Fall 2015 First Impressions: The 5 New Shows Most Likely to Fail

Fall 2015 First Impressions: The 5 New Shows Most Likely to Fail

Television pilots are notoriously hard things to accomplish. So many are made and there are so many moving parts within them. It's extremely difficult to get a show to air, not to mention make it a quality product. So it shouldn't be a surprising that there are more than a few in the new crop of shows that look less desirable this upcoming seasons. Here are five of the least promising and most likely to fail new shows of Fall 2015.

Dr. Ken (ABC, Friday at 8:30pm) 

I want to like Ken Jeong, honestly I do. He seems like a perfectly pleasant man but I have never liked his performances. The trailer for his new sitcom, Dr. Ken, hails Jeong as the wildest comedian of our time, but the trailer is some of the most generic sitcom fare I've ever seen. At least Jeong is playing more of a straight man. So there's much less of his usual manic (borderline racist) mannerisms but it doesn't look promising. It is stranded in the 8:00 hour on Friday night with Last Man Standing. There's much lower standards for success there but Jeong is a much less recognizable star than Tim Allen.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW, Monday at 8:00pm)

You really should never judge a TV show by its title but Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is enough to make you break out in a cold sweat. This seems to take every quirky network comedy that's been mildly successful in recent years throw into a blender and vomit it back out. "Adorkable" female lead who is hopelessly in life and love, they've got it. A young and quasi-diverse attractive cast, present. Elaborate original musical numbers, yup it's here. That's right, this show about a woman who is crazily obsessed with her college ex-boyfriend is also a musical. There's a chance that all these different flavors could make a really amazing cocktail of TV weirdness, but that's an incredible long-shot. 


Heroes Reborn (NBC, Thursday at 8pm)

Heroes Reborn legitimately bums me out. You could argue that the original Heroes was ahead of its time and just barely missed the start of the superhero renaissance. That's certainly true, but it requires you to forget that everything after the first season of Heroes was garbage. Still I understand why NBC is trying to relaunch the series but that's not what bums me out. Zachary Levi's involvement upsets me. I love him as an actor and Chuck is one of my favorite shows, I don't want his next major TV project to be tied to this sinking ship. No real footage has been released for the series yet so this is all hyperbolic internet speak. It just already reeks of wasted potential and NBC's desperation. 


Limitless (CBS, Tuesday at 10pm)

I'm sure Limitless will get a big initial spike because of Bradley Cooper's involvement in the pilot. It'll quickly taper off though. It wasn't exactly like the movie the show is continuing on was a big success. It did well but no one is clamoring for a sequel. Certainly no one is clamoring for a sequel as a crime fighting procedural on CBS. In fact CBS already aired a show about a man whose brain was enhanced by technology and it was called Intelligence. Intelligence aired just last year and was quickly cancelled. There's nothing besides the name value of a mildly successful movie to differentiate Limitless from Intelligence.


Heartbreaker (NBC, Tuesday at 9pm)

All you really need to know about Heartbreaker is a description of one scene in the trailer. Our heroine is in a heated argument with her love interest about how distracted she is with of work and she needs to "figure out what she wants". If that wasn't cliched enough he then proceeds sticks his tongue down her throat. Heartbreaker is nothing we haven't see before and it's nothing that hasn't been cancelled a million times before.

So what do you think? Are you actually excited for any of these upcoming or shows? Or is there actually ones that look worse to you? 

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    Limitless looks interesting, I will be adding that to my calender!