Has 'Station 19' Found Its Footing in Shondaland?

Has 'Station 19' Found Its Footing in Shondaland?

Station 19 is just the latest Shonda Rhimes drama to land a spot on TGIT. The highly-anticipated firefighter Grey's Anatomy spin-off has now aired half of its first season and has already caused fires in living rooms around the world. Has it found its footing in Shondaland or does it still have some work to do?

Love Triangles and Workplace Romances

The biggest draw of Grey's Anatomy was the workplace romances mixed with complicated love triangles. In the very first season, we saw romances between Meredith and Derek, Cristina and Burke and many more. Even Chief Webber had his steamy backstory. Then there was the love triangle of the century between Meredith, Derek and Addison.

Station 19 has already brought in enough sexual chemistry and heat to put Grey's Anatomy to shame. Instead of elevators, it's all about the storage room. Andy and Jack have a messy on-again-off-again romance, while Andy starts a relationship with her former prom date and neighbor. We only needed one episode to know Rhimes was going there again.

Heartbreaking Monologues and Stories

No Shondaland drama escapes the heartbreaking monologues and stories. Whether it's patient deaths, passionate and motivating speeches or shocking twists, all TGIT shows have them. Station 19 is no different.

The one that stands out the most was "Shock to the System." Ben tried his hardest to save Marshall from the car while on electrocuted ground. With a beautiful monologue involving bunnies, birds and power lines, Ben gave Marshall the courage he needed to hop to safety. Unfortunately, it was all for nothing, as we were yanked at the heartstrings to find out that not only would Marshall not survive but that his wife was the pregnant woman with triplets we'd met earlier in the episode.

Rhimes is known for her heartbreaking twists, but this storyline didn't leave a dry eye in any living room. It was a typical Rhimes moment, but that did not make it any easier.

Friendship and Team Developments

The focus isn't just on the lead characters. Rhimes is known for never really leaving out a character, and that's the case with Station 19. Each member of the firehouse has a backstory to tell. We'll likely eventually find out the full details over time, as the show focused on them one by one.

"Stronger Together" lived up to its name by focusing on the side characters. Vic admitted her fear of fire after weeks of struggling with it. Rather than doing the obvious (kicking her out), the team banded together and ran drills with her so she could face her fear. It's the Shonda Rhimes way and definitely didn't disappoint.

There are far more backstories and relationship developments to come. So far, Station 19 has lived up to Shondaland expectations. It's found its footing in just six episodes and I can't wait for more.

Does  Station 19 live up to your expectations for Shondaland shows? What do you think about the characters, their storylines and the steamy love triangles? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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