Emmys Split Miniseries and TV Movies, Add New Categories

Emmys Split Miniseries and TV Movies, Add New Categories

The Emmys are getting several changes this year, including the addition of several new categories, adding more nominees to existing categories, and undoing a change made four years ago.

The biggest change ahead for the 2014 Emmy Awards is that there will be separate categories for Outstanding Miniseries and Outstanding Made-for-TV Movie. These were originally separate categories, but in 2011 they were combined due to a lack of miniseries on TV. In the last two years that the category existed, only two miniseries were even nominated for the award.

However, with more closed-ended series like American Horror Story, True Detective and the upcoming 24: Live Another Day, the miniseries is back in a big way. The acting and technical categories will still combine the two, but the change at the top should make for some very interesting battles. It's entirely possible that this year's Outstanding Miniseries contenders will be as popular as the nominees for Outstanding Drama Series, with shows like AHS, True Detective and FX's upcoming Fargo possibly competing against Bonnie and Clyde and Discovery Channel's Klondike.

Ironically, in the past three years since the categories were combined due to a lack of miniseries, TV movies have scored the fewest nominations. Of the 18 nominees for Outstanding Miniseries or Made-for-TV Movie, only six were actual TV movies, including the past two winners ( Game Change and Behind the Candelabra). Not surprisingly, all six TV movies came from HBO, and you can get the farm that HBO will win for a third straight year with The Normal Heart, and it will probably get multiple nominations with Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight and Larry David's Clear History as potential choices.

More Nominees

The Emmys also changed the rules so that the Miniseries/TV Movie acting categories will now have six nominees instead of five, and a change in how the nominations are tallied allows for a possibility of seven nominees in the Outstanding Drama and Comedy Series categories. Given the sheer volume of shows, it's about time those categories started to get bigger.

Splitting Categories

The Miniseries and TV Movie category isn't the only one being divided into two this year. For reality shows, there will now be two categories for non-competition shows: Structured and Unstructured. A structured reality show is something like Mythbusters or Antiques Roadshow with a set format. Unstructured would be Duck Dynasty or the Real Housewives shows, anything that's basically just following people's lives.

The other split will come in the Voiceover category. There will now be separate categories for a character performance and a narrator. Last year Lily Tomlin won for narrating an animal rights documentary, beating people like Seth MacFarlane for voicing Stewie, Peter and Brian on Family Guy.
Are you excited for the changes? They shouldn't add to the telecast as most of these new categories will be presented at the Creative Arts ceremony.


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