Did the 'Celebrity Big Brother' House Overreact to Brandi's Sympathy Vote?

Did the 'Celebrity Big Brother' House Overreact to Brandi's Sympathy Vote?

Shannon Elizabeth's eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house should've been a simple thing. Shannon was everybody's biggest threat and the house seemed in agreement that she needed to go, especially against a nonentity like Mark. Yet, at the last second, Brandi Glanville threw Shannon a sympathy vote and made Shannon's eviction one vote less than unanimous. Brandi's move severely angered the house, particularly her own alliance. With one vote, Brandi is on the outside of her previously tight foursome and it's ridiculous.

The Sympathy Vote That Shocked the House 

Brandi's alliance isn't completely off base with their anger. Brandi's vote does make them look bad for all voting out Shannon and it could be viewed as Brandi trying to get a vote from Shannon at the end. Brandi probably did cross a tiny bit of a line in voting out Shannon, even though Shannon is a savvy (and bitter) enough player to not let something like a sympathy vote sway her jury decision. However, any damage that Brandi did by voting for Mark over Shannon was quickly undone by her behavior immediately afterwards. 

If Brandi was trying to hide her sympathy vote and stoke some paranoia in the house, then her alliance (and the house) would have reason to mistrust her. Yet Brandi immediately told Ariadna she had voted for Mark and then proceeded to tell Ross and Marissa (and Metta) of her vote soon afterwards. At no point has Brandi acted like a mastermind or disloyal to her alliance. Brandi (despite playing Big Brother once already in the UK version of CBB) is pretty much hopeless as a player. She's slightly more ambitious and aware than Metta and Mark, which is saying almost nothing. 

Brandi's alliance don't seem to know who they've aligned with, at all. Brandi voting for Shannon isn't a threat to any of their games and doesn't prove that Brandi's some secret Big Brother genius. By being so emotional and angry over Brandi's vote, her alliance has only shoved Brandi further away. The only reason that Brandi's vote is a big deal is that her alliance is making it into one, having the cliched "we're not mad, just disappointed" talk with her. 

The Perception of Reality (TV) Is Reality 

While Brandi really didn't do anything wrong by voting for Shannon, it still could be the thing that gets her out of the house. While Omarosa obviously wants to break up the two pairs of the alliance of four, she made a mistake in nominating Brandi against Ross. Ross, Marissa and Ariadna will totally throw Brandi to the wolves if given the chance. Losing Brandi isn't an ideal situation for them but they're way more receptive to getting rid of Brandi after the (stupid) controversy of her sympathy vote. 

If Ross comes down for the nomination block, which is very possible given the incoming twist of the powerful Veto(s), Brandi is more than likely going home. Brandi is easily the least threatening member of the alliance of four but because of her sympathy vote, it's going to give anyone a reason to target her. Ross can easily manipulate the rest of the guys into voting Brandi out (if he's off the block.)

No matter who Omarosa puts up against Brandi, Brandi will go home and Omarosa's HoH will be mostly wasted. She'll have broken up the pair of Brandi and Ari but Ariadna has already proved more foolishly loyal to Ross and Marissa than Brandi. Omarosa should be trying to get Brandi on her side and align with her. Nominating her was the last thing she should've done. 

Brandi's eviction vote for Mark isn't a big deal. If anything, it just proved how bad at the game Brandi is and why people should keep her because of it. (Brandi's terrible strategic game combined with an awful social game makes her terrific human shield.) Ultimately, though, it won't matter -- Brandi's sympathy might have been useless and meaningless but it could be the thing that sends her home. 

How do you feel about Brandi's vote for Mark? Should her alliance be upset? What do you think will happen to Brandi and her game now? 

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