And do any of these comics have no shot at the title? Let's take a look at the five contestants and see what their chances of winning are.

Michael Palascak
I feel like I should just get him out of the way first. I don't think Michael can win if he doesn't step it up. He's had some very strong jokes in the past, no doubt. But just look at his most recent stand-up set during the Top 10 as proof for why I have this opinion. He started off not funny, though he did improve in the middle when talking about asking his mom and dad for money in the middle of the night. But then as he finished up, his jokes about living in a religious household didn't fully work.

I still don't get how he advanced over Taylor Tomlinson, who delivered a hilarious set from start to finish that had me constantly laughing out loud. Taylor deserves to be in the finals, not Michael. (Norm said that the experienced comic stepped up, which is not correct.)
Ian Bagg
Ian got unanimous support from the judges when he advanced to the finals, and I definitely get why. For me, I actually enjoyed both Francisco Ramos' and Ian's sets. Francisco was consistently funny during his final performance, while Ian let the humor continue to build with each story and joke so that he was really killing it by the end.
Talking to the audience and getting them involved likely helped Ian get chosen. This is something that really makes him stand out when compared to the other comics. Ian obviously has his jokes all mapped out and knows exactly what he's going to say, but by bringing the crowd in with him, it creates a new experience that makes it feel more spontaneous than it actually is.

Along these lines, another highlight for me from a previous round was when he came out and scolded the audience when not everyone clapped; he went on this great riff that transitioned nicely to the rest of his set. There are plenty of other jokes I could point to as highlights for him.

I'm glad to see Dominique in the Top 5. She doesn't disappoint. For her final set, she let the level of humor build as time went on, similar to what Ian Bagg did. Her strongest bits were when she talked about her mean bitter uncle and trying to stuff him in a regular-size casket, and the discussion on going to the gym.
Coming into her showdown with Sheng Wang, I didn't really know what the outcome was going to be because over the course of the season, both comics have proven themselves. But Sheng ended up being a big disappointment, unlike Dominique who nailed it.
Andy Erikson
I'll say upfront that I'm a big fan of Andy. She is just so quirky and weird that I can't help but love her and the strangeness that invades the stage every time she performs. And it's not just during her sets; she's able to crack us up afterwards as well, like when she stayed on stage and host Andy Jeselnik had to try to get her to leave. Having said that, she's the type of comic that you either love or you don't. You either get her style of comedy or you think she's annoying. I doubt there's much middle ground.

I was worried that she would be cut before the finals, mainly because there's always that chance she could slip up and her humor falls flat. And I think she came close in her showdown against Ryan Conner. I was a little thrown off by her political jokes, just because this is not the type of comedy she does; it felt out of place. She lost me at one point there, but got me back on board by saying, "So that's my understanding of politics."
But one she moved on from that, she was super funny, talking about tree huggers and a nerdy friend who asked her what her favorite element is. This is where she shines. Now, the judges did seem to choose her because of the political jokes, so maybe I just didn't get it; I don't know. I actually thought her opponent, Ryan Conner, was more consistent when he was on stage afterwards. Still, I'm excited that all three judges voted for her, and regardless of if she wins or not, I can't wait to see her final stand-up routine.
Clayton English
Finally, there's Clayton English. He's one of the comics who has been consistently funny throughout. During his showdown performance, his jokes kept landing every step of the way, from talking about cereal to not liking rap anymore. He delivered one of the strongest sets of the night, and definitely deserved to advance into the finals. I think his opponent, Joe List, was also very funny overall.
Looking back to an earlier round, Clayton started off on strong footing by giving a unique perspective on a cop asking where he got his weed from and what happened when a K-9 dog jumped on his trunk.
Clayton has a style of comedy that works for him. It's very solid and sure to deliver laughs every time.
Who Will Win?
First off, I'll say who I don't think will win: Michael Palascak. Maybe he'll come back stronger than ever and prove me wrong, since he has been more funny with some of his jokes in the past; we'll just have to wait and see.

The other four -- Ian, Dominique, Andy and Clayton -- are very deserving of the title. But I think it'll come down to Ian and Clayton, with Dominique maybe getting in there if she really hits it out of the park over the guys, which I would love to see.
Making a prediction last season was much easier since it was obvious that, out of the final three, Rod Man should win -- and he did! This time, it seems to be a little more wide open.
Between Ian and Clayton, I wouldn't be surprised if either of them wins. So I'm just going to predict that Clayton English will win Last Comic Standing season 9.
Who do you think will win this season? Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments section.
The Last Comic Standing season 9 finale airs Wednesday, September 9 at 10pm on NBC.


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