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Black Lightning Adds Wayne Brady as WWII Supersoldier 'Gravedigger'

Oct 10, 2019, Thursday 06:32 PM

Wayne Brady will be looking to make a deal with the metahumans of Freeland, in a recurring role on The CW’s Black Lightning. TVLine has learned that the game show host and Emmy-winning Whose Line Is It Anyway? improv artist is set to play the DC Comics character of Tyson “Gravedigger” Sykes, who wi... more

Masked Singer Castoff Eagle Decrypts His Clues, Diagnoses Competition

Oct 10, 2019, Thursday 06:32 PM

Time kept on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ away from The Masked Singer‘s Eagle during this week’s show. And by the end of the hour, it was clear that his debut episode would double as his last. In the episode’s final moments, the big bird removed his bandanna’d head to reveal that he was ... more

TVLine Items: Big Supernatural Returns, Life Unexpected Reunion and More

Oct 10, 2019, Thursday 06:32 PM

Simply can’t wait for tonight’s Supernatural premiere? You’re in luck, because the show’s production team has released a new trailer for the fifteenth and final season, and it includes some familiar faces and voices! Featured in the tantalizing new footage: a double dose of returning guest star Jake A... more

The Prom: Kerry Washington Joins Cast of Ryan Murphy's Netflix Musical

Oct 10, 2019, Thursday 06:32 PM

Kerry Washington is in the market for a frilly dress and a corsage: The Scandal veteran has joined the all-star cast of the Netflix movie musical The Prom, produced by Ryan Murphy, according to our sister site Deadline. Based on the Broadway musical, The Prom centers on four-down-and-out Broadway actors who head to Indiana to help a gay tee... more

Alfonso Cuaron Was a Pioneer With Netflix, but Signed An Exclusive TV Deal With Apple

Oct 10, 2019, Thursday 06:32 PM

Alfonso Cuarón, the director who seemed inextricably linked to Netflix with the release of last year’s Oscar-winning “Roma,” has signed a exclusive deal with a streamer: He’s made a multi-year deal for TV projects with Apple TV+ through his London-based production company, Esperanto Filmoj. Spokespersons for Apple and Netflix did not return requests for comment, ... more

Judge Rules Against AMC in 'Walking Dead' Stuntman Death

Oct 10, 2019, Thursday 06:32 PM

A judge has rejected AMC Networks’ claim that it cannot be held responsible for the death of John Bernecker, a stuntman who fell to his death on the set of “The Walking Dead” in 2017. Bernecker’s family filed suit in January 2018, alleging that the network cut corners on safety precautions. A trial is scheduled... more

Holly Hunter to Play Sally Yates in CBS Studios' James Comey Miniseries

Oct 10, 2019, Thursday 06:32 PM

Holly Hunter has joined the upcoming CBS Studios miniseries based on former FBI Director James Comey’s book “A Higher Loyalty,” Variety has learned. Hunter will star as Acting Attorney General Sally Yates. She joins previously announced cast members Jeff Daniels (James Comey), Brendan Gleeson (President Donald Trump), Michael Kelly (Acting FBI Direc... more

Drew Barrymore's Daytime Talk Show Gets Official Green Light

Oct 10, 2019, Thursday 10:30 AM

It’s official: Drew Barrymore will host a daytime talk show slated to premiere in Fall 2020. CBS Television Distribution, which will produce the syndicated series, announced the show’s formal order on Thursday. Reports of Barrymore’s foray into daytime television had been in circulation since the show’s pilot was shot in August. “... more

How 'Riverdale' Wrote Off Luke Perry

Oct 09, 2019, Wednesday 10:31 PM

The titular town of the CW’s “Riverdale” is down one more beloved member in Fred Andrews (Luke Perry), who was officially written out of the show in the fourth season premiere, aptly titled “In Memoriam.” Picking up months after the events of the third season finale — months that Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) narration c... more

The Masked Singer Recap: What Does the Fox Sing? Plus — An Unmasking Ruffles Jenny's Feathers!

Oct 09, 2019, Wednesday 10:31 PM

If you use the term “celebrity” as loosely as The Masked Singer seems to, there are roughly three zillion people who could be underneath the Season 2 competitors’ masks. And yet I already find myself doubling a couple of my guesses about the players’ identities, even though we’re only three episodes into this go-around. As you move through t... more

'American Horror Story' Recap: 'True Killers' (and Motives) Revealed

Oct 09, 2019, Wednesday 10:31 PM

The ninth season of “American Horror Story” is four episodes in and already revealing who is truly pulling the strings (and stabbing the knives) when it comes to the murders around Camp Redwood. The episode, aptly-titled “True Killers,” opened with another flashback in order to provide some insight into these key players. Montana (Billie Lourd) was in the middle of teaching a men-on... more

The CW's Nancy Drew: Grade It!

Oct 09, 2019, Wednesday 10:31 PM

Nancy Drew may be one of pop culture’s best-known detectives, but she isn’t exactly in a sleuthing mood atop the premiere of her new CW series. “I don’t go searching in the dark anymore — not after the darkness found me,” she explains, alluding to the one mystery no one was able to crack: a way to stop her mother from dying of cancer. With her sleuthing days firmly b... more

Ahs: 1984 Recap: Making a Murderer

Oct 09, 2019, Wednesday 10:31 PM

As promised, Wednesday’s episode of American Horror Story: 1984 revealed how Montana and Richard first crossed paths, but in true AHS fashion, it also revealed so much more. (Arguably too much, depending on how you feel about feet.)... more

'Primal': Genndy Tartakovsky Made a Fresh New Adventure Story That Sounds as Stunning as It Looks

Oct 09, 2019, Wednesday 06:31 PM

The characters in Genndy Tartakovsky’s latest animated series “Primal” don’t have dialogue. But as the creator and director explains, there’s something else missing from “Primal” that sets it apart. “We definitely didn’t want to do a main villain. In this subject matter, it goes cliche super fast,... more