How 'Arrow' Can Get Fans Back on Felicity's Side

How 'Arrow' Can Get Fans Back on Felicity's Side

It's been a rough road for Felicity Smoak on The CW's Arrow. Since her introduction in season 1, many have criticized the character and her usefulness to the series as a whole, but especially to Team Arrow, and the criticism peaked when the writers decided to go down the path of Oliver and Felicity becoming a romantic pairing. Now, in season 6, it seems more fans have turned against her than ever, but why? And how can the writers make people love Felicity again?

Oliver and Felicity

Perhaps one of the greatest opportunities to renew the interest in Felicity is the recent Olicity nuptials. Many have complained about the back and forth between the two, and the lack of anything but romantic drama for them. Hopefully, as they're finally married and it's not being questioned anymore, the writers will take the opportunity to relieve some of the focus on the couple.

Olicity has eaten up too much screen time over the last six seasons and it's taken away from the dark, badass nature of the series. Relationship drama doesn't do well in superhero shows because fans aren't interested in watching two people with feelings for each other avoid those, or have something come up that interrupts and puts off those feelings, when there is action and suspense from the villains.

Without the struggle, Oliver and Felicity can live relatively happily as a couple without drama for the sake of drama. Felicity's strongest point is being Overwatch and being part of Team Arrow and there's plenty for her to do there, rather than just struggling with marital problems.

The wedding sparked new criticism from fans, because, in "Crisis on Earth-X," Felicity interrupted Iris and Barry's long-awaited wedding for an impromptu dual wedding between herself and Oliver, along with Barry and Iris. Her "selfish" behavior isn't new to Felicity's character, but it's time to stop ignoring it.


The biggest problem with Felicity's character is the writers treating Felicity like a god when she, clearly, is not.

Her selfish behavior is always whisked aside by cute little comments, and it's never addressed, so when she actually does something wrong, the characters aren't allowed to react. Like Felicity spending her and Curtis' business money on Oliver's bail without telling Curtis, yet she attacked him for considering his own technology as their company's first venture. Even when she's not "selfish," her actions don't always have consequences -- for example when Felicity saved Star City from being destroyed by a missile, but accidentally killed thousands of people in a nearby city. There was no fallout for her decision there, either.

Felicity "can do no wrong" Smoak is grating on the nerves of everyone because she never has to deal with the negative consequences of what she's done. Even when she's 100% in the wrong, it's the other character's fault, and this is the fault of the writing. Felicity isn't written like a real person, but like she's above every other human being on the series. In order to "fix" her character, it's going to take a shift in writing to humanize Felicity and put her on the same level as everyone else.

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